John Collins

John Collins Biography

John Collins, 33, still resides in South Boston where he grew up with his best friends and teammates the Mullen twins. John graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and now works as a Mortgage Consultant. John says that he regrets not moving to Los Angeles with the Mullens back in the mid 90's. Their friendship as kids was more of a brotherhood and he hopes that the 'Treasure Hunters' experience will give him a chance to experience that brotherhood again. Having grown up with six older sisters, the Mullen twins meant the world to him. They became his brothers growing up, and that brotherhood continues, having grown stronger from the intensity of being a part of "Treasure Hunters." John is very athletic and ultra-competitive. Both he and the Mullen twins are driven, smart and focused. They know their intensity will be their edge in leading them to victory. He sends a big shout out to his daughter Isabella Mari and his son John Jr.

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