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Ian Rosenberger (born August 24, 1981), from Ambridge, Pennsylvania, was (briefly) a dolphin trainer before giving up his job to become a contestant on the CBS reality television series Survivor: Palau. Ian was born and raised on a horse farm in Ambridge and attended Quigley Catholic High School. Before he went to college in the summer of 2000, he worked at Disney World as part of the Tapestry of Nation's Parade. He went to college at Pennsylvania State University and was President of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) his senior year. He was also Homecoming King.

In Survivor: Palau, Ian was a member of the dominant Koror tribe who, early in the game, established a strong alliance with fellow castaways Tom Westman (the eventual winner) and Katie Gallagher. Ian (along with Jolanda Jones) won the game's first individual immunity challenge on Day 1, giving him the first pick when the castaways later selected tribemates. Led by Ian and Tom, the Koror tribe never lost a tribal immunity challenge and, later, Ian and Tom were the only winners of individual immunity (Ian won twice and Tom won five times).

Ian's troubles in the game began on Day 34. After winning a reward challenge, he opted to share his reward with Tom after promising Katie that he would share the reward with her. The first cracks in the once solid alliance began to show as Katie plotted with Jennifer Lyon and Caryn Groedel to vote out Tom or Ian. However, following an emotional confrontation between Ian and Katie on the beach, the two reconciled and Caryn was voted out.

On Day 37, Ian's slip of the tongue led Tom to believe that Ian was planning to vote him out. Although Ian and Katie voted against Jennifer at tribal council, Tom joined with Jennifer to vote against Ian, further chipping away at the alliance. A tiebreaker saved Ian and resulted in Jennifer being voted out. That night, Tom and Katie lambasted Ian for not being honest with them and for betraying their trust. The next day, after competing at the game's final immunity challenge for nearly twelve hours, Ian announced that he would voluntarily step aside and let Tom and Katie go to the Final Two together. Ian said the million dollar prize was not worth losing his two friends and betraying their trust. Tearfully, Ian, Tom and Katie reconciled and Ian was voted out.

Ian was recently a coach on the 7th season of MTV's Made.

Rosenberger is 6'8" tall.

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