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Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson - Season 9

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson - Season 9

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Final Decision: Stayed Together

Current Status: Still together

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson from the Charlotte, NC, area appeared on Season 9 of Married at First Sight in 2019.

Elizabeth and Jamie hit it off right away and seemed to fall in love quicker than any other couple that's possibly appeared on Married at First Sight in the history of the show.

Elizabeth and Jamie were crazy about each other, as well as sexually attracted to one another, but their passion often resulted in explosive and volatile arguments.

Elizabeth sometimes got too emotional over things that bothered her, while Jamie liked to use his words as weapons. He even calling Elizabeth "a materialistic c-nt" at one point.

The pair also fought about sex often, given Jamie hoped to be more intimate more often.

However, with the help of the experts, Elizabeth and Jamie managed to get through every rough patch and effectively communicate

On "Decision Day," both Elizabeth and Jamie chose to stay married, and they seemed very happy with each other. Both spouses recognized they didn't want to live without the other.

In September 2019, Elizabeth and Jamie left Charlotte and moved to the San Francisco area, where Jamie had taken a job with Box.

"We both have grown up in the Carolinas and we just want to experience new things and open ourselves up to new opportunities," they told Us Weekly.

"In the fields of our careers, we both felt like we needed to go somewhere that would allow us to grow and develop, but at the same time we want to experience new things with each other. That was the biggest drive behind our decision to move."

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