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Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd - Season 10

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd - Season 10

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Final Decision: Stayed together

Current Status: Still together

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from the Washington, D.C. area starred on Season 10 of Married at First Sight in early 2020.

Jessica and Austin had the most stable and healthy relationship of all five couples on the season -- to the point where they felt guilty talking about their happy relationship in the presence of the other struggling newlyweds.

The only bumps Austin and Jessica hit during their marriage was Austin's reluctance to say "I love you" back to Jessica -- who was fully committed and in love -- as well as Jessica's frustration with Austin having to travel often for work.

On "Decision Day," Jessica said she'd like to stay married to Austin, who in turn finally professed his love for his wife while unveiling his final decision.

"Jess, it means the world to me [you want to stay married], and I see you love me. I feel the commitment and I truly see you have my back, and it makes me know that I love you," Austin said.

"I love you too," Jessica replied.

"Of course I want to stay married to you, because I love you," Austin noted, adding that he definitely found what he was looking for in Jessica.

During the reunion special -- which was five months after "Decision Day" -- Austin and Jessica revealed they were still married and extremely happy.

Austin's traveling for work apparently made the heart grow fonder for each of them.

Austin even got down on one knee and presented Jessica with a real engagement ring to show his devotion to and unwavering love for her.

The pair said they were planning to wait two or three years before starting a family together.

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