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Reality TV News - January 2002

  • Temptation Island 2 - Episode 9 Summary

    January 31, 2002
    Our episode summary for Temptation Island 2 Episode 9 "Please, Mr. Postman," authored by AyaK, has been posted. Check it out by clicking HERE
  • Survivor 4 Finale To Air Sunday, May 19th

    January 30, 2002
    Call it Super Sunday II: In a bid to maximize its May sweeps performance, CBS has moved the two-hour final episode of the upcoming 'Survivor: Marquesas' from a traditional Thursday-night berth to Sunday, May 19 19 — likely pitting it against Fox's series finale for 'The X-Files. '
  • Temptation Island 2 - Episode 8 Summary

    January 22, 2002
    Our episode summary for Temptation Island 2 Episode 8 "HOlier-than-thou," authored by Jonnycumlately, has been posted. Check it out by clicking HERE
  • Chat Live With Ethan On Wednesday At Noon EST

    January 15, 2002
    Boston.com is hosting a live chat with Survivor 3 winner Ethan Zohn on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at noon EST. Ethan's hometown is the Boston suburb of Lexington, MA.
  • S3 Finale Draws 27.3 Million Viewers, Beats 'Friends'

    January 15, 2002
    After spending most of the past season playing backstabbing bridesmaid to NBC's revitalized, pregnant Friends, Mark Burnett's reality adventure still managed a first-place finish in the ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research.
  • CBS Airs First Promo For Survivor 4

    January 15, 2002
    CBS aired a brief commerical for Survivor 4 during Sunday evening's broadcast of the 'People's Choice Awards.' Not much was revealed, however it was enough to get the message boards talking. Visit the boards to learn more.
  • Survivor: Africa - Reunion Show Transcript

    January 13, 2002
    Landruajm presents the true Hollywood story...pulled from the secret CBS Nova Scotia satellite feed and now revealed to the general public for the very first time. This is the unedited show CBS did not want you to see.
  • 'SB Spoiling Safari' Fantasy Game Updated With Final Standings!

    January 13, 2002
    The Spoiling Safari scores, including the Top 200 Leaderboard, have been updated to include the Survivor Finale results and a champion has been crowned.
  • CBS Releases Final Four Live Chat Schedule

    January 13, 2002
    CBS has announced its live chat schedule for the sessions featuring the Final Four survivors. All chat sessions will occur at 2:30PM EST. Ethan will chat on Monday 1/14/2002, Kim J. on Tuesday 1/15/2002, Lex on Wednesday 1/16/2002, and Tom on Thursday, 1/17/2002.
  • Survivor: Africa - Finale Episode Summary

    January 13, 2002
    Our episode summary for "Survivor: Africa - Episode 13: The Grand Dame Finale," authored by dangerkitty, has been posted. Check it out by clicking HERE "
  • Burlington, VT TV Station Reporting ID Of First S4 Survivor"

    January 11, 2002
    WCAX Channel 3 News is reporting that it has learned that a Burlington, Vermont woman is a contestant in Survivor 4.

    Several sources have told Channel 3 News that real estate agent Kathy O'Brien is a contestant. Both O"Brien and CBS have refused to confirm or deny her participation in the show -- but sources have told WCAX that O'Brien was gone for several weeks -- and just returned to work.

    Source: WCAX"

  • CBS Announces 'Survivor 4' To Premiere February 28th

    January 10, 2002
    CBS announced today that in five weeks, "Survivor: Marquesas" will premiere on Thursday, Feb. 28, the night after the Grammy awards. President of CBS, Les Moonves, promises that Burnett is "full of surprises" and the Marquesas version will be no different.

    Marquesas is a South Pacific island of Nuku Hiva, located in the same general area as Tahiti.

    Source: Zap2It.com"

  • Anderson Cooper Takes Job With CNN Show

    January 6, 2002
    The chances for a "The Mole 3" are looking worse with each passing day. If it ever does happen, it now appears the producers might have to find a new host.
  • CBS Accepting Applications For Survivor 5

    January 6, 2002
    CBS is now accepting applications for Survivor 5. The link to the official application can be found below. To apply for Survivor, you must complete the application form and follow the instructions. The completed application must be received by February 8, 2002.

    Source: Survivor 5 Application Page"

  • S3's Kim Powers In Negotiations With Playboy

    January 6, 2002
    TVGuide.com is reporting that it looks like 'Survivor: Africa' castoff Kim Powers will follow in vixen Jerri Manthey's footsteps as a Playboy cover girl.

    A rep for the men's mag confirms Powers is now "negotiating" to bare all for a pictorial layout.

    "Oh, I would definitely consider doing it," the petite (and currently unemployed) Pennsylvania marketing exec told TV Guide Online. "I don't think [my family] would be jumping for joy if I said, 'Guess what? I want to pose for Playboy!' But I think it's usually tasteful not that I read it. Ultimately, it's my decision on whether or not I'd want to do something like that."

    Source: TVGuide.com"

  • Survivor 3 Ratings Now Rivaling Those Of Survivor 2

    January 6, 2002
    Now that "Survivor: Africa" is drawing to a close, the reality-based show is finally starting to get a boost in ratings. The series finally managed to reach numbers matching last season's "Survivor: The Australian Outback." Thursday's (Jan. 3) episode pulled the "Survivor's" highest ratings since the premiere of its third season.
  • Survivor: Africa - Episode 12 Summary

    January 4, 2002
    Our episode summary for "Survivor: Africa - Episode 11: A Big Load Of Crap," authored by Bebo, has been posted. Check it out by clicking HERE "
  • 'SB Spoiling Safari' Fantasy Game Updated With Week 12 Results

    January 4, 2002
    The Spoiling Safari scores, including the Top 200 Leaderboard, have been updated to include the Week 12 results.



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