Poor Bambi, who was transferred like Cinderella from a New York shelter to the Meow Mix cat house, has yet to be adopted.


"Maybe it's the New York thing," Keith Fernbach, a publicist who helped develop the show, told the New York Post. "She's not the most social one in the group."

Meow Mix selected 10 cats from shelters across the country and brought them to a house in Manhattan. In addition to online Webcam coverage,  3-minute segments are airing on Animal Planet.

Bambi has shown signs of hostility -- a bit of hissing and an occasional swipe with a paw. She also has a tendency to sit and stare instead of doing cute kitty tricks.

Gleanna Doyle, an animal behaviorist involved with the show, suggested Bambi would do well in a home without a lot of stimulation.


"I see her with an older man or a woman who sits in their rocking chair and reads and stokes the fire and goes for the three-times-a-day walk and prepares dinner and talks to the cat like my grandmother, when my grandmother was still alive," Doyle said.