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Reality TV Television Ratings News - July 2002

  • Reality TV shows dominating summer ratings for the 18-49 demographic

    July 31, 2002
    No wonder programming execs insist reality is here to stay. The Hollywood Reporter reports that for the week ending July 28, four of the top five and seven of the top 10 shows in 18-49 belonged to the genre, including NBC's "Dog Eat Dog" and "Fear Factor" and CBS' "Big Brother 3." Moreover, every night except Friday offered at least one high-rated reality contender. Even long-suffering ABC is in on the action; its "Mole II: The Next Betrayal" took second place in its time slot (3.5/10) and would almost certainly be doing even better if not scheduled opposite "Idol."
  • 'Dog Eat Dog' hits new ratings high

    July 31, 2002
    Reality programming seems to be the name of the game this summer and NBC is apparently winning the game in a big way on Monday nights.
  • 'Mole 2' Episode 11 scores largest audience and best adult 18-34 rating to date

    July 31, 2002
    ABC has announced the July 23rd 11th episode of "Mole II" attracted its largest audience and best adult 18-34 rating of the series, generating ABC's highest adult 18-34 delivery in the hour since November 2001. Together with 'According To Jim' and the finale of 'Houston Medical,' it allowed ABC to post its strongest Tuesday night of the summer in viewers and young adults.
  • Wednesday regular timeslot premiere of 'Meet My Folks' beats FOX's 'American Idol'

    July 29, 2002
    NBC got a powerful start out of “Meet My Folks” last night in the reality show’s regular-slot debut, winning the 8-9 p.m. ET hour in all key demographics and improving on the network’s summer time-period average by 62 percent among adults 18-49.
  • 'Big Brother 3' place first for the second consecutive night

    July 26, 2002
    Tonya Paoni won’t win Big Brother but her expulsion from the 'Big Brother 3' house last night did give the reality series a time period win for the second consecutive night, placing first in viewers, households, adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and adults 25-54, according to final Nielsen ratings for Thursday, July 25.
  • 'Meet My Folks' premiere scores highest reality TV show ratings since 'Survivor: Marquesas' finale

    July 23, 2002
    NBC’s new relationship reality series “Meet My Folks” soared in its special 10-11 p.m. ET preview Monday evening, achieving the highest adult 18-49 rating for any reality series this summer and the highest rating for any non-sports telecast since May.
  • Fox achieves 'Fame' with new '30 Seconds to Fame' reality series

    July 19, 2002
    Variety reports that it took only 30 minutes for Fox's latest reality series, "30 Seconds to Fame," to achieve the look like a hit, but the ratings news wasn't quite as good for the network's other Wednesday premiere, reality/comedy hybrid "Meet the Marks."
  • MTV's 'Real World Chicago" finale scores highest 'Real World' ratings ever

    July 14, 2002
    Varierty reports that the Tuesday night finale of MTV's 11th season of " Real World " was the most-watched episode in the series' history, drawing 5.5 million viewers.
  • 'Big Brother 3' premiere gets strong ratings, edges FOX's 'American Idol'

    July 11, 2002
    Reuters reports that in the biggest ratings matchup yet between marquee "reality" shows this summer, the CBS premiere of "Big Brother 3" went up against "American Idol" on Fox and came out on top -- but not by much.
  • Third episode of 'Dog Eat Dog' scores highest ratings yet in adults 18-49

    July 2, 2002
    NBC’s “Dog Eat Dog” continued to make the case last night that it could be the biggest reality hit of the summer, scoring its highest adult 18-49 rating to date and beating its closest time-period pursuer by a commanding 42 percent margin among adults 18-49. That keyed another dominant NBC Monday win among adults 18-49, marking the 12th time in 13 weeks NBC has taken the night in the key 18-49 demographic.



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