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James Rhine (born December 6, 1975), is an American television talk-show host, actor, producer, and model. He is currently the lead host and an associate producer of 3 Guys in a Booth, a nationally televised talk-show filmed in Chicago and airing on NBC NonStop stations. He is also a recurring host for SuperPass on Real Networks. He is best known as a contestant on the Big Brother 6 (U.S.) and Big Brother: All-Stars seasons of the CBS reality show Big Brother. James was featured in the "Sexiest Men of Reality TV 2007" calendar representing the month of June. He was also a winner of the Sexiest Male of Reality TV 2006 award.

Big Brother 6

James came into the house with his girlfriend (at the time), Sarah Hrejsa, as his secret partner on Big Brother Season 6. Originally allying with Eric 'Cappy' Littman and his group (later known as the Friendship alliance), he won his first Power of Veto in the "High and Dry" competition and chose not use it, which led to the eviction of fellow houseguest, Michael Donnellan. The following week, Kaysar Ridha became Head of Household (HOH) and nominated James against Eric's secret partner Maggie Ausburn. James and Sarah decided to work with the opposing alliance of Kaysar, Janelle Pierzina, Howie Gordon and Rachel Plencner, forming the "Sovereign Six" alliance. They worked together and helped James win his second Power of Veto in the "Knight Moves" competition, which he used to keep himself in the game and led to Eric's eviction that week.

In Week 4, Maggie became Head of Household and nominated James and Kaysar for eviction. James helped his partner Sarah win the "Couch Potato" Power of Veto and she used it to save him from eviction. This led to Kaysar's eviction, with James being Kaysar's only vote to stay. Howie became Head of Household in Week 5. When talking with Maggie, Howie learned that when she was Head of Household, James had sworn on the bible to nominate Howie and Rachel should he win HoH. Not realizing James was lying, Howie nominated James and Sarah for eviction, causing a rift in the "Sovereign" alliance. James won his third Power of Veto during the "A Lotta Pinata" competition and used the Veto on himself. Sarah was evicted.

Kaysar was voted back in the game by America and made a deal with Jennifer during the "Pressure Cooker" Head of Household competition to backdoor James. Jennifer, however, chose to nominate Janelle and Rachel. Rachel won the Power of Veto and Jennifer went back on her word to Kaysar and made Kaysar the replacement nominee, leading to his eviction. Jennifer was evicted 2 days later during a Double Eviction week. Beau became HOH the next week and nominated Howie and Rachel for eviction. James won his fourth Power of Veto after winning the "Get Your Pairings Straight" veto competition. April became the next HOH and nominated Howie and Janelle with plans to backdoor James by keeping him from playing in the Power of Veto competition. With only 7 people left, James was the only person not to play in the veto competition. Janelle won the Power of Veto and April backdoored James and he was evicted.

James earned the title "Veto King" after having won more vetoes than any other contestant in Big Brother U.S. history.

Big Brother 7: All-Stars

James came into the season 7 house with his former Big Brother 6 housemates Janelle, Howie and Kaysar and reluctantly forms a season six alliance with them. He wins his first Head of Household in the 3rd week and targets the floater Chicken George who manages to win the power of veto. Over the next week, his fellow alliance member and subsequent HOH Kaysar's refusal to nominate the two Chilltown members Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin causes him to break away from the alliance and form the Legion of Doom with his friend Danielle Reyes and Chill Town. The Legion work together for a few rounds before Chilltown betrays James and gets him evicted 7th place on day 53.

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