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The Bachelorette 9

The Bachelorette 9 (Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The ninth season of The Bachelorette premiered on May 27, 2013. This season features 27-year-old Desiree Hartsock, a bridal stylist from Northglenn, Colorado. Hartsock was sent home by Sean Lowe after the hometown dates episode, on the 17th season of The Bachelor.


Casting began during the airing of the eighth season of the show. Before Hartsock was chosen, one potential candidate, Misee Harris, a dentist from Tennessee, was vying to become the first Black bachelorette.


Biographical information according to ABC official series site, which gives first names only, plus footnoted additions. Ages stated are at time of contest.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Chris Siegfried 27 McMinnville, Oregon Mortgage Broker Winner
Drew Kenney 27 Scottsdale, Arizona Digital Marketing Analyst Episode 10
Brooks Forester 28 Salt Lake City, Utah Sales & Marketing Episode 9 (Withdrew)
Zak Waddell 31 Dallas, Texas Drilling Fluid Engineer Episode 8
Michael Garofola 33 Lindenhurst, New York Federal Prosecutor Episode 7
James Case 27 Marietta, Georgia Advertising Executive Episode 6
Juan Pablo Galavis 31 Barquisimeto, Venezuela Former Pro Soccer Player Episode 6
Kasey Stewart 29 Tulsa, Oklahoma Advertising Executive Episode 6
Ben Scott 28 Lubbock, Texas Entrepreneur Episode 5
Mikey Tenerelli 30 Glen Ellyn, Illinois Plumbing Contractor Episode 5
Bryden Vukasin 26 Havre, Montana Iraq War Veteran Episode 5 (Withdrew)
Brad McKinzie 27 Denver, Colorado Accountant/DJ Episode 4
Zack Kalter 28 Phillips Ranch, California Book Publisher Episode 4
Brandon Andreen 26 Blaine, Minnesota Painting Contractor Episode 3
Dan Cox 30 Dublin, California Beverage Sales Director Episode 3
Brian Jarosinski 29 Olney, Maryland Financial Advisor Episode 3
Nick Mucci 27 Rochester, New York Investment Adviser Episode 2
Robert Graham 30 Glendale, Arizona Advertising Entrepreneur Episode 2
Will Reese 28 Federal Way, Washington Banker Episode 2
Diogo Custodio 29 Penha, Brazil Ski Resort Manager Episode 1
Larry Burchett 34 Overland Park, Kansas ER Doctor Episode 1
Micah 32 Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Law Student Episode 1
28 London, England Dental Student Episode 1
Nick Roy 26 Ridgefield, Connecticut Tailor/Magician Episode 1
Jonathan Vollinger 26 Hickory, North Carolina Lawyer Episode 1

Call-Out Order

Desiree's Call-Out Order
# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Drew Ben Brooks Chris Zak W. Chris Drew Drew Brooks Drew Chris
2 Brooks Zak W. Ben Kasey James Brooks Zak W. Brooks Chris Chris
3 Brad Bryden Bryden James Chris Michael G. Chris Chris Drew
4 Bryden Drew James Bryden Brooks Zak W. Brooks Zak W. Zak W.
5 Michael G. Nick M. Kasey Juan Pablo Juan Pablo Kasey Michael G. Michael G.
6 Kasey Michael G. Dan Zak W. Drew Juan Pablo James
7 Will Brandon Juan Pablo Brooks Michael G. Drew Juan Pablo
8 Mikey T. Zack K. Brad Drew Ben James Kasey
9 Jonathan Will Chris Zack K. Kasey Mikey T.
10 Zak W. Brooks Brian Brad Bryden
11 James Juan Pablo Zak W. Michael G. Mikey T.
12 Larry Brad Drew Mikey T. Zack K.
13 Nick R. Kasey Mikey T. Ben
14 Zack K. James Zack K. Brandon
15 Diogo Robert Michael G. Dan
16 Chris Brian Brandon
17 Mike R. Dan
18 Robert Chris
19 Juan Pablo Mikey T.
20 Brandon
21 Brian
22 Micah
23 Nick M.
24 Dan
25 Ben
{{colorbox}} The contestant received a first impression rose.
{{colorbox}} The contestant received a rose during the date.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated before the rose ceremony.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was part of non-elimination bottom two.
{{colorbox}} The contestant withdrew from the competition.
{{colorbox}} The contestant won the competition.

Episodes (dates)

Week 1

Original airdate: May 27, 2013

No dates this week. Memorable moments from the contestants arriving in the mansion include: Jonathan offers Desiree a fantasy suite card during introduction; Zak W. arrives shirtless; Larry tries to dance with Desiree but ends up ripping her dress; Nick R. performs a magic trick; Diogo arrives in a suit of armor; and Ben arrives with his son. Jonathan repeatedly attempts to invite Desiree to his "fantasy suite" room throughout the night, causing Desiree to send him home before the rose ceremony. Larry, Diogo, Nick R., Micah and Mike R. are eliminated in the rose ceremony.

Week 2

Original airdate: June 3, 2013

Week 3

Original airdate: June 10, 2013

Brooks injured his finger during the group date. Brian was expelled from the show because he already had a girlfriend during filming. Kasey's one on one date got ruined because of a windstorm. The remaining men went to a cowboy boot camp where Juan Pablo watched "The Lone Ranger" with Desiree but James received the rose. Brandon and Dan were eliminated during the Rose Ceremony.

Week 4

Original airdate: June 17, 2013

Dates took place in and around Atlantic City, NJ. Brad and Desiree enjoyed various attractions around the Boardwalk, and ended up having dinner at the Absecon Light. Desiree wasn't feeling the spark and did not give Brad a rose. The group date took place in an auditorium where a "Bachelorette Mr. America" competition was held. During the competition, Brooks was the second runner-up, Zak W. was the runner-up, and Kasey was crowned Mr. America. Zak W earned a rose. Later, Desiree and James took a helicopter ride to see Hurricane Sandy's damage to the Jersey Shore. They visited with a couple whose home had been destroyed, and that day was their anniversary. So Desiree and James asked the couple to go to Atlantic City and enjoy the date that had been arranged for them. They had dinner at the House of Blues, followed by a private concert by Darius Rucker. James got a rose.

During the Rose Ceremony, Bryden had been considering leaving, but he stayed. Zack K was eliminated.

Week 5

Original airdate: June 24, 2013

Dates took place in and around Munich, Germany. Chris and Desiree had the first one-on-one date and took in the sights of downtown Munich. Bryden interrupted their date to inform Desiree that he had decided to leave. Later, Chris and Desiree had dinner in a royal hall and then had a private concert by Matt White. Chris got a rose. The group date took place on the highest peak in Germany. They heard a yodeler, then sledded down the hill. They ended up at an "ice hotel." Brooks got the rose. Michael G and Ben went on the two-on-one date. They started out in a "hottug," which is a motorized hot tub that floats in the lake. Then they went to dinner in a ratskeller. Michael threw lots of pointed questions at Ben, and Ben was upset. Desiree decided to give the rose to Michael. Two of the guys overheard James saying that he was looking forward to being in the final four so he could become famous and maybe become the next Bachelor. They were considering telling Desiree about this during the Cocktail Party, but Desiree canceled the Party. Mikey T was eliminated during the Rose Ceremony.

Week 6

Original airdate: July 1, 2013

Dates took place in and around Barcelona, Spain. The guys were told that there would be two one-on-one dates, a group date, and no Cocktail Party. Drew and Desiree went on the first one-on-one date. They saw the sights of downtown Barcelona. Drew got a rose. Immediately after getting the rose, he told Desiree about what James had said in Germany, about wanting to get to the final four and become famous and maybe become the next Bachelor. Desiree said that she appreciated getting the information. The group date took place at a soccer stadium. Juan Pablo was looking forward to this, since he was a former pro player. After some practice, it was time for a game. Desiree revealed that her teammates would all be professional women soccer players. The women allowed the guys to score two goals, then got serious and scored ten goals in a row to win 10-2. After the match, the guys told James that Desiree knew about what he had said, and wanted to hear his side of it. James claimed that he was just speculating about the reality of what might happen if he did not win. The other guys felt that he should be focusing only on Desiree as they were. Desiree came into the room and said that she would not be giving out a group date rose, and she wanted to talk to James privately. They talked for a while but did not come to a resolution. Desiree said that she wanted to think it over and that they would resume the talk the next day. Zak W went on the next one-on-one date. He and Desiree started out at an art studio where they sketched male models and each other. Then they ended up at dinner at the Freixenet wine cellars. Zak got a rose. The next morning, James and Desiree continued their discussion but there was no decision. At the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo, Kasey and James were eliminated.

Week 7

Original airdate: July 8, 2013

Dates took place on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Brooks, Chris and Michael G each had a one-on-one date, and Drew and Zak W went on a two-on-one date. Brooks was initially reluctant about the thought of Desiree meeting his family, but he agreed. Before the Rose Ceremony, Desiree told Chris Harrison that she was "at the finish line" with Brooks, and he asked whether the show was over. She said that she would keep an open mind about the others. Michael was eliminated at the Rose Ceremony.

Week 8

Original airdate: July 15, 2013

  • Located in: Hometowns (Dates) and Los Angeles (Rose Ceremony)
(in the order shown on television)

# Bachelor Hometown
1 Zak W Dallas, Texas
2 Drew Scottsdale, Arizona
3 Chris McMinnville, Oregon
4 Brooks Salt Lake City, Utah
Zak W took Desiree out in his family's snow cone truck and they served a group of children. Chris took Desiree to a Little League field where he used to play. Chris' dad is a Chiropractor who gave Desiree an adjustment shortly after she arrived. Back in Los Angeles, Desiree met privately with her brother, who had ruined her chances with Sean Lowe on Season 17 of The Bachelor by calling him a 'playboy' to his face. She is still wrestling with the decision about whether to allow him to meet with this group of guys. Before the Rose Ceremony, Desiree said that she was still leaning heavily toward Brooks, although she was concerned that he was the only one of the four who has not said that he loves her. Zak W was eliminated during the Rose Ceremony.

The Men Tell All

Original airdate: July 22, 2013

"The Men Tell All" special. Jonathan apologized for his behavior in Week 1. Brian declined to appear. Ben got an opportunity to explain more about himself. There was much more discussion about what James said in Germany. Juan Pablo was featured, since he got little screen time but was a fan favorite. Zak W got some closure with Desiree. Chris Harrison promised that the 2-part finale would be the most dramatic ever.

Week 9

Original airdate: July 29, 2013

Dates took place in Antigua. Drew and Desiree drove around the island and saw the sights. They planned to have dinner on the beach but it was rained out. Chris and Desiree went by helicopter to the island of Barbuda.

Before leaving for Antigua, Brooks went to Boise to see his mother and sister. He told them that he knew he ought to be in love with Desiree at this point, but he was not really feeling it and didn't know why. On Antigua, he met with Chris Harrison and told him the same. Later, he met Desiree for their date, which was planned to be a trip on a catamaran. Before leaving, he took her aside and told her how he felt, which made her cry. Later Desiree told Brooks that she loved him and was planning to tell him so on the trip. That made Brooks feel even worse. Brooks got in the limo to go home. Desiree wondered if she should continue, since she didn't have such strong feelings for the other two. As the episode ended, Desiree was sitting at the end of a pier, crying.

Week 10

Original airdate: August 5, 2013

At the start of the episode, Desiree was unsure about how she would proceed with the two remaining men since Brooks left. Desiree entered the rose ceremony and told Drew and Chris that Brooks had left, and she was visibly upset. She presented each of them with roses. Desiree went on final dates with both Drew and Chris after deciding to remain open to her connections with them. She went on her final date with Drew and sent him home partway through the date. She went on a date with Chris where he gave her a journal containing a heartfelt message along with the poems he has previously written to her. Chris met Desiree's family in Antigua and asked her father for permission to propose to her. Chris proposed to Desiree, and she accepted.

After the Final Rose

Original airdate: August 5, 2013

Desiree met with Brooks and Drew, and Chris H. asked questions and gave Brooks and Desiree, and Drew and Desiree, the opportunity to tie up any loose ends. Desiree and Chris made their first public appearance since the proposal. Des announced that she will be moving to Seattle to be with Chris.

It was announced that Juan Pablo Galavis, eliminated in the sixth week of this season, will be the start of the 18th season of The Bachelor in 2014.

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