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Celebrity Fit Club is a reality television series which follows eight overweight celebrities as they try to lose weight. Split into two competing teams of four, each week teams are given different physical challenges, and weighed to see if they reached their target goal weights. They are monitored and supervised by a team that includes a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a physical trainer. The series is hosted by Ant.

This show is based on the British version, which aired on the ITV Network from 2002 until 2006.


Current Panel Members

  • Harvey Walden IV - Drill Instructor
  • Dr. Ian Smith - Dietician
  • Stacy Kaiser - Psychotherapist
Past Panel Members

  • Psychologists
    • Marisa Peer - Season 1
    • Dr. Linda Papadopoulos - Seasons 2-4
  • Health Expert
    • Dr. David Katz - Season 1

Season One - 2005

Three Fat Bastards and One Black Beyotch (Winners) Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
Ralphie May, comedian lost 27 pounds Team Captain (5.6%)
Joseph R. Gannascoli, actor lost 32 pounds traded from Eastsiders (10.6%)
Kim Coles, actress/comedienne lost 24 pounds (10.9%)
Wendy Kaufman, the Snapple lady lost 28 pounds (11.4%)
Eastsiders Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
Daniel Baldwin, actor lost 28 pounds Team Captain; turned up late for weigh-in 6; failed to appear @ final (10.6%)
Mia Tyler, model lost 17 pounds (8.1%)
Biz Markie, rapper/DJ lost 40 pounds set record for total weight loss (11.6%)
Mablean Ephriam, "Divorce Court" judge lost 25 pounds traded from Ralphie's Angels where she was the team captain (12.0%)
Note: The winning team was known as Ralphie's Angels for the first 4 weigh-ins of the season.

Season Two - 2005

Sizzlin' Soul and White Ice (Winners) Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
Jackée Harry, actress/comedienne lost 39 pounds Team Captain (19.3%)
Jani Lane, singer/ex-frontman of Warrant lost 23 pounds (12.1%)
Phil Margera, father of Bam Margera lost 41 pounds broke Biz Markie's record for total weight loss (11.6%)
Gary Busey, actor lost 39 pounds traded from Crunchamatics where he was the team captain (18.7%)
The Winners Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
Toccara Jones, model lost 32 pounds Team Captain, traded from Sizzlin' Soul and White Ice (15.6%)
Willie Aames, actor lost 19 pounds (10.2%)
Victoria Jackson, comedienne lost 22 pounds (13.2%)
Wendy Kaufman, the Snapple lady, Season 1 contestant lost 27 pounds only returning contestant from Season 1 (11.9%)
Note: The Winners were known as Crunchamatics for the first 3 weigh-ins of the season.

Season Three - 2006

Premiered January 1, 2006

Kelly's Bellies (Winners) Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
Kelly LeBrock, actress/model lost 31 pounds Team Captain (17.7%)
Countess Vaughn, actress/comedienne gained 4 pounds traded from Ebony Flame/became the first fit clubber to gain weight on the show 3.0%
Bizarre, rapper/member of D12 lost 31 pounds (9.7%)
Gunnar Nelson, musician/member of Nelson lost 23 pounds replaced Jeff Conaway, participated for last 60 days (13.1%)
Jeff Conaway, actor lost 0 pounds original team captain, entered rehab in ep. 3 0.0%
Note: Kelly's Bellies were known as Greased Lightning for the first 3 weigh-ins of the season.

Ebony Flame Weight Loss Notes
Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher & Sonny Bono/gay rights activist lost 23 pounds Team Captain (10.7%)
Tempestt Bledsoe, actress lost 19 pounds traded from Kelly's Bellies (10.5%)
Young MC, rapper lost 38 pounds (13.7%)
Bruce Vilanch, writer/comedian lost 21 pounds (6.7%)

Season Four - 2006

Premiered August 6, 2006

The Fat Crushers (Winners) Weight Loss Notes Percentage Lost
BoneCrusher, rapper lost 51 pounds Team Captain, broke Phil Margera's record for total weight loss (12.0%)
Carnie Wilson, singer/member of Wilson Phillips lost 22 pounds traded from Chili Con Carnie where she was team captain (11.7%)
Nicholas Turturro, actor lost 22 pounds (12.6%)
Erika Eleniak, actress/model lost 31 pounds (20.4%)
Hot Buttered Soul Weight Loss Notes
Tina Yothers, actress lost 42 pounds Team Captain, set record for percentage weight loss (21.8%)
Vincent Pastore, actor lost 29 pounds (10.6%)
Angie Stone, singer lost 18 pounds traded from The Fat Crushers; Record for 2nd Lowest Loss (7.9%)
Ted Lange, actor lost 28 pounds (14.8%)
Note: Hot Buttered Soul were known as Chili Con Carnie for the first 3 weigh-ins of the season.

Season Five - 2007

The fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club premiered on April 22, 2007. Unlike previous seasons, the teams were grouped into Women and Men, until the team trade. The team trade took place on May 13, 2007.

Statistics as of June 10, 2007. All weights are measured in pounds (lbs).

The Athletes (previously Shady Lady Bunch) (Winners) Starting Weight Final Weight Weight Loss to date
Ross Mathews, comedian (elected team captain after Dustin chose him to join him on the team) 214 173 41 (19.2%)
Maureen McCormick, actress, set record for percentage weight loss 150 116 34 (22.7%)
Dustin Diamond, actor/comedian (traded from the Regulators) 217 187 30 (13.8%)
Tiffany, singer 152 124 28 (18.4%)
The Regulators Starting Weight Final Weight Weight Loss to date
Warren G, rapper (team captain) 221 190 31 (14.0%)
Da Brat, rapper (chosen by Kimberly to join her on the Regulators) 172 146 26 (15.1%)
Cledus T. Judd, country music parody singer/comedian 214 179 35 (16.4%)
Kimberley Locke, singer (traded from the Shady Lady Bunch where she was team captain) 176 149 27 (15.3%)
  • Locke was voted off "Shady Lady Bunch" (now known as "The Athletes"), and Diamond was voted off "The Regulators."
  • After the vote off, Ant announced that the person voted off could pick one member from their old team to join the contestant on their new team. Kimberley chose Brat to join her, and Dustin chose Ross.
  • McCormick and Matthews hit their target 65 days into the program and now can set their own goals. Judd hit his target two weeks ahead of schedule and set a new target of hitting the 170's, which he accomplished at the final weigh-in.
  • Controversy was caused when Diamond gained weight and revealed that rather than meet with a trainer, instead went to a convention to advertise his new sex tape. He started an argument, saying that he would give Locke one of his sex toys. He left the show for a week and returned, also revealing that he had been taking Zantrex-3 to burn fat. But to everyones amazment he had lost 13 lb in the final wiegh in. He also showed up on the final weigh-in with a video mocking Da Brat and Judd, and was finally told by Harvey to "Get the fuck off my scale and have a lovely fucking day."

Season Six - 2008

There is no word yet from VH1 if there will be a season six. However, the finale of Season 5 drew in 2.7 million viewers, the biggest audience in the history of the show. Due to the stellar ratings of Season 5, it is very likely that there will be a Season Six. Rumored to be in the cast this season is singer Ruben Studdard, comedienne/actress Dawn French, and singer Wynonna Judd.

Weight loss records

Weight Loss Ranks

  1. BoneCrusher - 51 lb.
  2. Tina Yothers - 42 lb.
  3. Phil Margera and Ross Mathews - 41 lb.
  4. Biz Markie - 40 lb.
  5. Jackee Harry and Gary Busey - 39 lb.
  6. Young MC - 38 lb.
  7. Cledus T. Judd - 35 lb.
  8. Maureen McCormick- 34 lb.
  9. Toccara Jones, Joe Gannascoli - 32 lb.
  10. Kelly LeBrock, Bizarre, Erika Eleniak, Warren G - 31 lb.

Rank According to Weight Loss Percentage

  1. Maureen McCormick (22.7%)
  2. Tina Yothers (21.8%)
  3. Erika Eleniak (20.4%)
  4. Jackee Harry (19.3%)
  5. Ross Mathews (19.2%)
  6. Gary Busey (18.7%)
  7. Tiffany (18.4%)
  8. Kelly LeBrock (17.7%)
  9. Cledus T. Judd (16.4%)
  10. Toccara Jones (15.6%)
  11. Kimberley Locke (15.3%)
  12. Da Brat (15.1%)
  13. Ted Lange (14.8%)
  14. Warren G (14.0%)
  15. Dustin Diamond (13.8%)
  16. Young MC (13.7%)
  17. Victoria Jackson(13.2%)
  18. Gunnar Nelson (13.1%)
  19. Nicholas Turturro (12.6%)
  20. Jani Lane (12.1%)
  21. Mablean Ephriam, BoneCrusher (12%)
  22. Carnie Wilson (11.7%)
  23. Biz Markie, Phil Margera (11.6%)
  24. Wendy Kaufman (11.4%)
  25. Kim Coles (10.9%)
  26. Chastity Bono (10.7%)
  27. Vincent Pastore, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Daniel Baldwin (10.6%)
  28. Tempestt Bledsoe (10.5%)
  29. Willie Aames (10.3%)
  30. Bizarre (9.7%)
  31. Mia Tyler (8.1%)
  32. Angie Stone (7.9%)
  33. Bruce Vilanch (6.7%)
  34. Ralphie May (5.6%)
  35. Jeff Conaway (0%)
  36. Countess Vaughn (+3%)

Lowest Weight Losses

  1. Countess Vaughn (+4 lb)
  2. Jeff Conaway (-0 lb)
  3. Angie Stone (-18 lb)
  4. Tempestt Bledsoe, Willie Aames, Mia Tyler (-19 lb)
  5. Victoria Jackson, Carnie Wilson, Nicholas Turturro (-22 lb)

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