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Jase Wirey and Holly King - Big Brother, Season 5

Jase Wirey and Holly King - Big Brother, Season 5


Big Brother Season 5 in 2004.

Current Status: Broken Up

Jase Wirey and Holly King met each other on Big Brother's fifth season back in 2004.

Although Jase and Holly sparked a showmance, it didn't last long because their fellow houseguests quickly viewed them as a power couple.

People also were tired of watching the romance play out, and not many people appreciated Jase's sometimes over-confident personality.

Jase therefore got voted out of the Big Brother house in Week 3, while Holly got the boot shortly afterward during Week 5.

The pair briefly dated after the show and tried to make things work in the real world, but they didn't make it.

It was reportedly a nasty breakup.

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