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Michael Yerger and Libby Vincek

Michael Yerger and Libby Vincek

Libby Vincek/Instagram

Season: Survivor: Ghost Island, Season 36 (2018)

Current Status: Appear to be dating

Michael Yerger and Libby Vincek didn't have much of a connection on the show, nor was there any physical flirting.

However, once Michael got voted out of the tribe, he admitted Libby was his "Survivor crush" and he was excited to see her, although nervous to reveal he was only 18-years-old at the time. And Libby seemed to be crushing on the model in return.

"Finally we can be friends, or, maybe something more -- hopefully," Libby said with a big smile at Ponderosa.

In recent weeks, Michael and Libby each posted a photo of each other on Instagram in which they were embracing and getting a little handsy. So fans are just waiting for some relationship confirmation!

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