Amber Bowles

Amber Bowles Biography

Amber Bowles is a 27-year-old who grew up with her identical twin sister, father, and often times, aunt.

When Amber was around four years old, her mother came out as a lesbian and moved to Massachusetts to find acceptance.

Her father has been incredibly present, supportive, and provided a solid foundation for both Amber and her sister.

Amber is intelligent, strong-willed, bossy, and even a little bit sassy - a personality perfectly suited for her career.

Despite being a tomboy, Amber is a hopeless romantic. She believes in her heart that her life will have a serendipitous, happy ending, much like in a cheesy made-for-TV movie.

She couldn’t be happier that the Married at First Sight experiment has come to Charlotte.

She is the perfect candidate for the process - Amber is comfortable in her own skin, but doesn’t understand why she keeps picking the wrong men. The help of the experts is a dream come true.

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