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Survivor: Africa is the third season of the United States reality show Survivor. It was filmed during 2001 and aired from October 11, 2001 - January 10, 2002 on CBS. It was set in Kenya's Shaba National Reserve on the African continent.

The two initial tribes were Boran and Samburu (named for the real-life Borana and Samburu tribes). In the fifth episode, after 12 days, three members from each team were switched to the other team, in what became known as the first "twist" in the Survivor series. This emphasized that the players must be ready for the most sudden changes; future seasons would have similar twists. In the seventh episode, the two tribes merged into the Moto Maji (Swahili for 'fire' and 'water') tribe.

This season was also the first to have a tiebreaker challenge: in the previous season, the person with the most previous votes was voted out in such a situation, but in Samburu's first tribal council, Carl Bilancione and Lindsey Richter each received four votes. The pair competed in a nature quiz tiebreaker, the loser of which was eliminated.

During the finale, the producers made it appear that the votes were being read at the site of the Final Tribal Council immediately after the votes were cast. Jeff Probst went to get the voting urn and, when he returned, it appeared he had returned directly to the Tribal Council site to read the votes. However, he was actually on a CBS sound stage in Hollywood (with a live audience) that was made up to look like the site. This was revealed after he read the votes and announced the winner. The contestants were told to try to make themselves appear as they had looked during the last Tribal Council and the audience was told to hold any cheering or applause until after the winner was announced.

Thirteen episodes were aired, plus a mid-season recap, a live reunion/interview with Bryant Gumbel after the finale, and a "where are they now" show. The winner, Ethan Zohn, was revealed on January 10, 2002, where he defeated Kim Johnson by a vote of 5-2.

Ethan Zohn, Lex van den Berghe, and Tom "Big Tom" Buchanan competed in Survivor: All-Stars, where they placed 11th, 9th, and 5th respectively.

A DVD release of the season was confirmed on July 28, 2010. It was released Tuesday, October 5, 2010.

Season summary

The sixteen castaways were split into two tribes, Samburu and Boran, and were given camps that included pre-constructed fencing to help protect them from wildlife. Samburu took an early lead, but the tribe internally was divided equally along age lines (Silas, Kim P., Brandon and Lindsey as one, and Frank, Teresa, Carl and Linda as the other). At their first Tribal Council, the age blocs left a stalemate tie between Carl and Lindsey, and with no previous votes to count, a quiz was used, with Lindsay winning and putting the younger members in control; on the next visit to Tribal Council, Linda was eliminated, and both tribes were even at six members. On Day 13, the tribes were given a vague clue about sending three members on quest, unaware this would be the first tribal swap for Survivor. Silas picked himself along with the two remaining older Samburu, Frank and Teresa, while Kelly, Big Tom and Lex were picked for Boran. After informed of the tribal swap, these players joined their new tribe; Frank and Teresa quickly went to work with the original Boran members to eliminate Silas, while the original Boran members on Samburu learned of Lindsay's past votes and were able to eliminate her.

The tribes merged into Moto Maji with ten players remaining, six from the original Boran and four from Samburu. Aware that the Boran players were staying to their original tribe, the Samburu members worked to create internal strive within the Boran faction, first by convincing them to eliminate Clarence as a physical challenge threat, and then by angering Lex as to incorrectly accuse of his own Boran tribe member Kelly of attempting to vote him off. Kelly sided with the Samburu members, but Lex had also convinced Brandon to vote with his alliance, leading to Kelly's elimination. Brandon's disloyalty to Samburu would lead to his elimination as well as the remaining original Samburu members.

The final four were Ethan, Lex, Big Tom, and Kim J. Kim won both of the last two immunity challenges; Tom was voted off due to previous schemes to vote against Lex's group, and then Lex himself was eliminated by Kim's solitary vote, as she felt that she would not have a chance at the Final Tribal Council against either Lex or Ethan, but felt closer to Ethan. At the Final Tribal Council, Kim J. was praised for surviving the game for her age, but accused of riding the coattails of Lex, Ethan and Big Tom. Ethan was voted the Sole Survivor on a 5-2.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
Diane Ogden
42, Omaha, Nebraska
Jessie Camacho
26, Orlando, Florida
Carl Bilancione
46, Winter Springs, Florida
Linda Spencer
44, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Silas Gaither
23, Knoxville, Tennessee
Lindsey Richter
26, Portland, Oregon
Clarence Black
24, Detroit, Michigan
align="center" rowspan=10 12
Kelly Goldsmith
22, Rancho Santa Fe, California
Brandon Quinton
25, Dallas, Texas
Frank Garrison
43, Odessa, New York
Kim Powers
29, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Teresa Cooper
42, Dacula, Georgia
Tom Buchanan
45, Saltville, Virginia
Lex van den Berghe
38, Santa Cruz, California
Kim Johnson
56, Oyster Bay, New York
Ethan Zohn
27, Lexington, Massachusetts
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The game

Episode title Air date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Question of Trust" October 11, 2001 colspan=2 6−2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Who's Zooming Whom?" October 18, 2001 5−2 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"The Gods Are Angry" October 25, 2001 4−4 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
"The Young and Untrusted" November 1, 2001 4−3 4th Voted Out
Day 12
"The Twist" November 8, 2001 5−1 5th Voted Out
Day 15
"I'd Never Do It To You" November 15, 2001 3−3 6th Voted Out
Day 18
"Will There Be a Feast Tonight?" November 22, 2001 None 8−2 7th Voted Out
Day 21
"The First 21 Days" November 29, 2001 Recap Episode
"Smoking Out the Snake" December 6, 2001 5−4 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
"Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal" December 13, 2001 6−2 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
"We Are Family" December 20, 2001 Survivor Auction 6−1 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"The Big Adventure" December 27, 2001 4−2 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
"Truth Be Told" January 3, 2002 4−1 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
"The Final Four: No Regrets" January 10, 2002 None 3−1 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
1−0 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
"The Reunion" January 10, 2002 Jury Vote 5−2 Runner-Up
Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.
^ Combined Reward and Immunity challenge.
^ Lindsey and Carl were tied 4-4 at Tribal Council, because they had no previous votes, they competed in a nature quiz tiebreaker, which Carl lost.
^ Lindsey and Tom were tied 3-3 at Tribal Council and in a Tribal Council countback Tom had no previous votes, but Lindsey had four; therefore, Lindsey was eliminated.
^ There was no Reward Challenge due to tribal merge.

Episode 1: Question of Trust

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Both tribes must roll a heavy cart, which holds a fire cauldron, across a rugged terrain while lighting three fire towers along the way. The first tower is across a bridge, the second tower is on top of a mountain and the third is down on a beach. The first tribe to light all three towers and cross the finish line with all eight members wins.
    • Reward: Waterproof matches and one of the carts used in the challenge.
After a seemingly endless journey along an unpaved terrain in a remote Equatorial region of the African of Kenya, an armed Askari soldier orders sixteen Americans off of a 16-seat Over Lander transport truck which they rode on. Once all sixteen are off, the soldier reboards the truck and says to them with a smile, "Have a nice day. Bye-bye." before driving off and abandoning them, thus beginning the adventure of a lifetime for the sixteen Americans. Separated into two competing tribes of eight, named after two of Kenya's indigenous tribes, Boran (wearing gold) and Samburu (wearing red), the competitors rush to an area where many supplies are found. After frantically deciding on the necessities for their adventure, Brandon, Carl, Frank, Kim P., Linda, Lindsey, Silas and Teresa of the Samburu Tribe, and Clarence, Diane, Ethan, Jessie, Kelly, Kim J., Lex and Tom of the Boran Tribe hike to their campsites and their homes for up to the next 39 days. The supplies both tribes carry include big containers of cornmeal, giant clay water jugs, thick rope and cans of food to name a few.

While hiking to their camp, The Boran Tribe realizes that their three water jugs add too much weight for them to carry and make the drastic decision to empty out two of the jugs to lighten their load. Being put in charge of reading the map, Diane hikes at a faster pace than her tribemates and often stops to wait for them. Meanwhile, the Samburu Tribe is hiking at a slow pace. As a former Army officer, this frustrates an impatient Frank. Kim P. is thrilled to learn that Brandon's luxury item is a tube of ChapStick. The hike, however, takes its toll on Lindsey as she realizes and even confesses that she has started her period. But Frank continues to push his tribemates to keep going. After four hours of hiking, both tribes finally arrive at their camp sites which each consist of a flag and a Manyatta hut with a large round Boma fence made of thorny acacia tree branches to keep out predators. Both tribes celebrate upon arriving at their camps.

Shortly after the Samburu Tribe arrives at camp, Silas finds a note suggesting that they secure the perimeter of their Boma fence, keep a fire burning all night and keep at least two people awake and on the lookout for wild animals that hunt at night. Carl volunteers as the first one up. The note also suggests to follow their map to a spring that they must share with the local game and that the water must be boiled before drinking. Wasting no time, Brandon, Frank, Kim P. and Lindsey start gathering acacia branches. All the while, Frank barks military-style orders at the others rubbing Kim P. the wrong way. Later, everyone hikes to their water source and all are disturbed when they discover the condition of the water. Lindsey is terrified by the water being contaminated and only a few inches deep. Kim P. realizes the importance of boiling the water before drinking. It is close to sundown when everyone returns to camp. Realizing that wild animals will soon be on the hunt, all try to start a fire but without success.

The next morning, at The Boran Tribe's camp, Jessie is feeling sick enough to the point where she regurgitates any retained fluids. Ethan and Tom make a trip to their water hole and rerturn with some water which, like Samburu's, must be boiled before drinking. Lex says that failure to do so can cause Amoebic dysentery. The members of Boran attempt to build a fire the same way Samburu tried but also to no avail. Meanwhile, at Samburu's camp, Kim P. discovers a telescope which is intended for looking out for wild animals. She unscrews the lens and gives it to Silas who then uses the lens as a magnifying glass over a dried lump of elephant dung causing it to smoke. As Silas and Kim P. blow on the smoking dung, Linda and Lindsey call out to the others. Teresa and Frank rush over with some hay and place it on the dung. After more blowing, there is finally fire at the Samburu camp. Still unable to build fire and boil water, the Boran Tribe splits a can of cherries. Each member takes one cherry and passes the can around. When Clarence gets the can, Ethan notices him taking a second cherry, making trust an issue.

Later, both tribes meet Jeff for their first challenge both for reward and immunity. After Jeff's explanation of the rules, the challenge commences. At first, it is a neck-and-neck race as both tribes roll their fire cauldrons side-by-side. After Ethan and Frank light the first fire towers for their tribes, Boran takes a slight lead. Clarence and Silas both rush to the mountaintop to light their second towers before pressing on. Both tribes struggle as players stumble on both sides on their way to the beach where their third towers are. Shortly after Lex and Frank light their third and final towers, Diane collapses to the ground. This sets Boran back and gives Samburu the lead. Although Boran tries to catch up, Samburu is first to cross the finish line and wins reward and immunity, meaning that Boran must vote out one of their own the next night at Tribal Council.

The next day, Clarence tends to a worn out Diane as the rest of the Boran Tribe hikes to get water from their water hole. When they return, Diane tells Tom that while he and the others were gone, she and Clarence shared a can of beans. When questioned by Tom, Clarence says that he split the beans with Diane hoping that she would feel better and that doing so was not a big deal. Aware of the tribe's limited food rations, Tom angrily tells Clarence that it is a big deal and that he made a bad judgement by not eating with the rest of the tribe. Although Clarence apologizes, Lex seconds Tom's side of the story saying that the trust is broken and that all must start over again. That night at Tribal Council, Diane explains how the reward/immunity challenge affected her and Clarence explains what he had done in regards to the can of beans that he shared with Diane and hopes for forgiveness from his tribemates. After Jeff explains the voting process, all eight members of Boran cast their votes. When Jeff tallies the votes, Diane has the majority over Clarence by a margin of 6-2, making Diane the first person voted out of the game.

Episode 2: Who's Zooming Whom?

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes have five logs of different lengths. Each tribe must carry their logs one at a time along their criss-crossing paths while negotiating a series of obstacles to a tower where they must use the logs to build a staircase by inserting them into peg holes around the tower. Both tribes must stay together and on their own path. The first tribe to get all their logs to their tower, build their staircase and have one member to the top of the tower wins.
    • Reward: Blankets, canned food and other supplies left behind on Day One.
  • Immunity Challenge: Two at a time, one member of each tribe must drink a shot of cow's blood mixed with milk. The tribe that downs the most shots out of eight wins.
Shortly after the Boran Tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council, Clarence explains to Jessie that he helped Diane by feeding her only to have Diane deny it later. Jessie is not sure whether or not to believe Clarence and, like the rest of the tribe, thinks Clarence should not have helped Diane the way he did by sharing a can of beans with only her. The next morning, at Samburu, all are sore after another uncomfortable night sleeping on uneven ground but shortly starts to work on fixing the roof to their Manyatta hut so that they would be shaded from the scorching sun's heat. Frank continues to bark orders to his tribemates, much to the chagrin of the younger members. Brandon sees his tribe as two different teams divided by age.

Later, at the reward challenge, The members of Boran and seven members of Samburu (Linda sits out) race to carry five logs to a tower starting with the heaviest logs and working their way to the lightest. The tribes are neck-and-neck for much of the race. But when the Boran Tribe carries their final and lightest log, Kim J. stumbles on one of the obstacles and falls to the ground, giving Samburu the lead because logs cannot be inserted in a peg hole until all tribe members have crossed the line in front of the tower. Once Samburu inserts their final log, Kim P. climbs up to the top of their tower, winning them blankets, canned food and other supplies left behind by both tribes on Day One. When Boran returns to camp empty-handed, Kim J. apologizes for falling in the challenge and fears being the next to be voted out of her tribe.

The next morning, Jessie feels weak and dehydrated as her Boran tribemates fetch water from their water hole. All are worried about Jessie's health. Despite the bad smell and taste of the water, Clarence knows that lack of drinking it will affect one's performance in challenges. Meanwhile, at Samburu, Carl, Frank, Silas and Teresa go off to collect water. Carl tells Silas of the strong allegiance between him and the other three older members and tries to get Silas to join them. Silas finally agrees with a handshake. Later, when they return to camp, Frank pulls Silas aside to alert of the younger members' weaknesses. Having overheard them, paranoia strikes Lindsey who later pulls Silas to confront him about her position in the game. Silas assures Lindsey that the older people must be targeted and tries to get her to trust him. Brandon is not certain as to where Silas stands. Back at Boran, as the others collect water, Kim J. tells Jessie that she's wary of the possibility of the men trying to vote out the women for the benefit of winning challenges. Knowing that he and Tom need one more person to secure their voting position, Lex approaches Ethan who agrees to join despite being paranoid of Lex playing both sides.

At the immunity challenge the next day, both tribes witness locals as they bring in a cow and drain blood from its neck after shooting it with an arrow. Once enough blood is drained, the locals move on with their cow unharmed. Jeff assures the tribes that the cow was tested and quarantined and that the blood is clean before pouring the blood in a serving bottle and mixing it with milk. Because Boran has one less member than Samburu, one member of Boran has to drink two shots of the blood and milk mixture while everyone else must only drink one shot. Whoever drinks the first shot for Boran must also drink the eighth and final shot. Volunteering to drink twice, Lex is up first for Boran, while Frank is up first for Samburu. Both down their shots effortlessly. In the next seven rounds, Tom drinks with Carl, Ethan with Lindsey, Kelly with Teresa, Kim J. with Kim P., Jessie with Linda, Clarence with Brandon and Lex with Silas. All fifteen players are successful in downing all sixteen shots. So a tie-breaker must take place. Both tribes must pick one member of the opposing tribe to participate. Samburu chooses Kelly while Boran chooses Linda. Both Kelly and Linda race to be the first to drink a bigger glass of cow's blood which, unlike before, is not mixed with milk. Linda is first to finish her glass, giving Samburu immunity for the second straight time.

Later, when Boran returns to camp, Kim J. is worried that she will be the next to be voted out due to her falter in the reward challenge, but senses second-guessing among others as to who is valuable or invaluable. Kelly feels just as vulnerable due to her failure in the immunity challenge. When the seven remaining members of the Boran Tribe arrive at Tribal Council, the issues of the first six days are discussed further. But when the votes are cast and tallied, Jessie has the majority over Clarence by a margin of 5-2, making Jessie the second person voted out of the game.

Episode 3: The Gods Are Angry

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes have a giant boulder which must be rolled along a marked course. The first tribe to get their boulder across the finish line and into their resting spot wins.
    • Reward: A tall metal tower containing 100 gallons of fresh drinking water and a supply of organic shampoo.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes must use whatever is handy to create a distress signal that can easily be seen from the air in an airplane flying overhead, The tribe whose distress signal is chosen to be the most visible of the two in a rescue situation according to the dropmaster wins.
Late one night, as the rest of the Boran Tribe sleeps, Clarence and Kelly are on night watch and are terrified by the presence of roaming lions, one of which is frighteningly close to their Manyatta hut. Kelly shakes tin cans and yells for the lions to leave. As the lions continue to circle the hut and peer through the acacia thorn fence, which is all that the tribe has to protect them, the rest of the tribe wakes up fearing for their safety. Ethan accepts the possibility of lions roaming their hut every night and wonders what to do if they scrape at their fence. Early the next morning, at Samburu, the four older members are already up and get ready to get water from their water source"?a rude awakening to the younger members. With the older members out working, the younger members speculate over the age barrier and later feast on most of their breakfast portions for the morning. While collecting water with the other older members, Teresa suspects that Silas could be playing both sides. Meanwhile, the Boran Tribe takes a close look at the tracks left by the lions and realize that they have to secure the Boma fence around their hut to keep out predators and waste no time gathering acacia branches to patch up any weak spots. Back at Samburu, Lindsey makes bead necklaces and passes them out to Brandon, Kim P. and Silas as a symbol of their unity. With so much work to be done at camp, Frank is upset over the younger members of the tribe and their lack of pitching in to help. He and the other older members realize that Silas is aligning with the younger members, who later get Carl to admit that he drives both a Mercedes and a Porsche. Carl defines the younger players as "Generation X."

At the reward challenge, the six remaining members of Boran and six members of Samburu (Brandon and Kim P. sit out) race to roll their boulders through a course marked with flags. Although both tribes have several members trip and stumble to the ground, Boran takes an early lead. Samburu has difficulty maneuvering their boulder and even miss sets of flags making them have to go back and try again. This gives Boran the much-needed advantage to win their first challenge. Despite losing, Samburu manages to finish the course.

The next morning, all at Boran wake up to find a tall metal tower with a faucet containing 100 gallons of fresh drinking water which they won along with a supply of organic shampoo. All are appreciative and gratified. Meanwhile, at Samburu, all are under their mosquito netting as noticeable whirlwinds sweep through their camp. Later, both tribes receive a tree mail message informing them to create a distress signal using whatever is handy at or near their camp. After some discussion, Samburu decides to use the Boma fence around their hut as the "O" in a giant "S.O.S." message and make two giant "S's" on either side of the fence using all the acacia branches they can gather. The members of Boran add color to their mosquito netting using acrylic paints (which Kim J. brought as her luxury item) and spread them around an "S.O.S." message laid out on a bare area of land. As Samburu continues to work, Lindsey overexerts herself, quickly becomes dehydrated and soon lies on the ground in tears and in terrible pain. Kim P. tries to tend to her. At Boran, all strip down to their underwear and await the arrival of an airplane that will soon fly over both camps. As the airplane starts up, Jeff loads in a crate containing the immunity idol. Shortly afterward, the airplane takes off with Jeff and a dropmaster on board. As the airplane hovers over Samburu's signal, the dropmaster determines that it would be difficult to spot because it blends in with the surrounding brush. While hovering over Boran's signal, the dropmaster declares it much more visible than Samburu's due to the different colors of mosquito netting surrounding an "S.O.S." message in a wide open area with very little trees. Therefore, the crate is dropped by parachute over Boran's camp, giving them immunity for the first time in the game.

The next morning, at Samburu, Lindsey is feeling a little bit better since what happened to her as she helped to build her tribe's distress signal in the immunity challenge. Silas interprets Lindsey's calamity as a window of opportunity for the older members. Frank realizes the tension and claims not to be flexible about it. Once suited and packed up, Samburu makes their long hike to their first Tribal Council. Upon arrival, all discuss the events of the first nine days. Soon after, all eight members cast their votes. When Jeff tallies them, Carl and Lindsey have four votes apiece. Therefore, the other six must vote again after Carl and Lindsey plead their cases as to why they should stay in the game. When the votes are cast and tallied again, Carl and Lindsey are deadlocked with three votes apiece. Because this is Samburu's first Tribal Council, previous Tribal Council votes could not be accounted to break the tie. So Jeff asks Carl and Lindsey a series of questions based on information found in the Bush Survival Guide that all sixteen players were given prior to the start of the game. When one person is right and the other is wrong, whoever is wrong is eliminated from the game. After passing out pads and pens to Carl and Lindsey, Jeff asks questions to them. Both answer the first question correctly and the second and third questions incorrectly. When the fourth question is asked, Lindsey answers correctly and Carl answers incorrectly. Therefore, Carl becomes the third person to leave the game.

Episode 4: The Young and Untrusted

  • Reward Challenge: Before each tribe is a large rope web. Hanging on each web are twelve baskets each containing a different food item. One at a time, one member of each tribe must race up a ramp, across a netting and up the rope web. Once a tribe member grabs one item, brings it back and crosses a line, another tribe member must do the same. The first tribe to retrieve all twelve food items from their rope web wins.
    • Reward: All twelve of the food items that the winning tribe retrieves.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has a camp with a hut, animal pen, flagpole and other camp supplies. Both tribes must choose two members as architects who must remember how the camp looks as the other members must move the camp, one or a few pieces at a time, to a new spot that is 200 yards up a small hill and rebuild it exactly as before. The architects must be at the new spot at all times and cannot physically help the others rebuild the camp. Keeping in mind that the flagpole is the last to be put in, the first tribe to rebuild their camp in their new spot exactly as it was built in the original spot wins.
When the Samburu Tribe returns to camp after their first Tribal Council, its four youngest members sense a feeling of power. Silas realizes the younger members have the majority. Lindsey is livid over the votes cast against her and gets in the older people's faces about it. Frank is upset over where things stand and is not looking forward to the next few days. The next morning, at Boran, Kim J. cooks a cornmeal mush breakfast for her tribemates. Clarence worries that Tom does not eat much. Both men later hike until they find doum palm trees whose coconut-type fruit hangs about fifty feet above the ground. Tom tries unsuccessfully to climb one tree, so after coming back down, he and Clarence throw rocks at the fruit until they finally get a few down. After bringing them back to camp, Clarence has a harder time opening them up. With Tom thinking that it was not worth the effort and Kelly not liking the aftertaste, Clarence tosses the fruit out of harm's way. Back at Samburu, the water supply is running low due to the younger players sleeping in and the older players unwilling to carry all the water. When the younger players are woken up by Linda, everyone has only half an hour to get ready for the reward challenge. On one knee, Silas pleads with the older players for all to come together as a whole. Despite finding Silas' plea cheesy, Linda becomes giddy about the whole concept and attempts to hug a hesitant Lindsey. When Lindsey explains her hesitancy, Linda respects it.

Both tribes later meet for the reward challenge. After Jeff's explanation of the rules, both tribes (with Linda sitting out for Samburu) race to collect twelve food items hanging in small baskets from either of two rope webs (one per tribe). It is a neck-and-neck race up until Kim J. falters while attempting to grab the tenth basket for Boran, which opens the door for Samburu and ultimately wins them the reward consisting of every food item they retrieved. After the empty-handed Boran Tribe returns to camp, Kim J. apologizes for what went wrong. Ethan feels bad for Kim J. knowing how hard it must be for her. Lex seconds Ethan's emotion that Kim J. is not up to the physical challenges. Meanwhile, things are looking up for Samburu until they notice how low they are on water. All seven members head to their water source and return with all of their gourds full. Shortly after returning to camp, another setback strikes as the tribe sees that the pots they used to boil the water were cracked. Back at Boran, everyone hikes to get water. But their hike is set back when they notice one of Africa's most dangerous animals"?the Cape Buffalo"?hiding in the bushes along the way. Hoping it scares it off, Tom whistles at the buffalo which stays in place, leading the tribe to head the other way.

Early the next morning, at Samburu, Frank wakes up his tribemates and gets them ready to hike to their water source before the weather heats up. Later, both tribes gather for the immunity challenge. After Jeff's explanation of the rules, Teresa is chosen to sit out for Samburu with Brandon and Linda as their architects, while Kelly and Kim J. are chosen as Boran's architects. As the challenge begins, Boran moves the heavy base of their hut first and works their way toward the lighter objects, while Samburu does the exact opposite. In the end, Boran's strategy pays off as they are the first to finish rebuilding their camp and win immunity for the second straight time.

Early the next morning, Linda finds Frank (who celebrates his birthday that day) sitting on the tribe's transport cart carving the names of his wife and two daughters into his torch. As Frank works, Linda tells Frank that had Carl not been eliminated from the game, he would have led the tribe to victory at the immunity challenge. Meanwhile, at Boran, Kim J. is overwhelmed to tears of joy as a result of her tribe's victory in the immunity challenge. All hike up to a mountaintop that overlooks the land where they have been living. Amazed with the view, Tom goes as far as to say that he and the rest of the tribe have seen the promised land. Back at Samburu, Linda senses that either she, Teresa or Frank will be next to be voted out at tribal council. Silas emphasizes the notion that Lindsey has four previous votes against her (not counting the three tie-breaker votes she got) and that if the older players won't vote against each other, they should vote for Lindsey so that no one else is vulnerable in the event of a deadlock tie. A shocked Linda plans not to do so, especially if she's the next to go, and does not want Silas to win the million dollars. That night at Tribal Council, the four younger members continue to stay true to one another and although the older members vote for Silas instead of Lindsey as the younger players hoped they would, Linda gets the majority of the vote by a margin of 4-3. Linda is the fourth person voted out of the game.

Episode 5: The Twist

  • Reward Challenge: A large pen holds forty goats (twenty with red collars and twenty with gold collars). Several yards away at the finish line are one small red pen and one small gold pen. Both tribes must select one player to be their gatekeeper who must be in their color pen at all times and is responsible for getting their color tribe's goats in while keeping the other tribe's goats out. The first tribe to get all twenty of their goats into their color pen wins.
    • Reward: Three egg-laying chickens, one rooster and a supply of chicken feed.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has a giant twenty-piece puzzle which, when put together, form a picture of an African mask. The first tribe to put their puzzle together correctly wins.
When the Samburu Tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, an angry Silas asks the older members were cast against him instead of Lindsey; for if Lindsey had voted for, she would have remained the most vulnerable of the younger members being the only one to have previous votes in the event of a deadlock tie. Frank explains that Samburu is still a tribe divided due to the generation gap. The next morning, both tribes receive a tree mail message asking them to send their three best players in a quest. After some discussion on both tribes, Frank, Silas and Teresa go on the quest for Samburu, while Kelly, Lex and Tom go on the quest for Boran. All six hike to meet Jeff where all 16 players were dropped off on Day One. Jeff asks all six players to hand him their buffs. When they do so, Jeff reaches into his bag, pulls out three fresh gold buffs and gives them to Frank, Silas and Teresa. Jeff then pulls out three fresh red buffs and gives them to Kelly, Lex and Tom. The six players are shocked when Jeff tells them that they are switching tribes, meaning that Kelly, Lex and Tom are now on Samburu and that Frank, Silas and Teresa are now on Boran. Jeff then hands out maps to their new campsites and sends them on their way.

After Kelly, Lex and Tom arrive at Samburu, Brandon, Kim P. and Lindsey are excited at first. But when the original Samburu members learn the truth, they are frightened. Meanwhile, at Boran, Ethan is nervous when Frank, Silas and Teresa arrive at their camp. When the three former Samburu members say that they are now on Boran's side, Ethan is dismayed over losing all that he had worked for and losing his old allies. The switching of tribe members has clearly caught everyone off guard and is forcing them to rethink gameplay strategies. At Samburu, Lex and Tom are upset over their new tribe not having enough firewood and losing the ample supply of water their old tribe won in a previous reward challenge. Like Frank before him, Lex considers the young Samburu players lazy. Lex is particularly upset over a large mound of ash, improper for their fire and lack of firewood. After Lex and Tom gather firewood, they head to their new water hole and do not like what they see. The others later join them and notice that the water is dirtier than before. Meanwhile, at Boran, Silas feels as though the tribal switch has hurt his strategies. Teresa tells Kim J. that the switch gives her and Frank a sense of staying in the longer. Later, all stop to notice a family of elephants as they slowly move by their camp. That night, Frank and Teresa tell their new tribemates about the younger Samburu members voting strategy to target the older members. The next morning, at Samburu, the tribe is still divided despite the switch. Lex and Tom discuss who to vote off next. With no previous votes against them, Kelly, Lex and Tom hope to target any Samburu members who do have previous votes. Lindsey is startled yet amused when she discovers a tick on the side of her right buttock. With Tom holding Lindsey steady, Lex pours hot water on the tick making it easier to remove.

Later, both tribes meet for the reward challenge. After Jeff's explanation of the rules and learning of the reward for the winning tribe, both tribes select their gatekeepers. Brandon is chosen as Samburu's gatekeeper, while Teresa is chosen as Boran's gatekeeper. Being a goat farmer back home, Tom thinks that Samburu has an advantage over Boran. When Jeff signals the tribes to begin however, the goats are hard for both tribes to control, much to the amusement of several of the locals who witness the challenge. Finding it hard to guide them, Silas lifts the goats one at a time and carries them to Boran's pen. Inspired, Clarence and Frank do the same. This gives Boran an early lead as they manage to get six of their goats in their pen before Samburu can get their first goat in their pen. Soon after, Samburu catches up and it is a close race from then on as nearly every player carries goats to their pen. In the end, Boran is first to get all twenty of their goats in their pen, winning them three egg-laying chickens, one rooster and a supply of chicken feed.

When Samburu returns to camp, Kim P. finds competing against her old tribemates weird and frustrating. Lindsey is emotional over the hunger, the fatigue and the tribal switch, and is also paranoid about being next to be voted out. The next day, at Boran, Clarence and Silas are well aware of the targets on their backs and try to align with one another. Kim J. is aware of what Clarence and Silas might do together and whispers her concerns to Teresa. Ethan approaches Kim J. with the thought of deliberately losing the immunity challenge hoping to vote off one of the stronger players. Ethan considers the challenge a win-win situation due to not having to go to tribal council if Boran wins and voting off his biggest threat if Boran loses. At the immunity challenge itself, both tribes scramble to collect twenty pieces of a giant puzzle and put it together so that it forms a picture of an African mask. Feeling vulnerable, Lindsey barks at her Samburu tribemates to work fast. While the other Boran members take their time figuring out where the pieces go, Silas works as fast as he can. In the end, Samburu is first to finish their puzzle, winning them immunity. Lindsey is so relieved that she kisses the immunity idol.

Soon after Boran returns to camp, Silas campaigns to stay in the game and tries to get Ethan to sway his vote saying that he can get Frank and Teresa to vote for Clarence. Kim J. later questions Silas about being in an alliance with his former tribemates at Samburu. After hearing what Silas has to say, Kim J. is leery of how Silas is playing the game. Silas hopes that Ethan and Kim J.'s ill feelings toward Clarence are enough to keep him in the game. But that night, at Tribal Council, after discussing the events following the switch, Silas is unanimously voted out over Frank by a vote of 5-1, making Silas the fifth person voted out of the game.

Episode 6: I'd Never Do It To You

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes stand on the top step of either of two bleachers and are asked a series of questions about Africa which they must answer together as a tribe. Each time a tribe answers correctly, they move one step down. The first tribe to reach the ground wins.
    • Reward: A buffet of food including Mountain Dew soda, fresh pasta salad with vegetables, sandwiches and cookies for dessert.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet. In pairs, one member of each tribe must try to hit one of their own targets with a bow and lighted arrow. Once one has had their turn, another pair must try to do the same. The first tribe to hit all five targets from closest to farthest wins.
Late one night after returning from Tribal Council, the remaining members of the Boran Tribe have the upcoming merge on their minds and are concerned about the meager supply of food that they have left. With Boran's plan on rationing the remaining food so that it lasts the next three days, Ethan is worried that the tribe would be in trouble if the merge is more than three days away. Meanwhile, at Samburu, while keeping an eye out for night predators that could come near their camp, Lex and Tom discuss the apparent irresponsibility of the younger members of the tribe. The next morning, Samburu wonders as to who got voted out at Boran's tribal council. Kelly and Lindsey are hoping that Frank was voted out due to him causing so much friction, while Lex and Tom guess that Kim J. was ousted for her inability to perform well in physical challenges. Tom is convinced that if Samburu goes to Tribal Council next, the vote will be tied 3-3 and that previous Tribal Council votes will be a tie-breaking factor if the vote is deadlocked. Lindsey continues to sense vulnerability due to having four previous votes cast against her. Back at Boran, Clarence is concerned about the lack of food at the tribe's camp and checks to see if any of the chickens laid any eggs. And if not, he would kill one of the chickens for breakfast. Instead, Clarence breaks up some hay and builds a nest for the chickens.

At the reward challenge, with Tom sitting out for Samburu as an extra member, both tribes head to the top of their color bleachers and Jeff asks questions about Africa. Both tribes get the first two questions right. On the third question, only Samburu answers correctly, moving only them one step lower and keeping Boran at their same step. Both tribes answer the next two questions correctly which, due to Boran's wrong answer to the third question, sends Samburu to the ground first, winning them a big buffet lunch with pasta salad, sandwiches, cookies and all the Mountain Dew soda they can drink. After the big lunch, Kim P. is unable to walk and sustains stomach pains putting her on the verge of Nausea and hopes to fight off the pain by resting on the tribe's pull cart. Realizing that Silas was voted out at the last tribal council put the remaining younger Samburu members in a bad position. Knowing she had disrespected the older members prior to the switch, Lindsey knows that her physical agility is not enough to keep her in the game. Brandon theorizes that due to Lindsey getting in the older players' faces, all of the younger Samburu members are now vulnerable. Upon Boran's return from losing the reward challenge, Clarence still plans to kill one of the chickens if neither of them soon lay eggs. Ethan and Frank try to make the chickens feel more at home by making adjustments to their coop. Clarence jokingly tells the chickens to say their good-byes and the rest of the tribe agrees with Clarence's plan to spare the chickens if any eggs are found. That night, at Samburu, Kelly tells Lindsey that she feels vulnerable. Thinking that both women have bonded, Kim P. talks with Brandon about what could happen at the next few tribal councils. The next morning, at Boran, Kim J. checks the chicken coop and finds an egg that she places on a tray. She then waits along with Ethan, Frank and Teresa for Clarence to wake up and see the egg. Clarence reacts in disbelief when he sees the egg and everyone else laughs. Despite everything, Boran decides to kill one chicken to eat for dinner that night.

The next morning, at Samburu, Kelly, Lex and Tom are discussing the hand signals that Boran's Kim J. had made to them at the reward challenge. Before long, Kelly feels dumb for not realizing that Kim J.'s signals were a clue as to who to vote out at Tribal Council, meaning that Kim J. was signing the letter "B" for Brandon or signing the letter "L" for Lindsey. Kim P. also noticed what had been going on and Lindsey becomes paranoid when Kim P. tells her the whole story. Brandon realizes that in order for his alliance with Kim P. and Lindsey to remain secure, he would need to have Kelly, Lex and Tom vote for him due to not having any previous votes cast against him as opposed to Lindsey's four. Brandon is also certain that in the event of a deadlock tie between him and Tom, who does not have any previous votes either, he would be able top beat Tom in a question-and-answer tie-breaker. Meanwhile, at Boran, thinking that Samburu is still divided, Ethan hopes that Kelly, Lex and Tom got Kim J.'s hand signals. Shortly afterward, he and Teresa find a message with a bow and arrows at their tree mail. Having hunting experience, Frank coaches his Boran tribemates with archery lessons, much to Ethan's delight. Both tribes later meet for the immunity challenge. With one extra member, Kelly is chosen to sit out for Samburu. In each of the rounds, Teresa competes against Kim P., followed by Kim J. against Lindsey, Ethan against Brandon, Clarence against Lex, and Frank against Tom. After the first round, Samburu has a 2-1 lead due to Lindsey, Clarence and Lex being the only three to hit targets. After the second round, Samburu is up 3-2 with Ethan and Lex making the only two hits that time. In the third round, Ethan ties the score with Boran's third hit. But Tom gives Samburu back the lead with their fourth hit. In the fourth round, Kim J. scores Boran's fourth hit, tying the score 4-4, meaning the next hit wins immunity for the tribes who makes it. With Lindsey and Brandon unsuccessful in hitting for Samburu, Ethan scores the fifth and final hit for Boran, winning them immunity.

Soon after Samburu returns to camp from the immunity challenge, Lex tells Brandon that the vote will not be easy for him, Kelly and Tom. Brandon assures Lex that he will not take the vote personally knowing that it is part of the game. Soon after discussing strategy with Brandon and Kim P., without knowing at first that Kelly is overhearing them, Lindsey considers the game selfish. Lindsey then lets Kelly know that she plans to vote for Brandon and hopes Kelly does the same. Both girls then approach Tom to tell him the plan to vote out Brandon. Kim P. is wary of this plan and is uncomfortable with it believing that Brandon would not betray her like that. Lindsey is undecided as to whether to vote with or against her alliance due to her vulnerability. That night, after some discussion at Tribal Council, all cast their votes. When Jeff tallies them, Lindsey and Tom have three votes apiece. Thinking that she has been voted out, Lindsey starts to leave, but Jeff stops her. After Lindsey and Tom plead their cases as to why they should stay in the game, the others vote again. When Jeff tallies the revotes, Lindsey and Tom are deadlocked with two votes apiece. Previous Tribal Council votes were then taken into account. While Tom did not have any previous votes, Lindsey had four, making her the sixth person eliminated from the game. Lindsey is gracious enough to hug and kiss her tribemates before Jeff snuffs her torch and sends her on her way.

Episode 7: Will There Be a Feast Tonight?

  • Immunity Challenge: Each player stands on top of a log with one arm raised. Their wrists are cuffed to a rope that is connected to the rim of a large bucket that is full of water. All must try to their raised arms very still due to the slightest movement being enough to trigger the bucket to tip over and dump the water on top of the player, thus eliminating him or her from the challenge. The last player with their arm still raised wins.
After the Samburu Tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council, Brandon is happy about Lindsey's departure. In spite of such relief, he and Kim P. realize how vulnerable they are. Brandon decides not to risk forming new alliances and tries to keep his distance from Kim P. thinking that he or Kim P. will be next to go followed by the other of the two. The next morning, at Boran, Clarence feels the aftermath in his stomach from the chicken dinner that he and his tribemates had previously feasted on and decides to head out and relieve himself only to find a herd of elephants right behind him afterwards. Clarence feels that had the elephants trampled him, let alone while relieving himself, it would have been a humiliating death. When Clarence returns, the merge is on everyone's minds again and all irritably wonder as to when it will be. As the tribe feasts on a mid-morning brunch of cornmeal mush, Kim J. is surprised Frank does not know what brunch means. Back at Samburu, Lex is certain that he, Kelly and Tom will make it to the final four with immunity challenges being the only setback. Annoyed by the former Boran members' attitudes, Brandon wants no part of Samburu anymore and wants to get the merge over with. As Lex makes Tom utensils out of tree branches, Kelly is annoyed by Lex's attitude saying that she would vote out Lex if there was no merge.

The next morning, both tribes receive tree mail regarding the next immunity challenge. When they read the message, no one is certain if the challenge is for reward or immunity or if it is tribal or individual. When they meet for the challenge, Jeff announces that the tribes are merging and hands out new green buffs to everybody. When asked which camp to live at, all choose the Boran camp. Thus after the challenge, all would head back to the Boran camp with Samburu's personal items already there. After Jeff's explanation of the immunity challenge, all ten players each have a raised hand cuffed to a rope attached to a large bucket of water. All try not to move their raised arms to avoid getting splashed. About fourteen minutes in, Kelly is first to get wet followed by Kim J. seconds later. Seated on a bench, both women whisper to one another regarding tribal politics at both camps. Four minutes later, Brandon gives in and deliberately bails out. Eighteen minutes later, Kim P. is splashed next. Eight minutes after that, Tom is next to get wet. On the bench, Brandon thinks that Ethan and Frank are showing signs of tiring arms. Just then, at the 55-minute mark, Frank gets drenched. As she, Clarence, Ethan and Lex continue to hang in at the one-hour, fourteen-minute mark, Teresa passes the time by breaking into the song, "Tomorrow" from the musical, "Annie." to which the other six applaud upon conclusion. At two hours, seventeen minutes, Jeff tries to tempt Clarence, Ethan, Lex and Teresa with a cheeseburger with onions, mayonnaise, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup and lettuce; meaning that if either steps down, the one who does may have it for lunch. Neither of the four are interested, so Jeff lets the other six share it. At three hours, ten minutes, Jeff tempts the four remaining competitors again with a pizza, which the other six end up eating as well. Eight minutes later, Lex is finally soaked from the water in his bucket. On the bench, Kim J. hopes it comes down to Clarence and Ethan. But Lex does not want Clarence to win immunity. Twenty minutes later, Ethan is next to get wet and it comes down to Clarence and Teresa. At four hours, 30 minutes, Jeff offers one more temptation consisting of chicken, salad, corn on the cob, rice, beer and Mountain Dew. All the while, Clarence tries to makes deals with Teresa to give him immunity. Finally, at the six-hour mark, Clarence convinces Teresa to a round of "Rock-paper-scissors." When they make their calls, Clarence draws "rock" and Teresa draws "paper." Because "paper" covers "rock," Clarence concedes and takes the final hit, making Teresa the first winner of individual immunity and giving Clarence the chicken meal Jeff offered earlier.

As all ten players remaining players hike back to Boran's old camp, Frank isolates himself from talking to anyone else interpreting the situation as being invited to a family reunion when not being from that family. When all return to camp, the former Samburu members are surprised to see the cart that they won in the first tribal challenge. Soon after, all are surprised to find a supply of cheese, crackers, fruit and wine. All chow down except Frank who, at first, goes out to gather firewood. As the wine is passed around and inhibitions are let go, Tom confesses his liking to Teresa. A game of "I never" is then played in which all confess to never doing something shocking. Soon after feasting, all work to gather firewood. At one point, Frank spots an elephant in the distance and tries to communicate with it by imitating its movements. Frank later admits that he would rather interact with the animals than some of his tribemates. That night, after some discussion and despite having difficulty pronouncing it, the ten remaining players decide to name their new tribe "Moto Maji" after the Swahili words for "fire" and "water."

The next day, as Clarence paints the new tribe flag, Lex campaigns with others to vote out Clarence who is seen as a physical threat in individual challenges. Lex even tells Clarence straight up. With mixed feelings over Lex's intentions, Kelly believes that Clarence has changed for the better since getting on the nerves of others and feels that Clarence is more part of the group than Frank. Kim J. is wary that Lex could be playing both sides. Given that there are more Boran members than Samburu members among the new tribe, Clarence tries to sway Tom into voting along old tribal lines. Tom replies saying that he is ashamed to vote out anyone other than Brandon. Recalling the deal she made with Clarence before winning immunity, Teresa plans not to vote for him. That night, at Moto Maji's first Tribal Council, after discussing the events following the merge, all ten tribemates cast their votes. Teresa keeps her end of the deal by voting for Lex and not Clarence, who also votes for Lex. But when Jeff tallies the votes, Clarence has the majority over Lex by a margin of 8-2, making Clarence the seventh person eliminated from the game.

Episode 8: Smoking Out the Snake

  • Reward Challenge: Each player is given nine items. Using a plank as a springboard, they must place each item, one at a time, on one end of the plank and stomp on the other end, catapulting the items up into a bucket on top of a tower. The first player to get all nine items into their basket wins.
    • Reward: Two goats to be bartered at small African village for luxuries, food, souvenirs or whatever the winner decides.
  • Immunity Challenge: The players are given thirty seconds to memorize nine objects and their locations in a grid inside a barrel. Afterwards, they must head out to each of nine similar barrels whose grids are blank. Reminded to think of their grid like a phone pad, they must remember the number to each item, meaning that item #1 is in the top-left, #5 in the center, #9 in the bottom-right, etc. When Jeff calls a number from 1-9, the players must find the item to the number in a field that is 150 feet away, bring it back to their barrel and put it in its proper spot in their grid. If a player is right, he or she moves on to the next round. If wrong, they are out of the game. After two rounds, the remaining players are given 15 seconds to memorize a second grid of nine items. They are then given one minute to find as many of the nine items as possible and place them in their proper spots in their grids. Whoever gets the most right out of nine wins.
The morning after Clarence is voted out at Tribal Council, Lex is angry over receiving two votes. Believing that Clarence cast one of the votes, Lex is determined to find out who cast the other. Annoyed by Lex's attitude, Kelly swears on her brother's and parents' lives that she did not cast it. Brandon seconds Kelly's feelings. Being the one who did cast the second vote for Lex, Teresa regrets doing so due to not realizing how Lex would react. Unaware that Teresa cast the other vote, Lex does not suspect her. Teresa decides not to divulge what she did hoping that she will stay longer in the game as a result. Later, Kelly and Kim P. find a thumb piano with an attached message about the next reward challenge at their tree mail. Before everyone at Moto Maji heads on their way, Lex tries out the thumb piano and seems to get the hang of it. At the reward challenge, while other players struggle to launch their items into their baskets, Ethan's soccer skills give him an advantage as he leads the game with Lex not far behind. In the end, Ethan comes out on top and wins the challenge. His reward is two goats for him to barter the next day at a small African village. Jeff tells Ethan that he will take care of the goats for the night and suggests that Ethan packs some personal items to barter as well.

The next morning, Ethan's tribemates give him a few items for him to barter for when he goes to the village later on. Soon after, while everyone eats breakfast, Jeff arrives at Moto Maji's camp and calls out to Ethan to get ready to go to the village. The others follow Jeff and Ethan to the same 16-seat Over Lander transport truck that dropped off all sixteen players on Day One and meet the same Askari soldier from that same day. When Ethan boards the truck, the goats are already on board. Uncertain that Ethan may be able to handle the goats by himself, Jeff asks Ethan to pick someone to go with him. Because he came so close to beating him, Ethan chooses Lex to join him. After Lex hops on board, he and Ethan go for a long three and a half hour ride to the village of Wamba, which proves bumpy all the way and hard on the goats as well as Ethan and Lex. When they finally arrive at the Wamba village, Ethan and Lex struggle to get the goats off the truck, much to the amusement of the locals. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they finally manage to sell the goats to a man for KSh1,600. Ethan and Lex hope that the goats end up with a good home on a farm, but are dismayed to see the buyer take the goats to the local butchery. Later, another local man lead Ethan and Lex to a small restaurant. Due to eating cornmeal back at camp and being uncertain about the meat due to a lot of cats in the area, they share a plate of French fries along with a soda for Ethan and a beer for Lex. The fries prove a bit much for Ethan as he makes an emergency outhouse stop before finishing. After their KSh1,000 lunch, Ethan and Lex have about KSh600 to buy goods for their tribemates. Ethan barters the personal items he packed, including the shirt off his back, for all sorts of goods. With a hacky sack that he brought as his luxury item, Ethan bonds with a group of local kids who he plays a game with. Lex watches with a few other kids and tells the kids about Ethan. Ethan gives one kid his hacky sack before he and Lex board the truck with the goods for their tribemates and riding all the way back to camp.

Back at Moto Maji, as they await Ethan and Lex's return from the village, the others assess where things stand. Teresa feels that Lex's absence allowed things to happen that she never thought would have had Lex not gone with Ethan. Frank feels that Teresa has brought Brandon and Kim P., whom he does not trust, back where Samburu originally stood and fears the consequences. Later, Ethan and Lex return to camp from the Wamba village. All the while, Ethan sees the possibility of his tribemates plotting against him as the down side to a reward away from camp. Lex seconds Ethan's thoughts knowing that one should not upset their tribemates. Ethan and Lex then share the things they shopped and bartered for, which include c

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