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The Bachelorette (season 1) is the first season of ABC reality television series The Bachelorette. The season premiered on January 8, 2003, and concluded on February 19, 2003. The show featured The Bachelor, season 1 runner-up, Trista Rehn, courting 25 men.


The following is the list of bachelors for this season:

Name Age Hometown Job Eliminated
Ryan Sutter 29 Vail, Colorado Firefighter Winner
Charlie Maher 28 Hermosa Beach, California Financial Analyst Runner-Up
Russ 30 San Rafael, California Writer Week 5
Greg T. 28 Manhattan, New York Importer Week 4
Bob Guiney 31 Ferndale, Michigan Mortgage Broker Week 3
Jamie Blyth 27 Chicago, Illinois Professional Basketball Player Week 3
Mike 24 Cincinnati, Ohio Sales and Consulting Week 3
Rob 29 Dallas, Texas Computer Programmer Week 3
Brian C. 28 Dallas, Texas Mortgage Broker Week 2
Brian S. 28 Dallas, Texas Sales Engineer Week 2
Brook 29 Dallas, Texas Rodeo Cowboy Week 2
Jack 27 Pepper Pike, Ohio Firefighter Week 2
Jeff 25 San Diego, California Professional Football Player Week 2
Josh 31 Boca Raton, Florida Radio Advertising Executive Week 2
Brian H. 30 Cleveland, Ohio National Sales Manager Week 2 (Quit)
Billy 28 Hermosa Beach, California Firefighter Week 1
Brian K. 31 San Francisco, California Breast Implant Sales Week 1
Chris 35 Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania V.P. of Auto Parts Company Week 1
Duane 28 Chisago City, Minnesota Flight Instructor Week 1
Eric 33 St. Louis, Missouri Commercial Pilot Week 1
Gregg H. 34 Freehold, New Jersey Marble Company Owner Week 1
Matt 42 Marina Del Rey, California Gym Owner Week 1
Paul 26 Honolulu, Hawaii Telecommunications Week 1
Peter 25 Long Island, New York Construction Business Owner Week 1
Wayne 37 Sacramento, California Commercial Pilot Week 1

Future appearances

Bob Guiney was chosen to be the Bachelor in the fourth season of The Bachelor.

Elimination Chart

# Contestants Week
1 Jamie Russ Charlie Charlie Ryan Ryan Ryan
2 Rob Greg T. Bob Russ Charlie Charlie Charlie
3 Chris Ryan Greg T. Ryan Russ Russ
4 Jack Brian C. Ryan Greg T. Greg T.
5 Brian S. Brook Mike Bob
6 Eric Mike Rob
7 Greg T. Brian S. Jamie
8 Matt Jack Russ
9 Ryan Charlie Brian C.
Brian S.
10 Brook Josh
11 Peter Brian H.
12 Brian H. Jamie
13 Russ Rob
14 Paul Jeff
15 Brian K. Bob
Brian H.
16 Bob Billy
Brian K.
Gregg H.
17 Billy
18 Duane
19 Gregg H.
20 Brian C.
21 Jeff
22 Josh
23 Mike
24 Wayne
25 Charlie
The contestant won the competition
The contestant was on a group date
The contestant was on a one-on-one date
The contestant went on a group date and was eliminated at the rose ceremony
The contestant quit the competition
The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony

Episodes (dates)

Week 1

There were no dates during the first week.

Billy, Brian K., Chris, Duane, Eric, Gregg H., Matt, Paul, Peter, and Wayne were all sent home in the first rose ceremony.

Week 2

There were three group dates. Five men were sent on each.

Just before the start of the rose ceremony, Brian H. told Trista that he was taking himself out of the competition and left. Brian C., Brian S., Brook, Jack, Jeff, and Josh were eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 3

One-on-one: Ryan.

One-on-one: Charlie.

Group: Bob, Greg T., Jamie, Mike, and Rob.

One-on-one: Russ.

Bob, Jamie, Mike, and Rob were eliminated at the rose ceremony. After the elimination, Trista pulled Bob aside to tell him that if there was a fifth rose to give out, she would have given it to him.

Week 4

# Bachelorette Hometown
1 Charlie Hermosa Beach, California
2 Greg T. Manhattan, New York
3 Russ San Rafael, California
4 Ryan Vail, Colorado
Greg T. was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 5

Overnight Dates: Ryan, Charlie, and Russ.

Russ was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 6 (Finale)

Meeting Trista's Parents and Final Dates: Charlie and Ryan.

Charlie's limo pulled up to the altar first, where Trista sent him home in a limo, brokenhearted. Ryan then came to the altar, where they each declared their love for each other. Before accepting her final rose, Ryan proposed and was met with Trista's acceptance.

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