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Reality TV Spoilers News - August 2003

  • 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' aqua buff photos posted

    August 19, 2003
    SurvivorPhoenix has posted photographs of the aqua-colored buffs that will be used by one of the tribes in Survivor: Pearl Islands. The photos are courtesy of our old friend Griffe. According to Survivor News, the other two colors of buffs in this edition of Survivor will be orange and black. We'll pass along pictures of them if any become available prior to the show's debut.
  • Has the winner of CBS's 'The Amazing Race 4' been uncovered?

    August 14, 2003
    Every so often, we get tips that we feel compelled to pass along. Sometimes they're right (Erin will be the star of For Love Or Money 2, Rob Campos will appear on For Love Or Money 2, Celebrity Mole: Mexico's filming location and cast members), and sometimes they're not (Rob will not select Erin at the end of For Love Or Money) ... but they all have one thing in common: they came from someone who gave us sufficient reason to believe that the tip wasn't just a wild guess or hoax. In that tradition, we present this tip related to the CBS series The Amazing Race 4, from a person who may know the outcome of the race.
  • Have the names of four 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' contestants been determined?

    August 12, 2003
    Survivor: Pearl Islands spoiling season is in full swing ... including websites spoiling each other. VolcanicGlass of the SurvivorPhoenix website reports that four names of possible Pearl Islands contestants were hidden in a since-modified post on the Survivor News website. The four names, which are shown in a screen capture on SurvivorPhoenix, are Andrew Cripps, Osten Taylor, Darrah Johnson and Michelle Tesauro.


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