Keith Brown

Keith Brown Biography

Keith Brown, 43, is originally from Midland, TX, but now resides in Corvallis, OR. Keith attended Oklahoma State University and now works as an Operations Manager in the contact center industry. Keith's background makes him well suited for "Treasure Hunters." Keith has over 15 years experience in the contact center industry. Keith insists that "Treasure Hunters" was made for him - he loves to solve puzzles and riddles and provide solutions to problems. Keith wants an adventure and says that his close-knit team has the discipline and cooperative nature necessary to win. Keith and his brothers - Kenneth, Terry, and Tonny along with famed illustrators Kez Wilson, Kerry Gammil and Brian Fabian have a comic book in development called Jurassic Knights which will be released in June 2006. Keith's little sister, Katrina, believes that he has lost his mind given his huge size, however, knowing of her brother's tenacity and wit has made her a devoted fan. Keith's current treasure is his wife and children, however, a house on the beach, an Alaskan cruise with his wife, Chelle, and a fully loaded Hummer would be a nice add! An avid beach-goer, Keith says that he and his wife would like to take six months to devote to themselves and their health.

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