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Mark Jansen and Elena Davies - Big Brother, Season 19

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies - Big Brother, Season 19

Big Brother Season 19 in 2017

Current Status: Broken Up

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies played a game of "Cat and Mouse" in the Big Brother house, as Mark had a big crush on Elena and chased her around while she attempted to keep him at a distance and play an individual game.

However, Elena eventually gave in to Mark thanks to his sweet gestures and persistence, and then they left the show still dating.

Afterward, Mark moved to Texas and he and Elena even reportedly bought a house together, but the couple split in early 2019. 

In May 2019, however, the pair sparked rumors of a reconciliation when Elena and Mark posted separate photos of themselves in what appeared to be the same bed on Instagram.

But Elena later clarified that while she and Mark did in fact "reconnect," she was still single.

"Who hasn't gotten back together with an ex?" Elena said on her MiscELENAeous podcast.

"I know rumors are circulating heavily again due to our Instagram posts. Unfortunately I am going to leave you a little bit unsatisfied."

Elena insisted she and Mark had not gotten back together, but suggested she wasn't ruling out the idea that could happen at some point.

"I do love him very very very much, still," Elena said.

"I don't think anyone is shocked to hear that. But I do have some self-growth and reflecting to do before I can enter any kind of relationship."

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