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Mari Pepin-Solis, a marketing manager, connected with Kenny Braasch, a boyband manager, right off the bat on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season, and it seemed like love at first sight.

But once things were getting serious, Mari pumped the brakes and suggested the couple should continue seeing each other while keeping their options open and pursuing other possible romances in Mexico.

Kenny, a little heartbroken over Mari's lack of commitment, therefore dated Demi Burnett, with whom he went to "The Boom Boom Room," as well as Tia Booth.

Once Mari saw Kenny with other women, she realized how much she missed him and how she wanted him all to herself.

Mari therefore apologized to Kenny and fought for him, and the pair became inseparable after their reconciliation.

"Obviously, I was very into Mari from the very beginning," Kenny explained to People.

"So once I sort of knew she was in the same place I was is when I started thinking, like, we might end up engaged at the end of this."

Mari said that although there is a 15-year age difference between them, she believes they are at similar stages in life and want the same things, including marriage, which helped bring them closer together and solidify their bond.

Kenny said getting engaged to a person so soon was "insane" but he'd be an "idiot" not to wife Mari up because he was absolutely crazy in love with the girl.

On the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Kenny therefore popped the question with an oval-shaped diamond ring, and Mari told People in October 2021 that she could definitely see herself walking down the aisle in the near future.

"I have all my ideas of what I want for my wedding, but we haven't started planning anything solid yet," Mari noted. "The only thing that we've agreed on so far is that we will get married in Puerto Rico."

Kenny and Mari confirmed they're still together in December 2021 by posting photos with each other on a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

They subsequently went shopping together in a Christmas marketplace.

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