Jacob Porter

Jacob Porter Biography

Jacob Porter, 34, first met his teammates when they were all working as CIA interns (a fantastic opportunity every college student should shoot for!). Originally from Talladega, AL, Jacob is the youngest of ten children and says that he is on the show for his 80+ year-old parents, and his 20 year old nephew, James, who has been battling cancer since he was 17. Jacob graduated from the University of Alabama as the world's biggest Alabama football fan (ROLL TIDE!!!), but he also picked up an Electrical Engineering degree while he was there. In his career he has worked for NASA, the CIA, and XM Radio, but he is also a successful entrepreneur founding companies in government consulting, board game design (with Mark), and event promotion. Besides football Jacob enjoys traveling the world, playing tennis, strategy games, and laughing it up with his friends and family. His life goals are to conquer the world, cure cancer, and to figure out women.

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