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Bobby Jon Drinkard (born May 10, 1977) was a contestant on Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Guatemala. Bobby Jon graduated from Troy University in Troy, Alabama, in 2003 with a degree in journalism. While at Troy, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Bobby Jon is currently the host and producer of a statewide television show broadcast in Alabama called On the Job.


Survivor: Palau

In Survivor: Palau, Bobby Jon was a member of the ill-fated Ulong tribe. He was the third contestant in Survivor: Palau to be eliminated without being voted out, and the 8th person to be eliminated without being voted out since Survivor's start in 2000.

In Episode 1, he was chosen by Jolanda Jones to join the Ulong tribe, which was made up of younger castaways. Ulong ended up losing the immunity challenge and was forced to go to tribal council. He, along with Ibrehem Rahman and Jolanda voted for Angie Jakusz, but the rest of the tribe voted Jolanda, sending his ally home.

In Episode 2, Ulong won the reward challenge and received fishing gear, a snorkeling set, and flint, which brought up the spirits of the Ulong camp. However, Ulong lost the immunity challenge forcing them to tribal council again. The tribe was torn between voting for Kimberly Mullen, who was a weak competitor in challenges, or Ashlee Ashby, who seemed ready to leave. In the end, Bobby Jon sided with most of his tribe and voted out Ashlee.

In Episode 3, Ulong member Jeff Wilson twisted his ankle by stepping into a coconut. After Ulong lost both the reward and immunity challenge, Jeff confessed that his ankle was too much to bear and the rest of the tribe should vote him out. However, Bobby Jon and James Miller both still wanted Kim to leave, and they both voted for her. However, the rest of the tribe granted Jeff his wish and he was voted out.

In Episode 4, Ulong's spirits were running an all-time low, as they lost both the reward and immunity challenges, again. With another tribal council coming up, Bobby Jon still campaigned to vote out Kim. The rest of the tribe sided with him and Kim was unanimously voted out.

In Episode 5, both tribes faced having to vote one of their own tribemates off. Ulong lost the reward challenge causing them to have their tribal council while Koror watched their tribal council and ate beef stew and root beer. Koror also voted to give one of Ulong's members immunity and they chose Ibrehem knowing he was the worst competitor in challenges. In the initial vote, Bobby Jon and James voted against Angie, while Stephenie LaGrossa and Angie voted against Bobby Jon. In the re-vote, both Ibrehem and Stephenie changed their votes to Angie, unanimously voting her out.

In Episode 6, Ulong won the reward challenge giving them a pringles and Mai Tai feast. During the reward, Bobby Jon and Stephenie made an alliance and pointed out that James's strength was weakening and Ibrehem was the weakest player in inmmunity challenges. Later on, Ulong lost the immunity challenge and was forced to go to tribal council for the sixth successive time. In the initial vote, the alliance of Bobby Jon and Stephenie cast different votes. Bobby Jon and Ibrehem voted for James, while Stephenie and James voted for Ibrehem. However, in the re-vote. Stephenie changed her vote to James and he was voted out unanimously.

In Episode 7, Ulong lost yet another reward challenge and was still hungry and starving. Bobby Jon brought a giant clam in hopes of feeding his tribemates so they could win the next immunity challenge. However, Ulong lost yet again and was forced to go to tribal council. During tribal council, the alliance of Bobby Jon and Stephenie stayed strong and unanimously voted out Ibrehem.

In Episode 8, with only Bobby Jon and Stephenie left in Ulong, they both were feeling uncomfortable at losing challenges. Ulong lost the reward challenge and Bobby Jon blamed himself for the loss, which scared Stephenie. Ulong lost yet another immunity challenge, and with only two members left it was impossible to vote either out of the game, so they competed in an elimination challenge. At tribal council, Bobby Jon and Stephenie both admitted that they were uncomfortable at the thought of being adversaries. In the elimination challenge, Stephenie won the fire-making challenge thus sending Bobby Jon home. When he brought his torch to Jeff Probst to be snuffed, Probst said, "The tribe has definitely not spoken. Nonetheless, it's time for you to go."

Survivor: Guatemala

Bobby Jon and Stephenie LaGrossa were invited back as contestants on Survivor: Guatemala. He was the 11th person voted off, becoming the first member of the jury; a point he always wanted to reach.

During this season, he and fellow competitor Jamie Newton engaged in a rivalry in their opposing tribes' challenges and during the individual immunity challenges. The two seemed to bury the hatchet when they were both on the jury, and are reportedly now good friends.

On The Job

On January 20, 2008, Bobby Jon became one of the hosts of On The Job a weekly television show on Alabama Public Television.

In each episode of the show, Bobby Jon takes on a certain job to show what it requires, which helps to give information to people looking for employment opportunities. Some of the jobs featured during the show's run have included a firefighter and a catfish farmer.

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