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Meka Jones and Michael Watson - Season 10

Meka Jones and Michael Watson - Season 10

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Final Decision: Split

Current Status: Divorcing

Meka Jones and Michael Watson from the Washington, D.C. area starred on Season 10 of Married at First Sight in early 2020.

Meka and Michael's marriage got off to a great start as they were both well-intentioned, but things came crashing down on Meka quickly when Michael allegedly gave her a sex ultimatum at the start of their honeymoon.

As the season progressed, Meka accused Michael of constantly lying about his job, finances and more.

She wasn't sure she could trust her husband and blamed Michael for not taking accountability for his actions or being considerate of her feelings and needs.

As shown on "Decision Day," Meka said the biggest problem in her marriage was Michael's dishonesty and deception, and she feared his habit of telling lies might never change.

Meka therefore chose to get a divorce after an "extremely challenging" and "really hard" eight weeks of marriage.

"I still don't know who he is as a person. And honestly, I don't know how much of what he's told me is true and how much of it is not true. So for that reason, I do want a divorce," Meka told the experts.

"For me, I don't believe in divorce," Michael said, wishing he had been straightforward with Meka earlier on. "I'm disappointed... [but] I have to live with the consequences of that."

On the reunion special, Meka had trouble coming up with a single thing she liked about her husband during the experiment.

However, Michael apologized to Meka for "inconsistencies" in conversations they had throughout their relationship, admitting he could have been a better man for her. And Meka apologized for being "too harsh" with Michael sometimes.

Michael filed for annulment from Meka in January 2020, only a few weeks after Married at First Sight's tenth season began airing on Lifetime.

According to court filings exclusively obtained by Reality TV World, Michael has alleged he was defrauded into marriage by Married at First Sight's producers.

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