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Paul Staehle from Louisville, KY, and Karine Martins from Brazil originally appeared on Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The pair wed in 2017 in a ceremony that aired on TLC in 2018.

Paul and Karine announced they had a baby on the way in October 2018, which is the same month when fans learned the child's sex and Karine's name choice.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days showed the couple going through many ups and downs, including Karine threatening to divorce her husband shortly after saying "I do," but the pregnancy apparently brought them closer together.

During the Tell-All special for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' second season, Paul revealed he was back in the United States after his long stay in Brazil trying to make and save money so he could eventually provide for his family in the United States.

Karine and Paul announced in March 2019 they had welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Pierre.

In June 2019, they returned to TLC as part of the Season 1 cast of 90 Day Fiance's new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way spinoff.

Despite the issues that had plagued their relationship, Karine and Paul were still an item and married.

Initially, the big news was that while 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's first season showed Paul moving to Brazil to be with Karine, the couple -- who also subsequently appeared on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? -- ended up moving to the United States after 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Season 1 filming concluded.

In June 2019, eyewitnesses took photos of Paul and Karine at the airport together in Louisville, Kentucky.

And then Karine confirmed her location by posting photos on her Instagram Stories of Paul and herself visiting local attractions in Louisville.

Paul, Karine, their baby, and Paul's mother all posed for a picture in front of the entrance of the Louisville Zoo.

Karine also shared a picture of the exterior of Louisville's Hard Rock Cafe, suggesting the couple also visited the Fourth Street Live entertainment and shopping complex downtown. 

In July 2019, Paul also shared a family photo of Karine, the baby and himself at a Fourth of July cookout. Paul had revealed Karine had received a CR-1 spousal visa in an Instagram Stories posting in February.

However, in November 2019 the couple returned to Brazil with their young son and Paul took to social media and announced Karine had started divorce proceedings in her home country.

"Karine started divorce proceedings in Manaus," he wrote in Portuguese.

Two hours after the divorce posting, Paul uploaded a video to his Instagram Stories saying Karine and their son would be going to Tonantins on the Amazon River, which is over 500 miles upstream from Manaus, the following day.

Paul implied he was not invited to join his family on the trip, but he did not reveal his own plans.

"Tomorrow, little buddy goes with Karine to Tonantins on the boat. I'll miss you, little guy! I'm going to miss you so much. Do you hear me? Dad's going to miss you!" Paul said in a sweet voice.

Karine is originally from a remote village in Tonantins, but she and Paul were living in an apartment in Manaus before they moved to Louisville.

According to Paul he planned to follow Karine -- who subsequently confirmed her divorce plans to the press -- up the Amazon to try to convince her to live "with Pierre in USA with or without me."

"I just want the best possible life for my son... I have to get back to work soon so I pray this ends as positively as possible," he wrote in an Instagram Stories posting.

But Paul's efforts apparently failed, as he revealed he was returning to the United States alone in late November.

"Tomorrow I board a boat back to Manaus to fly home," Paul wrote in another Instagram Stories posting. "I will miss Pierre very much."

However in December 2019, Paul and Karine made social media postings revealing they were back in America together and Karine had apparently called off her divorce plans.

"I thank God we came to a peaceful agreement and have returned home safe," Paul shared on Instagram.

Karine also took to her own Instagram account and posted photos with Paul, her parents and their eight-month-old son Pierre.

"Spending time with my family and away from Instagram, haters and opinionated people is the best thing," Karine captioned the photos in Portuguese as they posed next to Christmas-themed baked goods at what appeared to be an event in Brazil.

"My family does me good and give me peace. We are a humble family but it is a home where there is love and unity. I love you so much and just thank God for having a family that makes me so happy. I miss you so much. Family forever and ever."

Then, in early May 2020, Paul suddenly announced Karine was pregnant with the couple's second child.

The couple's rocky relationship then derailed yet again in July 2020 when Paul and Karine had an explosive fight in which they made assault allegations, involved the police, and Paul said he may file for full custody of their son Pierre after Karine allegedly cheated on Paul and violated a Child Protective Services case against her.

Karine then confirmed she had left Paul and filed for an emergency protective order that included an array of shocking allegations -- including claims that Paul had physically assaulted Karine, sexually assaulted her, and prevented her doctor from prescribing birth control to her.

According to Karine's protective order application, Paul also refused to let her return home to Brazil and she feared she still wouldn't even be safe in her native country.

Paul subsequently denied Karine's assault allegations, claimed she needed "mental help," and obtained a restraining order of his own.

"It truley [sic] breaks my heart it has come to this. I have bent over backwards. I found work. Got a new home. A new car. Let her buy anything she wanted. I did the cooking, cleaning, laundry and took care of Pierre," he wrote in his Instagram Stories.

"I have never in my life physically or sexually assaulted anyone."

Afterward, Paul announced he would be deactivating his social-media accounts soon as his addiction to social media had caused nothing but pain and relationship heartbreak to his marriage.

"I will be deactivating all my social media accounts soon. My social media addiction has caused me nothing but pain. It is time people put their phones and social media down and focus on your loved ones," Paul wrote.

"Do not allow social media to destroy your relationships and family."

However, three weeks later Paul broke his social-media blackout to reveal he was now in Brazil and Karine was in Indiana, and he was afraid he'll never see his wife and son Pierre again.

"For everyone thinking I am chasing karine in Brazil. Karine is in Indiana, USA. I came here alone to clean and organize our brazil home. It needs to be sanitary and baby safe," Paul wrote.

"I have been keeping busy since she left. I finished cleaning and organizing USA house so now I am doing the same thing in Brazil. All my work is on the internet so as long as I have internet I can be anywhere. Even court is on the internet these days."

In addition, Paul also announced he and Karine are having another baby boy.

However, by September 2020 Paul and Karine had dropped their restraining orders against each other.

And by November, the couple had reconciled to the point that they were in Brazil together and celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary on social media.

"Happy 3 Year Wedding Anniversary. It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride," Paul captioned a gallery of throwback photos from the couple's wedding in Brazil.

Paul also uploaded a photo of Karine and himself out to dinner with six of Karine's family members in Brazil, including her mother and father.

"Family Brasileira," Paul wrote alongside the picture.

Later in November, Paul also revealed Karine was due to give birth to the couple's second son in February 2021.

According to Paul, the couple planned to name the baby boy Ethan Martins Staehle.

Karine later gave birth to Ethan on February 5, 2021.

Paul and Karine's relationship has continued to be extremely rocky since Ethan's birth, with the couple repeatedly feuding and trading conflicting allegations against each other in social media postings.

As of early 2022, Paul and Karine allegedly remain legally married but were living apart, with Paul living with his mother and the couple's two children.

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