Deandra Kanu

Deandra Kanu Biography

Deandra Kanu is a 23-year-old home care coordinator from Plano, TX.

ABC Biography

Deandra is an independent, intelligent woman who comes from a diverse background and isn't afraid to be herself.

She was born in Texas, but grew up in Maine and spent a lot of time in Nigeria where her father was born.

She's now moved back to Texas and loves to spend her free time bar hopping and trying out new restaurants.

One thing Deandra has going for her is that since she grew up with 10 siblings, she knows how to stand out in a crowded room.

Her favorite feeling in the world is being the center of attention and, according to her mom, she thrives in the spotlight.

Deandra has been in one serious relationship in her life and is ready to find her forever.

She's looking for someone to be as loyal to her as she would be to them and wants a man who will kill a spider for her as she runs away screaming.

Deandra also says that any man she commits to must be willing to spend the holidays with her family, as that time of year is non-negotiable.

They go all out and will have an extra seat at the table this year in case Deandra comes home hand in hand with Peter!

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