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Earl Cole (born April 9, 1971 in Kansas City, Kansas) was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Fiji. He is an entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist and former California advertising executive.

Survivor: Fiji

Cole joined the 18 other contestants of Survivor: Fiji never having watched the show. He was asked to be on Survivor only two days before it started shooting. Upon arriving in Fiji, he identified Yau-Man Chan as a person similar to himself with the best combination of intelligence and integrity and formed an alliance with Chan that lasted until the final four contestants. Earl became a silent leader of the core Ravu Alliance, where he targeted weak links: Jessica deBen and Sylvia Kwan (he was not there for the Tribal Council where Erica Durousseau was voted out). His tribe was granted a reprieve, when Moto chose to go to Tribal Council. His alliance returned to Tribal Council in the next episode where Rita Verreos was voted off. In a tribal swap, Yau-Man, Michelle Yi, and himself were moved to the Moto beach with Stacy Kimball, Kenward "Boo" Bernis, and Cassandra Franklin. He lost Michelle at the merge, when she was at Tribal Council alone. At the Final Nine, Earl was able to recruit the original Moto outsiders: Cassandra and Andria (Dre) "Dreamz" Herd, and New Moto outsiders: Stacy and Boo. The Alliance of Six picked off the Horsemen: Edgardo Rivera, Mookie Lee, and finally Alex Angarita. A coup started by Dreamz to evict Yau Man, failed and Stacy was voted out (via Immunity Idol). Yau-Man won Immunity on Day 37, and Boo was voted off. They cooperated over the course of the game to discover two hidden immunity idols from information that they discovered on several independent visits to Exile Island. Cole visited Exile Island more than anyone that season (4 total). When Dreamz reneged on a deal for immunity at the final Tribal Council and Chan was eliminated, Cole immediately became the jury's unanimous vote to become the 14th "Sole Survivor." Cole made it through the entire season never winning an individual immunity, having had only one Tribal Council vote cast against him. Cole became the first unanimous winner of Survivor, with a vote of 9"0"0.

After Survivor: Fiji

Cole has hosted or appeared on several talk shows, including CBS's The Early Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, BET's 106 & Park and MTV Fuse. He was also voted as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Bachelors in 2007, and also hosted shows on the TV Guide Channel and a Canadian reality show in 2009. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and has been featured in various domestic and international magazines from Australia to South Africa. Cole has also been interviewed by the foreign press, appearing on television in Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Singapore, The Bahamas and Australia. He was later asked to be part of Survivor: Micronesia "Fans vs. Favorites" as one of the favorites, but decided not to participate.

Cole has an endowment with the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he established the Earl Cole Fund, which is a charitable foundation for children with Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (a hip bone disease Cole suffered from as a child).

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