Dan Blankenship

Dan Blankenship Biography

Daniel Christian Blankenship was a treasure hunter who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada and starred on History's The Curse of Oak Island reality series.

Dan died at age 95 on March 17, 2019 of natural causes at South Shore Regional Hospital.

Dan came to Oak Island after he read an article about the Oak Island treasure legend in the January 1965 issue of Readers Digest.

In 1970, he moved full-time to Oak Island and dedicated over 50 years searching, drilling and digging, devoting the rest of his life and his own money to the Money Pit.

Prior to moving to Canada, Dan had a successful contracting business in Florida.

Dan is survived by his son, David (wife, Garnette); daughter, Linda; four grandchildren, six great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his wife, Jane; daughter, Janet Kirby and son-in-law, Billy Flowers.

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