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The Apprentice 2

The Apprentice 2 (Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Apprentice 2 is the second season of The Apprentice, which began on September 9, 2004 on NBC. It featured 18 candidates, whereas season one only featured 16. Three new twists were introduced to The Apprentice this season. First, each team was unexpectedly forced to trade one member of their team for a member of the other team, resulting in a male on the female team, and a female on the male team. The traded members then became the project managers for the first task. In the second twist, it was revealed that the project manager of the winning team would not be eligible for firing the following week. Finally, the losing project manager could choose either two or three people to bring to the boardroom to be considered for firing.

Although it did not match the ratings of the first season and dropped out of the Top 10 Nielson, it still performed strongly overall, ranking #11 with an average of 16.14 million viewers.

The mostly male team named themselves Mosaic Corporation, and the mostly female team adopted the name Apex Corporation.

The Candidates

Detailed information on the candidates in this season can be found at The Apprentice 2 candidates.

The 18 candidates for The Apprentice 2 are:

Team 1 Team 2
Apex Mosaic
Candidate Age Hometown Result
Kelly Perdew - Military Intelligence Officer 37 Carlsbad, California Hired by Trump
Jennifer Massey - Attorney 30 San Francisco, California Fired in the Season Finale
Sandy Ferreira - Bridal Salon Owner 28 Rockville, Maryland Fired in week 14
Kevin Allen - Law Student 29 Chicago, Illinois
Ivana Ma - Venture Capitalist 28 Boston, Massachusetts Fired in week 13
Andy Litinsky - Recent Harvard Graduate 23 Boca Raton, Florida Fired in week 12
Wes Moss - Private Wealth Manager 28 Atlanta, Georgia Fired in week 111
Maria Boren - Marketing Executive 31 Virginia Beach/Richmond, Virginia
Chris Russo - Stockbroker 30 Long Island, New York Fired in week 10
Raj Bhakta - Real Estate Developer 28 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fired in week 9
Elizabeth Jarosz - Consulting Firm Owner 31 Dearborn, Michigan Fired in week 8
Stacy Rotner - Attorney 26 New York, New York Fired in week 7
John Willenborg - Marketing Director 24 San Francisco, California Fired in week 6
Pamela Day - Investment Firm Partner 32 San Francisco, California Fired in week 5
Jennifer Crisafulli - Real Estate Agent 31 New York, New York Fired in week 4
Stacie Jones Upchurch - Restaurateur 35 New York, New York Fired in week 3
Bradford Cohen - Attorney 33 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fired in week 2
Rob Flanagan - Corporate Branding Salesman 32 Frisco, Texas Fired in week 1
1 - In an unannounced move, Trump fired two candidates week 11. Boren was fired first.
- As planned, Trump fired two candidates week 14. Allen was fired first.

Weekly results

Candidate Original team Week 5 team Week 7 team Week 11 team Week 12 team Final task team Application result Record as project manager
Kelly Perdew Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Apex Apex Apex Hired by Trump 3-0 (win in weeks 2, 10, & 12)
Jennifer Massey Apex Apex Apex Apex Mosaic Mosaic Fired in the Season Finale 1-0 (win in week 7)
Sandy Ferreira Apex Apex Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Fired in week 14 2-0 (win in weeks 9 & 13)
Kevin Allen Mosaic Mosaic Apex Apex Apex Fired in week 14 2-0 (win in weeks 3 & 11)
Ivana Ma Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Fired in week 13 0-2 (loss in weeks 2 & 13)
Andy Litinsky Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Fired in week 12 1-1 (win in week 8, loss in week 12)
Wesley Moss Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic Fired in week 11 0-2 (loss in weeks 7 & 11)
Maria Boren Apex Apex Mosaic Mosaic Fired in week 11 1-0 (win in week 6)
Chris Russo Mosaic Mosaic Apex Fired in week 10 1-1 (win in week 5, loss in week 10)
Raj Bhakta Mosaic Mosaic Apex Fired in week 9 1-1 (win in week 4, loss in week 9)
Elizabeth Jarosz Apex Apex Apex Fired in week 8 0-2 (loss in weeks 3 & 8)
Stacy Rotner Apex Apex Mosaic Fired in week 7
John Willenborg Mosaic Mosaic Fired in week 6 0-1 (loss in week 6)
Pamela Day Mosaic Apex Fired in week 5 0-2 (loss in weeks 1 & 5)
Jennifer Crisafulli Apex Fired in week 4 0-1 (loss in week 4)
Stacie Jones Upchurch Apex Fired in week 3
Bradford Cohen Apex Fired in week 2 1-0 (win in week 1)
Rob Flanagan Mosaic Fired in week 1
Elimination Chart
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16
Jennifer C. IN BR IN LOSE
Bradford WIN FIRED

Weekly summary

Week 1: Toying with Disaster

  • Air date: September 9 (A special 2 hour version aired on NBC on September 11)
  • Project managers: Pamela (Mosaic) and Bradford (Apex)
  • Task: Develop a new toy for Mattel. The product deemed most viable would be the winner.
  • Result: The team with mostly men (Mosaic) developed a line of mutated animal Transformers called "Crustacean Nation". The team with mostly women (Apex) developed a radio controlled car called the Meta-morpher with parts that interchange.
  • Winner: Apex Corporation. Mattel said their product fit in nicely with their existing popular Tyco RC car line and the children in the focus group responded well to it.
  • Reward: Dinner with Trump and Melania Knauss.
  • Trump thoughts: Donald Trump was puzzled more than once that Raj decided to bring a cane with him to the first task.
  • Dramatic tension: Stacie J., a member of Apex, alienates members of her team during the wait before a winning team was decided. Pamela (Mosaic) makes fun of the weight and haircuts of the children in the focus group and is called on it by an offended Carolyn. Rob curtly cuts off a questioning Carolyn in the boardroom when she interrupts him to ask a question.
  • Loser: Mosaic
  • Sent to boardroom: Pamela, Rob, Andy
  • Who gets fired: Rob, for not being assertive and sharing his ideas more with the team.
  • Postscript: On September 14 2004, Mattel announced that they would begin producing the winning toy under the name Morph Machines. It will retail for $30 and be available in early 2005.
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Week 2: Scoop Dreams

  • Air date: September 16 (A special 2 hour version aired on NBC on September 18)
  • Project managers: Kelly (Mosaic) and Ivana (Apex)
  • Task: Create, develop and market a new flavor of ice cream with the Ciao Bella Gelato Company for the Trump Ice Cream Parlour.
  • Result: Mosaic developed a chocolate doughnut flavored ice cream. Apex's flavor was based on Red velvet cake.
  • Winner: Mosaic wins by almost $250. They opted to give a portion to the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society as a marketing gimmick, so they actually made more before that donation. Mosaic asked Trump to have their entire winnings donated to the charity. He agreed to do so. Ivana chose to bring Stacie J., Jennifer C. and Bradford to the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump didn't like that Ivana kept changing her mind about who and how many people to bring to the boardroom. He felt that Jen shouldn't have even been brought to the boardroom initially, but Jen kept interjecting her thoughts, annoying Trump.
  • Dramatic tension: Mosaic made a critical error when they left their business plan in the open for Apex to read. Apex is forced to move from their original sales location near the T-K-T-S center when street vendors demand to see their permit. Bradford waived his exemption because he felt he gave his all to the cart, but he was chosen to go to the boardroom by Ivana.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Ivana, Stacie J, Bradford, Jennifer C.
  • Who gets fired: Bradford, for waiving his immunity impulsively. Trump thought it was a fatal error and underlined it when he shocked the boardroom by firing him.
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Week 3: Send in the Crowns

  • Air date: September 23
  • Project managers: Kevin (Mosaic) and Elizabeth (Apex)
  • Task: Develop a launch promotion for Crest's newest flavor of toothpaste. Each team has a budget of $50,000.
  • Result: Apex selects Mike Piazza to endorse the toothpaste at a cost of $20,000. Mosaic, after an abortive attempt to have a million dollar contest, gives away several smaller money prizes with circus performers.
  • Winner: Procter & Gamble felt that Apex clearly generated the most buzz from their event, but a budgetary overage of $5,000 gave the win to Mosaic. Elizabeth opted to bring Stacie J. and Maria to the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: While he felt Elizabeth was a poor leader and that Ivana should have been sent to the boardroom by Elizabeth, he became concerned with Apex's feelings concerning Stacie J. He called everyone from Apex back to the boardroom to discuss their feelings about Stacie J.'s actions during week one's task.
  • Dramatic tension: Mosaic is told the night before the event that they cannot have a million dollar contest and is forced to regroup, but comes up with a strong plan and executes it well. Elizabeth blames Maria for breaking the budget due to sloppy contract negotiations.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Elizabeth, Maria, Stacie J.
  • Who gets fired: Stacie J., due to fears that she is mentally unstable.
  • Mosaic win the round and get treated to dinner on RMS Queen Mary 2 which is as high as the Statue of Liberty and as long as the Empire State Building lying on its side.
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Week 4: The Last Supper

  • Air date: September 29
  • Project managers: Raj (Mosaic) and Jennifer C. (Apex)
  • Task: Open a new restaurant in 24 hours. Each team would be given an empty space in Manhattan. They would be responsible for chef selection, decor and stocking the restaurant. The winner would be the team that scored the highest on the Zagat Survey of customers.
  • Result: Apex chose an Asian fusion theme (Stacy R. and Jennifer M. met with the Zagat's people and tried to convince Jennifer C. that going with the complicated Asian fusion concept was a bad idea, but Jennifer C. stuck with the original idea) while Mosaic went with standard American. The men of Mosaic used their sexuality in a subtle way to win over even their most critical customers, even having their best-looking competitor (John) flirt with a tableful of gay men.
  • Winner: Mosaic won, receiving a very positive review from the survey. Jennifer C. chose Stacy R. and Elizabeth to join her in the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump felt Apex should have hired a cleaning crew the night before like Mosaic to avoid fatigue the next day. Bill, the winner of the first season warned Jennifer C. not to choose people to go to the boardroom to settle personal scores as this would lead to a quick ouster for her. He was surprised that Sandy was not called to task for poor design in the restaurant.
  • Dramatic tension: Elizabeth is attacked by her team for choosing Stacie J. to go to the boardroom. Stacy R. takes offense at Jennifer C.'s harsh judgment of two Jewish women who were very critical of their restaurant, and the two women clashed over this before the Boardroom, though they later discussed the matter privately and agreed to not mention it in the Boadroom. Jennifer C. is rebuked by Carolyn twice in the boardroom for interrupting while she's talking. Trump, Carolyn, and Bill knew that Sandy performed poorly in the task by producing an awful restaurant decor plan. Should Jennifer C. have taken Bill's advice not to treat this job interview as a "game" and rather have Sandy come into the boardroom for a final review of her performance, Jennifer C. would've been safe because Sandy would have been fired. Rancic stated that if people treated this job interview like a game, it's the easiest way out as Jennifer C. was suspected of bringing Elizabeth and Stacy R. mainly for personal reasons (particularly regarding Stacy R., whom she could not stand), and not for business ones.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Jennifer C., Elizabeth, Stacy R.
  • Who gets fired: Jennifer C. for not bringing Sandy into the boardroom and for terrible decision-making. Although Trump saw no reason to fire any of the other boardroom candidates and called Jennifer C.'s firing "easy", Trump did bring up critical errors before firing Jennifer C.
  • Postscript: Jennifer Crisafulli was fired from her job at a real estate agency in Manhattan the day after this episode aired. The firm cited Crisafulli's comments regarding Jews as the reason for her dismissal.
  • Special Notes:
    • This episode is moved to this day due to US Presidential debate.
    • Bill Rancic, last season's winner, fills in for George Ross on this task.
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Week 5: Lights! Camera! Transaction!

  • Airdate: October 7
  • Project managers: Chris (Mosaic) and Pamela (Apex)
  • Task: Select a product from the QVC inventory and sell it on-air. The winner would be the team that has the most gross sales. Before they started, Pamela was sent to Apex by Trump and he appointed her the project manager for this task.
  • Result: Apex chose a cleaning product called "It Works!". Mosaic went with a more costly electric sandwich maker.
  • Winner: Mosaic barely squeaks by, winning by only $10 even though they sold far fewer units. Pamela chose Stacy R. and Maria to join her in the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump expressed admiration for Pamela when he sent her to be project manager of Apex. Trump was also concerned that she couldn't admit she lost. She said she felt it was a tie. Both Trump and his advisors felt that it was the price of the item that lost Apex the competition.
  • Dramatic tension: Pamela begins her leadership of Apex with a speech where she admonishes the team for interrupting and not paying attention to people speaking. Raj and Kelly disagreed over the price of the sandwich maker. Raj argued that setting it at a slightly lower price might lead more people to buy it. Kelly insisted that it should be sold over the $70 price point and his idea was accepted by Chris, the project manager.
  • In the boardroom, Stacy R. tells Trump, "If you want another Enron on your hands, here's Pamela."
  • Lost: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Pamela, Stacy R., Maria
  • Who gets fired: Pamela, for setting the price of the item too high. Trump also felt that she was a poor judge of her team's skills and assigned them to the wrong jobs.
  • Raj tempts the fates and makes a pass at Anna Kournikova during the reward. He loses a dare to her and is forced to run around the Arthur Ashe Stadium in his boxers while John McEnroe and the rest of the team lob balls at him.
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Week 6: Crimes of Fashion

  • Airdate: October 14
  • Project managers: John (Mosaic) and Maria (Apex)
  • Task: Select a designer, develop a clothing line to present at a fashion show for buyers from several upscale department stores. The team with the highest revenue from orders wins.
  • Result: The Apex team generally worked smoothly and efficiently, completing the task without major problems. Their designer was helpful in walking them through most of the steps. The Mosaic team floundered throughout the task, partly because their designer was unhelpful.
  • Winner: Apex wins, with roughly triple the sales revenue of Mosaic. John chose Kevin and Andy to join him in the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump felt the Mosaic team set their prices too high, which resulted in lower sales. He continued to be puzzled by the tactic of bringing only two people into the boardroom. He wondered why John would bring only one of the two people responsible for pricing and not the other.
  • Dramatic tension: The women generally felt that Elizabeth was a distraction, and Ivana snapped at her at one point during the show. On the men's team, the designer failed to complete production of the clothes until the last minute. Raj was accused of getting in the way.
  • Loser: Mosaic
  • Sent to boardroom: John, Kevin, Andy
  • Who gets fired: John, for making a series of errors, including not being involved in the pricing decisions.
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Week 7: Barking Up the Wrong Tree

  • Airdate: October 21
  • Project managers: Wes (Mosaic) and Jennifer M. (Apex)
  • "Corporate restructuring": After the project managers were chosen, Trump told them to each select three players they did not want on their team. The chosen players would go to the opposing team, making each team have three men and three women. Jennifer chose Sandy, Maria and Stacy. Wes chose Raj, Chris and Kevin.
  • Task: Create a dog service business in the Central Park area and bring in more profit than the other team. (Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump's Chief Financial Officer, filled in for George as overseer in this task.)
  • Result: The Mosaic team got a late start and was unable to come up with a solid business plan. The Apex team was able to expand their services beyond washing by offering dog massages and nail clippings.
  • Winner: Apex won, with nearly triple the sales revenue of Mosaic. Wes chose Andy and Stacy to join him in the boardroom.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump said that Wes did a lousy job as a Project Manager and that Andy made a terrible mistake by destroying the team's ability to communicate. He said Stacy did not take enough responsibility and was unable to sell her ideas to Wes, adding that you can't blame the Project Manager when you're unsuccessful in getting your point across.
  • Dramatic tension: Andy left Mosaic's cellphone in a taxicab, limiting his team's ability to communicate.
  • Loser: Mosaic
  • Sent to boardroom: Wes, Andy, Stacy
  • Who gets fired: Stacy, for not taking enough responsibility and being unable to sell her ideas to the project manager.
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Week 8: A Tale of Two Leaders

  • Airdate: October 28
  • Project Managers: Elizabeth (Apex) and Andy (Mosaic)
  • Task: Create a recruiting ad campaign for the New York Police Department with Donny Deutsch's advertising firm.
  • Result: Apex created a campaign designed around a military theme. Mosaic's integrated campaign revolved around the question "When was the last time you saved a life?". Andy had to fight off interference from Maria (who wanted more sexuality in the ad) and Kelly to produce what he felt was right, and his efforts were successful.
  • Winner: Donny Deutsch felt it wasn't even close, awarding the win to Mosaic in a landslide. As a reward, the team members got to watch their ad played on a large screen in Times Square.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump felt Apex's ad, mainly based on ideas of Raj's, was frightening; it seemed like life in a police state. He questioned Elizabeth's leadership style when he said, "I don't know, you just don't have a lot of 'something'. What the hell is missing with you Elizabeth?"
  • Dramatic tension: Apex nearly mutinies when an indecisive Elizabeth goes back and forth on what the ad will be. Trump makes his decision for firing before letting the rest of the team go back to the suite; he said he didn't need the extra time and made his decision on the spot.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom
  • Who gets fired: Elizabeth, for poor leadership. Trump fired her on the spot, without letting her bring two people back to the boardroom.
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Week 9: Bringing Down the House

  • Airdate: November 4
  • Project Managers: Raj (Apex) and Sandy (Mosaic)
  • Task: With a $20,000 budget (and the help of 2 previously fired candidates), each team would renovate a home in the suburbs of Long Island. The team who has increased the value of their home by the highest percentage would win. Rob and Jennifer C. joined Mosaic and Stacie J. and Bradford were assigned to Apex.
  • Result: Apex opted to make the house three bedrooms instead of four. Kevin found a contractor through his contacts that didn't finish before time was up. Mosaic's contractors descended upon the house in waves, many of them related to the main contractor, making the task far easier than it otherwise would have been. Apex was unable to completely finish the renovation project before the task's time limit expired.
  • Winner: Mosaic wins in the appraisal battle by more than 3%.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump was very impressed with Rob's work and enthusiasm even though he was previously fired. He questioned the wisdom of making a four bedroom house into three bedrooms, pointing out that this may have cost them the win. He didn't like Ivana's cattiness toward Stacie J, although it seemed Ivana's anger was aimed mostly at Jennifer M. for politicking on Stacie J.'s behalf.
  • Dramatic tension: Stacie J. went on the offensive, attacking Ivana and the other women for labeling her crazy weeks ago. Raj is forced to accept the uncompleted work of a contractor who went on break. Jennifer M. and Raj decide to target Ivana in the boardroom, but their efforts misfire as Trump says that Ivana didn't belong in the final Boardroom even though "we don't think she's great". Chris, after being dismissed from the initial boardroom, spoke up and warned Trump about the poor chemistry of the team. This was poorly received by Donald and his advisors, who hinted to Raj he should bring Chris into the final boardroom. During the exchange, Chris offered to become the Project Manager for the next task. Trump accepted this, mentioning that he'd be under extra scrutiny for the next task.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Raj, Ivana, Kevin
  • Who gets fired: Raj, for choosing three bedrooms over four, not finishing the task, targeting Ivana instead of Kevin in the initial boardroom, and for not bringing Chris into the final boardroom. Trump cited that Raj made too many mistakes, a detriment to The Trump Organization.
  • Notes:
    • Matthew Calamari is the sub judge for George Ross.
    • After Raj is eliminated, he asked Robin Himmler for her phone number; while she didn't give him the number at the time, she later revealed she and Raj did go out for coffee after the show was over.
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Week 10: Runaway Pride

  • Airdate: November 11
  • Project Managers: Chris (Apex) and Kelly (Mosaic)
  • The task: Open a bridal shop and sell dresses. Mosaic had an advantage by having Sandy on their team, since she works in a successful bridal shop.
  • Winner: Mosaic, who makes nearly 12 times more money than Apex.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Chris, Kevin, Ivana
  • Who gets fired: Chris, for mentally checking out of the task early on and not taking Jennifer M., who performed badly on the task, back into the boardroom.
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Week 11: The Butt Stops Here

  • Airdate: November 18
  • Project Managers: Kevin (Apex) and Wes (Mosaic)
  • Task: The teams are asked to create an in-store advertising campaign for Levi's Jeans. The team who created the better ad campaign, as determined by Levi's president, would win.
  • Winner: Apex wins, with a campaign revolving around "The Perfect Fit" and a circular wheel helping customers pick the style of pants that's right for them.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump was peeved at both Maria and Wes for various errors throughout the task; he called out Andy for not saying much in boardrooms, but after a smooth response by Andy, he let him off with a "Good answer".
  • Dramatic tension: Jennifer M. is left to do busywork throughout much of the task, since she "can't get" what's going on unless it's right in front of her. During the presentation of the campaign, Jennifer M. jumps in and makes it seem like the idea for the wheel was hers, when it was in fact Ivana's. When asked by Trump who on Apex did the best job, the Levi's president stated that Jennifer M. did the best, ticking off Ivana.
  • Loser: Mosaic
  • Sent to boardroom: Wes, Sandy, Maria, Andy
  • Who gets fired: Maria for being excessively hard to work with and for "bullying" Wes which Trump took it as being excessive insubordination, and Wes for losing control of the team—Per Trump both performed poorly and were held liable for the loss.
  • Notes:
    • Bill Rancic fills in again for George Ross.
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  • First multi-firing can be seen here in WikiQuote. Wes amusing quipped during the post-firing taxi interview "I would have at least liked my own cab!"

Week 12: The Pepsi Challenged

  • Airdate: November 25
  • Project Managers: Kelly (Apex) and Andy (Mosaic)
  • Task: The teams are asked to create a new bottle for Pepsi Edge, and present it to Pepsi's entire advertising team.
  • Corporate Shuffle: Jennifer M. is shunted onto Mosaic, which Ivana refers to as "a tumor" being lifted from the team.
  • Andy refused to let Pepsi employees eat pizza when it was delivered because they hadn't finished part of the task.
  • Andy gave cash to Pepsi employees because he thought cash would motivate them. Sandy objected to the cash incentives as insulting, but Andy (as Project Manager) gave the cash anyway.
  • Result: Apex develops a bottle that has the letters D and G carved out of plastic, providing the grounds for a theme of hiding things in the inside of the D (referred to by the team as "What's in the box?"). Mosaic develops a theme of "The Best of Both Worlds", designed to appeal to the "dual users" of both diet and regular colas. The bottle is shaped like a regular pepsi bottle with two halves of a globe on the bottom and top. A contest revolving around collecting areas of a continent to win a "Trip to the Edge" is also proposed.
  • Winner: Apex, because its bottle represents what Pepsi Edge is about; Mosaic's bottle is derided for not showing anything inside the bottle (the whole thing is shrinkwrapped), and for making people think of geography when they see it (one of the ad execs mentioned "When's the last time geography was cool?")
  • Trump thoughts: Trump agreed with the ad execs' decision that the bottle was too boring, lifting it like a dumbbell at one point. Trump got upset at Andy when he started to get yelled at on both sides during the boardroom, due to the "coalition" being revealed during the boardroom; also, Trump wonders why no matter who Jennifer's project manager is, she gets defended by them (see below).
  • Dramatic tension: Before the boardroom session, Andy approaches Jennifer M. and proposes that they gang up on Sandy, because Andy believes that Jennifer did the better job. Over the course of the boardroom session, Sandy figures this out, and begins to deride both of them for attempting it. Showered with a debate raging on both sides of him, Andy appeared helpless as Jennifer and Sandy scream at each other constantly until Trump bangs on the table to get their attention.
  • Loser: Mosaic
  • Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom
  • Who gets fired: Andy, for coming up with a terrible bottle and for unprofessional behavior to Pepsi employees. He also let himself get bombarded by Sandy during the boardroom, basically not showing any of his debate champion abilities. The arguments continued after the boardroom.
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Week 13: Sweet & Lowdown

  • Airdate: December 2
  • Project Managers: Ivana (Apex) and Sandy (Mosaic)
  • Task: The two teams are assigned to produce and sell the M-AZING candy bar, a new product from M&M Mars. The team that makes the most profit from selling the candy bars is the winner.
  • Result: Apex produces about 329 candy bars, while Mosaic produces only about 290 candy bars. Though Mosaic makes less bars, they adopt an aggressive selling strategy. Jennifer M. and Sandy dress up in identical outfits, so they look like sisters. They price their candy bars at five dollars apiece. Both teams are working around Wall Street, but Apex is selling its candy bars for less money than Mosaic is. Kevin in particular is selling the MAZING bars for "whatever he can get". Eventually, Ivana realizes (after asking a passerby on the street) that Apex's price is too low. In desperation, she attempts to make up for the difference by dropping her skirt in order to get a guy to pony up $20 for the candy bar.
  • Winner: Mosaic wins in a landslide, even though the team only consisted of two people. They made $1,023.11, but Apex only made $560.75. For their reward, Mosaic flew to Chicago to meet Bill Rancic and tour the building project he is leading.
  • Trump thoughts: Trump was disturbed that Apex was beaten by Mosaic because Apex had three people, whereas Mosaic only had two. Trump also criticized Apex for setting their price far too low and not manufacturing more candy bars.
  • Dramatic tension: Carolyn commented to Trump that Ivana's behavior on the task was "completely unprofessional". George, on the other hand, said he thought Ivana was the only one who stepped up on the task. Because Kelly was Project Manager last week (his third win), he is exempt from being fired in the boardroom. Kevin is criticized for setting the price too low, but Ivana is criticized for doing nothing about it because she was Project Manager. Carolyn continues to point out Ivana's "unprofessional" conduct. Trump asks each who they would fire. Ivana says she would fire Kelly, but Kevin says he would fire Ivana. Then Trump asks each for their record as Project Manager. Kevin is 2-0 as a Project Manager and Kelly is 3-0. Ivana, however, is 0-2.
  • Loser: Apex
  • Sent to boardroom: Ivana, Kevin, Kelly
  • Who gets fired: Ivana, for her losing record, her unprofessional conduct on the street, and her inability to effectively lead her team. While Trump was unpleased about Kevin's decision to price the candy bars too low, he's more unpleased about Ivana's unprofessional conduct and her shoddy record as PM, including wanting Donald to fire a member of the winning team (Jennifer M.) instead, which are against a set of rules even Trump must follow. Per George firing Ivana was imminent.
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Week 14: Intellectual Horsepower

  • Airdate: December 9
  • Gone are the teams, rewards, project managers, and exemptions
  • Trump showed the final four a preview on how he views the life of The Apprentice.
  • The focus of the task are one-on-one interviews with four prolific executives.
  • The interviewers who would determine who should be fired by Trump are as follows: Alan Jope, Chief Operating Officer of Unilever; Dawn Hudson, President of Pepsi-Cola North America; Alan "Ace" Greenberg, Chairman of Bear Stearns; and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots football team in the NFL.
  • Boardroom Details: Trump agrees with the executive's perceptions of Kevin since Trump didn't want to hire anyone with excessive uncertainty. Trump also cited that the execs didn't like Sandy whatsoever and deemed Sandy unworthy of being The Apprentice, mainly because of her skills fall short to Trump's par.
  • Who gets fired: Kevin, for excessive procrastination and failure to pursue a strong professional career path due to his lengthy educational efforts, and Sandy, because the executives allegedly didn't like her and Donald Trump seemed obsessed with Jennifer M.'s nonexistent abilities.
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Final Task: The Task of All Tasks

  • Airdate: Part one on December 9, the rest was televised December 16.
  • After Kevin and Sandy got fired, Trump congratulated both Kelly and Jennifer M. for being finalists.
  • Kelly didn't like Jennifer M. whatsoever, as per Yahoo!'s Apprentice 2 Website. Jennifer M. vowed to "kick Kelly's butt".
  • Kelly and Jennifer M. were each given tasks to overlook the two charitable tasks. Kelly was given a polo match which would be followed by a concert starring Tony Bennett. Jennifer M. was given the NBA Charity Task, involving professional basketball players, including Chris Webber.
  • Trump will judge his decision based on who has better leadership skills among the two.
  • For "The Mother of All Tasks", Kelly picks Elizabeth, Raj, and John. Jennifer picks Chris, Pamela, and Stacy R. Kelly picked Elizabeth first because he knew Jennifer M. also wanted her on the team; he picked Raj last over Stacy R. because, while he viewed Raj and Stacy R. as similar in ability, Raj was "dressed for polo".
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Decision Time

  • Airdate: December 16, the conclusion to the Season Finale was televised live from Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, New York City with Regis Philbin as event emcee.
  • Who is hired: Kelly, in spite of Trump citing that Kelly couldn't bring a military background to business and having doubts about Kelly's leadership style (although he has a 3-0 record as project manager), Trump liked Kelly's proven record and expertise over Jennifer M.'s.
  • Who gets fired: Jennifer M.--Trump cited that Jen lost quite a lot, and she was liked by only a few people. It was the first time a loser in the finale was told, "You're Fired".
  • What is next for Kelly: Kelly decided to oversee a project in New York City over the other choice on the Las Vegas Strip.
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