Leida Margaretha

Leida Margaretha Biography

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha began dating in 2016.

Eric and Leida met in Indonesia after Leida responded to a personal ad on an international website posted by the divorced father of three. After only two days together, Eric proposed marriage, and then Leida's K-1 visa was approved.

90 Day Fiance viewers saw Eric, a 40-year-old avionics technician and former U.S. Marine from Baraboo, WI, and Leida, a 29-year-old from Jakarta, Indonesia, go through some major ups and downs on the show's sixth season.

Not only did Leida have a falling out with Eric's daughter Tasha Rosenbrook and kick her out of their apartment, but she also had trouble adjusting to Eric's humble lifestyle in Wisconsin given her family back home is very wealthy.

However, the couple managed to work through their issues and 90 Day Fiance's Season 6 finale showed the couple getting married.

Eric and Leida are still together.  According to Tasha, the couple is still living with Leida's son Allessandro in her old apartment. 

Tasha remains estranged from her father and his new wife. In February 2019, Leida received a four-year restraining order against Tasha.  Tasha is contesting the order.

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