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Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess from the Philadelphia area appeared on Season 8 of Married at First Sight in 2019.

Jasmine and Will had a slow and steady burn through their seven-week marriage, but Jasmine was constantly fighting for more physical affection and intimacy from Will.

Will explained to his wife an intellectual connection turns on the physical for him, but no matter what Jasmine seemed to do, there was no spark and the couple progressed through the experiment with a solid friendship.

Although Jasmine and Will got along great most times, they disagreed over gender roles, as Will desired a 50/50 partnership and Jasmine envisioned Will would pay all -- or at least most -- of their bills.

On "Decision Day," Jasmine opted to stay married, but then Will blindsided and surprised her by revealing he wanted a divorce.

Jasmine was disappointed in their breakup, but Will insisted she'd be happier in the long run without him.

After Season 8 of Married at First Sight wrapped up its broadcast run on Lifetime, Jasmine and Will sparred online, with Jasmine accusing Will of being fake and insincere.

Jasmine fired back at Will after he seemed to take a dig at Jasmine on Instagram by writing, "They say you can truly see a person when you're not looking at them, and those actions define their true character."

Will went on to say, "I entered this process to find my forever...that didn't happen but I knew the risk before i signed up.... and I truly wish @jasminemcgriff88 nothing but the best in her search for her Mr. Right.... I enjoyed meeting her family (S/O Uncle Joe and Aunt Susie) and my main man Bentley."

Jasmine then slammed Will in the comments section of his post.

"Bruh. Please delete anything about my family including Bentley. I'm bout to go in on your ass forreal," Jasmine snapped.

"Attention seeking behavior, I'm over it!" she added.

"Delete my whole part in your paragraph. Here you go saying a bunch of nothing! You hated production! You didn't sign up honestly, you weren't honest during the process and I called you out on it! Plz don't F with me tonight! Cause I GOT TIME TODAY!!!"

Will didn't appear to respond to Jasmine's comments and later deleted his post entirely.

On Christmas Day 2020, Jasmine shocked her Instagram followers by suddenly announcing she had welcomed her first child into the world after keeping her pregnancy a secret!

"MERRY CHRISTMAS 2020," Jasmine began her Instagram post, which featured a photo of Jasmine cradling her baby bump in a long red dress while standing in a field of sunflowers and smiling.

"What a year? This has truly been the year of unpredictable circumstances. I started this year off, accomplishing goals I've had for over 10 years; but when COVID showed it true colors, this allowed for a new goal to present itself...LOVE!"

Jasmine continued, "I've found a new love for affection, for completing tasks, and for family and friends."

"I was shocked to discover that I was growing my own sonflower but overwhelmed with love and support from those closest to me during such a rough time."

Jasmine's "sonflower" description was her first indication she was pregnant with a baby boy.

"On this Christmas Day," Jasmine continued, "I just want to remind people to tell those you love them. Show them affection (even if from afar). Life is too short."

Jasmine then went on to address the man in her life, whom she chose not to identify by name.

"To the love of my life, you have shown me more love than I've EVER experienced before. The way you care for me and your prince should be rewarded with gold. You are everything to us!" Jasmine wrote.

"PS...I had a healthy baby boy on 12/22/20... Merry Christmas Everyone."

Jasmine didn't explain why she chose to keep her pregnancy under wraps.

When an Instagram user commented on Jasmine's post how she thought Jasmine was single, the Married at First Sight alum replied, "Haven't been single for a while now...lol."

And Married at First Sight Season 7 star Danielle Bergman commented, "You might be the best secret keeper of all time! Congratulations girl."

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