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Francesca Hogi (born November 3, 1974) is an American attorney who claimed fame as a reality television contestant on Survivor. She is best known for being first eliminated in both of her two appearances on the CBS network show. In addition, she is the only contestant on an American reality game show to be the first eliminated twice. Despite her very early exits, she has earned a strong fan base for her personality. She is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.


Redemption Island

Hogi was initially a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island in 2011. She was a member of the Ometepe tribe. Hogi had strong desire to eliminate strong personality Rob Mariano. Teaming up with Kristina Kell and Phillip Sheppard, she aligned with them to make this possible. However in the first tribal council, this plan backfired as Sheppard outed the group's plan. The target was then shifted to Hogi and Kell, where Hogi was eliminated in a very close margin (a 4-3-2 vote).

Due to that season's twist, Hogi was sent to Redemption Island where, if she won the challenge against the next eliminated player, Matt Elrod, she could possibly re-enter the game. Elrod won the challenge however, and as a result of losing the challenge, Hogi was the first player eliminated from that season.


Hogi was also a cast member on Survivor: Caramoan in 2013. The theme for this season was 10 new contestants (labeled "Fans") and 10 returning contestants (labeled "Favorites") facing off for the million dollar prize, a format previously used during Survivor: Micronesia. Being a returning player, Hogi was cast as a ?Favorite' and was placed on the Bikal tribe.

This time Hogi planned on having a completely different strategy. Trying to put aside any bad blood between her and Sheppard on Day 1. Her tribe managed to win the very first challenge of the season. She instantly befriended practically everyone on the tribe at first. Her tribe, however, would go on to lose the first immunity challenge of the season.

Hogi originally aligned with John Cochran, Brenda Lowe, Brandon Hantz, Andrea Boehlke, and Erik Reichenbach to either possibly eliminate Corrine Kaplan or Sheppard. After Hantz and Reichenbach suggested a plan of Boehlke being eliminated, Hogi, who has a strong bond with Boehlke, felt uncomfortable with the idea. With a strong belief that Sheppard had a hidden immunity idol, she decided that her alliance split the votes so that if an idol were to be used, the person with the next highest amount of votes would be eliminated. At tribal council, Hogi and Sheppard came to terms that they never will see eye to eye and that they will never befriend each other. In an example of history repeating itself, Hogi was once again the first eliminated with a 6-4 vote. With this, Hogi became the first Survivor contestant to be eliminated first, twice.

She revealed in an interview with Zap2it that "it's better" to be voted out first because, "if I'm gonna lose, it's better that I suffer less than more. Nineteen people are going to lose this season, so at least I got to go out first and suffer the least and make some history."


Usually, first eliminated boots are contestants who played a notorious, poor or abysmal strategy. In Hogi's case, she played a very clean game in both her seasons. In the three challenges she completed in, she did not perform poorly. She was seen as a threat in both seasons for her plan of getting Mariano and Sheppard eliminated.. She was not only well liked by viewers, but also by survivor host Jeff Probst, himself.

According to infamous survivor message board, Survivor Sucks, Hogi is the most popular first boot in the history of Survivor. Past player Rob Cesternino has also given praise to Hogi in his popular webcast, "Rob Has A Podcast" , while Entertainment Weekly has named Hogi the #12th best liked African-American reality television star. Reporter Dalton Ross explains, "Nobody has given you as much praise as we have.". He has also called her one of the worst players of all time.

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