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Caryn Groedel (born August 13, 1958) is a Civil Rights Lawyer from Solon, Ohio. She lives in Solon with her husband, Howard, and three daughters.

Caryn was a contestant on the CBS reality television series Survivor: Palau in the spring of 2005. Caryn was part of the dominant Koror tribe, but she didn't form any alliances. On Day 7, sparks flew between her and Katie Gallagher. After Stephenie LaGrossa (the last Ulong tribe member remaining in the game) was voted off, Caryn was outside a five-person alliance. Caryn was expected to go home in sixth place. However, at a reward challenge, Tom Westman and Ian Rosenberger realized that it was not in their best interests to vote Caryn off yet. Gregg Carey, the winner of that reward challenge, and his main ally Jennifer Lyon exposed the pecking order at the reward challenge. They had a final-three agreement with Katie. Caryn, Tom, and Ian believed that unless they got rid of Gregg first, he would get rid of them. Ian managed to get Katie to vote against Gregg, and Gregg was knocked out of the game. The next week, Caryn was voted out off in a 4-1 decision on the May 12, 2005, episode of the show. It appeared as though Katie, Jenn, and Caryn would form an all-female alliance to vote out Tom and Ian after the men went on a reward Ian won. The female alliance didn't work out since Katie didn't appear to be willing to vote against Ian (her closest friend). With Tom immune from the vote, Katie ultimately decided to vote against Caryn. Caryn voted for Tom to win the million dollars on the Survivor: Palau finale on May 15, 2005.

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