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Gina Choe (born c. 1984 in Tampa, Florida) was a contestant on Cycle 6 of the reality TV series America's Next Top Model. Prior to America's Next Top Model, Choe worked as a Korean language translator.

While on the show, Choe was recognized for her high fashion facial features, especially her very prominent cheekbones. Although she stated a desire to "break the barrier" of success for Asian fashion models while auditioning, Choe contradicted herself within minutes by stating her disdain for Asian boys, and claimed that she was having an "identity crisis".

Gina was also noted for her confrontations with fellow contestant Jade Cole, who antagonized Choe in the house. Despite lacking the courage to stand up to Cole initially, Gina gathered enough strength in the fifth episode to confront Cole. Choe claimed that her feud with Cole affected her performance in the photoshoots and challenges.

Choe was in the bottom two twice in her five weeks on the show. She was chosen over Kari Schmidt during the fourth episode because of her high-fashion features, while Tyra Banks noted that both of them failed at both the runway and the photo of the week. Choe was eliminated in the fifth episode for her lack of confidence in her modeling capacity. Tyra again noted that Choe has one of the favorite faces ever to appear on the show.


  • Height: 5'8"1/2
  • Favourite TV Show: Frasier
  • Favourite Movie: Schindler's List
  • Favourite Magazine: Vogue, Vanity Fair
  • Favourite Food: Pasta
  • Heritage: Korean
  • Fears: Heights, loud noises, dying young, needles, and public speaking.
  • Favourite Music: Rap
  • Favourite Sports: Bowling and football
  • Favourite Animal: Dog

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