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Cirie Fields (born July 18, 1970) is a married mother of three children and a repeat contestant on CBS's Survivor television series. Fields has appeared in three seasons, Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Survivor: Panama

Originally placed in the Casaya tribe consisting of older women, she was on the chopping block when they lost the very first immunity challenge. However, Fields was able to get Melinda Hyder and Ruth-Marie Milliman to vote off Tina Scheer. She stayed on Casaya (Bayoneta and Viveros were disbanded, leaving La Mina as the only opponent) after the schoolyard pick in the following episode, and was targeted due to her lack of physical ability but saved again when Melinda was voted out first.

After the merge, she remained safe as the former La Mina members, Nick Stanbury, Austin Carty, and Sally Schumann were voted out. Cirie proved her observance skills after winning a reward challenge and chose to bring Aras Baskauskas and Danielle with her, while banishing Terry to Exile Island.

While on her reward, original Casaya member Bruce Kanegai was evacuated for a blocked digestive system, propelling Cirie and the others to the final six. She formed two dummy alliances, one with Courtney and Terry (to target Aras), and one with Shane Powers (to target Danielle). Then she got Aras and Danielle to vote out the real target, Courtney, due to her being the least likeable with everyone (including the jury). In the final five, Cirie was able to regain trust with Shane, but ultimately decided to convince Aras and Danielle to blindside him when Terry won immunity again. Shane later said that Cirie played "by far the best social game" of the season, an observation many fans and critics strongly agreed with.

At the final 4, Danielle and Terry decided to vote for her after Aras sent them to Exile Island. Aras and Cirie decided to target Danielle (Terry had a hidden immunity idol, and the duo didn't want to risk it). Thinking there was going to be a tie and fire-making would be the tiebreaker theme, Terry coached Danielle while Aras coached Cirie. Their prediction were revealed true when Cirie and Danielle tied 2-2. The two then faced off in a fire-making elimination challenge (the players had to build to fire high enough to burn through a rope, which will raise a flag), which Cirie lost. While in the jury, Cirie voted for Aras, but in the reunion it was revealed she would have voted for Danielle out of friendship if Danielle voted out Aras instead of Terry.

In her final words, she said that she was proud to have made it thus far. During the reunion show, she won a 2007 GMC Yukon through an online poll and was called "one of our most popular Survivors ever" by Jeff Probst.

Cirie appeared on Guiding Light, June 22, 2006, as a waitress, with fellow contestant Melinda.

Survivor: Micronesia

Cirie returned to Survivor with the half-all-stars season that started broadcasting on February 7, 2008. She competed with the Malakal tribe and initially formed an alliance of sorts with Ami Cusack, Eliza Orlins, Jonathan Penner, and Yau-Man Chan versus Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, Parvati Shallow (with Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton on both alliances). Cirie volunteered to go to Exile Island with Kathleen "Kathy" Sleckman of the Airai tribe, after Malakal won the reward and immunity challenge in the second episode. After spending a night searching for the hidden immunity idol and trudging back and forth across the ocean water, Kathy reported to her tribe, "Cirie is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life." In the third episode, she chose to join with the alliance of Amanda, James, Ozzy, and Parvati after becoming suspicious of Jonathan's and Yau-Man's trustworthiness. She then convinced her new alliance to vote out Yau-Man instead of Eliza for being too big of a threat. Cirie remained safe in Episode 4. After the tribal swap in Episode 5, Cirie found herself on the new Malakal tribe of four favorites and four fans. After losing immunity, she convinced Amanda and Ozzy as well as fans Chet Welch and Tracy Hughes-Wolf to vote for fan Joel Anderson for targeting and criticizing Chet, Cirie, and Tracy.Though the initial plan was to vote off the weaker members of the tribe, Cirie's strategy prevailed and Anderson was sent home in a vote of 6"2. In Episode 6, Malakal lost the immunity challenge again and Ami's plead to vote off Ozzy, but Chet was sent home instead in a vote of 5"2 for his injured foot. Malakal lost the next two immunity challenges but the alliance of Ozzy, Amanda and Cirie systematically voted out Tracy and Ami (who they deemed less trustworthy than Erik). This allowed Cirie to make the merge.

In the next week, Cirie and her allies tricked fellow competitor Jason Siska into giving up immunity by promising him safety. Parvati then won that immunity challenge. After having done this, she then organized a surprise boot with Parvati of former ally Ozzy, who possessed the hidden immunity idol but did not play it. The next episode Cirie joined the all-female super-alliance of Alexis Jones, Amanda, Natalie Bolton, and Parvati. After Natalie sent Jason to exile island, Jason found the hidden immunity idol. The women then found the idol in his unattended bag when he returned. Natalie then convinced Jason to not play the idol because they were voting out James. However, Jason ended up being voted out 4-3-1. Erik won the next immunity challenge, and when James was forced to withdraw due to his injured hands, the women had to turn against each other. Amanda was targeted, but when she played the hidden immunity idol, Alexis was the next to go 2-0. When Erik won immunity again, Cirie then convinced a hesitant Natalie to tell Erik to give immunity to her in order to "redeem himself" for helping in voting out certain contestants. To their surprise, the plan worked and Erik was blindsided 4-1. Now in the final four, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie, and Parvati had to turn on each other. When Amanda won immunity, the players turned on Natalie for being the last fan remaining in the game. Amanda and Cirie had an argument when Cirie stated she felt she was at the bottom of the alliance after Jeff Probst explained there would be a final two instead of a final three (as in the previous 3 seasons). Both made amends and Amanda won the final immunity challenge, narrowly defeating Cirie (Parvati placed last).

In a tearful tribal council, Amanda chose to bring Parvati over Cirie to the final two. Cirie was the last person voted into the jury. In her final words she said crying, "Here I am again, coming up just short... Mom, dad, I'm sorry. It just wasn't meant to be." Cirie then voted for Parvati, who won in a close 5"3 vote.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

For her third time playing the game, Cirie Fields was chosen as a member of the Heroes Tribe. She was targeted quickly in episode 1 by Tom Westman and Stephenie LaGrossa, but survived the vote after the Heroes tribe unanimously ousted Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, who was perceived as the weakest and too emotional. In episode 2, Cirie and fellow hero Candice Woodcock were caught in the middle of two alliances. Ultimately, Cirie stuck with her old allies from Survivor: Micronesia and helped vote out Stephenie LaGrossa in a 6-3 vote. In episode 4, after receiving a clue about the hidden immunity idol and believing that Westman had found it, Cirie wanted to flush the idol out of the game. She wanted the votes to be split between Westman and Colby Donaldson, both of whom were on the outs of the Heroes tribe. After J.T. Thomas overheard Cirie's plan, he decided to side with Colby and Tom and helped vote Cirie out of the game. She was voted out in Episode 4 by a vote of 3-2-0 after Tom Westman played the hidden immunity idol at tribal council and J.T. Thomas voted against her.

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