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Reality TV News - July 2001

  • CBS: "Reality Shows Are Worth the Risk"

    July 25, 2001
    PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -- Reality shows like ''Big Brother,'' in which one contestant pulled a knife on another, are risky but represent an effort to try something different, CBS executives said Tuesday.
  • Information On 'Mole 2' Players Released!

    July 24, 2001
    Production has wrapped on "The Mole II" and is schedule to premiere this fall on ABC. Filmed entirely in Europe, the 14 players went from the Swiss Alps to Venice, Italy and over 30 towns and cities in between.
  • Changes Coming For 'Mole 2, ' Including Kathryn Joining The Team Behind The Scenes

    July 24, 2001
    ABC is stacking the deck this time out by having not one, but two Moles on the pay roll. While, the game itself will still revolve around the contestants identifying the traitor among them, last season's Mole, lawyer Kathryn Price, is now working for the show as a writer.
  • 'Survivor: Africa' Gets October Premiere; 'Survivor 4 ' Airs in March 2002

    July 24, 2001
    CBS has announced that 'Survivor: Africa,' the third edition of the reality show, premieres on October 11. The show will run uninterrupted until January 10 when it will wrap up with a two-hour finale. At least that's the plan for now.
  • 'Temptation Island 2' To Premiere On FOX October 31st

    July 24, 2001
    FOX has announced that "Temptation Island 2," will premiere with a special launch on Oct. 31.

    "We've had an amazing response this year," - 'Temptation Island' executive producer Chris Cowan says of the casting process for this edition. "Last year, we were dealing with a show that nobody really understood the concept to... this year... we had 60,000 respondents."

    Source: Zap2It.com

  • 'Survivor' Pig Killing Prompts New Law

    July 19, 2001
    BRISBANE (Reuters) - An Australian state is bringing in new animal welfare legislation following the controversial slaughter of a wild pig early this year by a participant in the hit U.S. reality show, ``Survivor.''

    A new code of care for animal stars in film and television shows filmed in tropical Queensland would be introduced shortly, the state's primary industry minister said on Thursday.

    Animal welfare groups were flooded with complaints and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals launched an investigation after ``Survivor,'' filmed in north Queensland's outback, screened a cast member killing a wild pig with a knife.

    Source: Reuters"

  • Booze, Brawls Barely Bump "Big Bro"

    July 16, 2001
    What do you people want, blood?
  • 'Big Brother' Contestant Had Record

    July 16, 2001
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The contestant thrown off CBS' ''Big Brother'' last week for holding a knife to a woman's throat had a record of three assault charges in his hometown.
  • Residents in Protest Over Survivor 3

    July 14, 2001
    Controversy continued to rage yesterday over the shooting of Survivor 3 in a game reserve along the Isiolo-Samburu border, as residents from Samburu's Archer's Post trading centre staged a protest on Friday morning.

    Councillor Fabin Lelosori told journalists the movie firm was working without their permission. "We strongly condemn this action on our land without entering any agreement with us or paying any money to our council," he said.

    Mr Lelosori said the shooting of Survival Series Three was being done in the Lodungo'kwe area. He said he had briefed the council on the matter and that they were to conduct a special meeting to discuss it today."

  • Reality TV Gets Own Emmy Category

    July 12, 2001
    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Emmy tribe has spoken: This year the awards show starts honoring the best programs in the oft-maligned genre of reality TV.

    ''It wasn't difficult to see that new prime-time reality programs have reached critical mass and needed to be established (in a new award),'' said Emmy Awards director John Leverence.

    Academy of Television Arts & Sciences rules divide reality programs into two categories: those that offer prizes, such as CBS' ''Survivor,'' and those that don't, like PBS' documentary series ''American High.''

    Source: AP Entertainment "

  • Details Behind Justin's Banning Emerge -- Knife Incident Was Third Strike

    July 11, 2001
    More details have emerged on Justin's eviction from the house Wednesday after he held a knife to a fellow player's throat. According to CBS, Justin "was asked to leave after the incident and a three-hour discussion with a psychologist."
  • CBS Kicks Contestant Justin Out Of Big Brother 2

    July 11, 2001
    A scary incident has rattled the usually crashingly boring Big Brother house to its foundations. According to Inside.com, on Tuesday night CBS removed Big Brother 2 contestant Justin from the abode after he menaced housemate Krista with a kitchen knife. The duo had apparently been drinking when the 26-year-old Bayonne, N.J., native asked her if she'd still love him "if I killed you" — then he held the blade to her throat as they kissed!
  • Group Wants 'Survivor' Pig Kill Video

    July 10, 2001
    BRISBANE, Australia (AP) -- A leading animal rights group wants to see unedited television footage of the slaying of a wild pig on the hit reality show ''Survivor'' to decide whether the killing constituted a crime.

    The Australian branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said Tuesday it is seeking access to footage of the killing, which angered people when an edited version aired around the world earlier this year.

    Source: AP Entertainment "

  • The "Survivor II" winner tells how she beat rheumatoid arthritis "

    July 8, 2001
    She runs, she swims, she rides a Harley. And over 6 weeks last year, she ate a worm, braved the rugged Australian outback and out-strategized 15 other wannabes to become the million-dollar winner of the CBS hit show "Survivor II."

    But what's most remarkable about Tina Wesson, the 40-year-old Knoxville-Tennessee mother-of-two and nursing assistant, is that she does it all with rheumatoid arthritis

    Source: Prevention Magazine"

  • Survivor Cast to Arrive in Shaba

    July 8, 2001
    Kenya's "Daily Nation" reports that the 16 Survivor Cast members are set to arrive in Shaba on Sunday, July 8, 2001. It claims that filming will begin 3 days after their arrival.

    Important notes for spoilers: Daily Nation originated the article about bandits attacking the production crew (found earlier in this news guide) which has now been denied by CBS execs. The Daily Nation is not known for it's accuracy, and therefore, this timeline may not be correct.

    The article (linked below) contains other information about the production aspects.

    Source: Survivornews.net"

  • 'Love Cruise' to Premiere September 11th

    July 7, 2001
    FOX has announced that starting September 11th, romance sets sail on the high seas! The producers of Road Rules and The Real World invite you aboard Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage for love, betrayal and intimate affairs. In this unscripted, unpredictable series, sixteen singles set a course for true love on a fifteen-day, tropical cruise.
  • Official 'Love Cruise' Website Launches

    July 7, 2001
    FOX.com has "launched" the Love Cruise website. ...we use the word "launched" carefully since the site currently consists of nothing more than a message board.
  • Survivor for the Stars

    July 6, 2001
    Casting for the third season of CBS’s hit show "Survivor" already took place last week and "Survivor 4" is already in the works.
  • Kenya Guerrillas Attack 'Survivor ' Crew

    July 4, 2001
    A gang of about 10 armed guerrillas reportedly ambushed a truck that was traveling from the show's production camp to Isiolo, a town outside the Shaba National Reserve, where producers are getting ready to film the show's third installment.
  • Survivor IV Auditions!

    July 2, 2001
    The application for Survivor 4 auditions is now available. The link to the official application can be found on the CBS home page. It is also shown below.

    Source: Official Application"



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