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Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks - Big Brother, Season 18

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks - Big Brother, Season 18

CBS Big Brother/Instagram

Big Brother Season 18 in 2016

Current Status: Broken Up

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks met on Big Brother's eighteenth season, and she was smitten with him from the get-go.

Nicole found Corey absolutely gorgeous, and Corey in turn respected Nicole as both a Big Brother player and a person.

Their romance seemed a little shallow, however, and it fizzled once they left the show.

Nicole later began dating a different houseguest from the same season -- Victor Arroyo -- and they couldn't be cuter together!

Nicole and Victor's relationship seemed to come out of left field on BB18. It was a surprise to fans because they were just friends on the show and never expressed attraction to one another.

In September 2018, Nicole and Victor got engaged on an episode of Big Brother 20.

In November 2020, Nicole and Victor announced they had decided to postpone their December 2020 wedding to 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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