The Amazing Race 21

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The Amazing Race 21 is the twenty-first installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race on CBS. It features eleven teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.

It premiered on September 30, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and CTV with the two-hour season finale on December 9, 2012. While the prize for winning the Race remains at , if the team that came in first in the first leg had won the race, the prize would have been doubled to .

The Fabulous Beekman Boys stars and life partners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge were the winners of The Amazing Race 21.


Development and filming

Season 21 was broadcast during the 2012 fall season on CBS. It spanned a little over of travel to three continents and nine countries including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, and the Netherlands, which hosted a Switchback task.

This season introduced the "Double Your Money" prize for the team who won the first leg, making them eligible win a total of $2 million if they also won the season; only six teams in the previous twenty seasons of the race have ever won both the first and final legs. Elise Doganieri, co-executive producer for the show, called the larger potential prize "a real game-changer"; while teams reacted with excitement at the larger prize, she hoped that if it was won, the additional prize money would be used for "something wonderful" such as supporting charitable medical research. Abbie Ginsberg and Ryan Danz, winners of the Double Your Money prize for its inaugural season, were eliminated from the competition at the conclusion of the Race's ninth leg, after being U-Turned by Jaymes and James.

In Leg 3, Caitlin and Brittany were seen taken in the wrong direction of the Pit Stop, but in a post-elimination interview they stated that they actually knew where the Pit Stop was and were coming back to the Pit Stop after "backtracking" to retrieve a missing clue. During that leg, the race featured the series' first-ever Blind Double U-Turn, where two teams could U-Turn another team, and whichever team used the U-Turn could remain anonymous. It was a combination of components of the U-Turn of previous seasons: Double U-Turn combining with Blind U-Turn.

Although contestants are typically forbidden contact with known family and friends during the filming (except where such contact is part of a task), James LoMenzo of James and Abba was shown video chatting with his wife during the fourth Pit Stop to receive an update on his father's medical condition.


Applications for The Amazing Race 21 were open until May 9, 2012.

The cast includes The Fabulous Beekman Boys stars Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, former White Lion and Megadeth metal bassist James LoMenzo, Chippendales performers Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, double amputee professional snowboarder Amy Purdy, and former The Apprentice: Martha Stewart contestant Ryan Danz.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Josh & Brent Goat Farmers 7th 5th 5th 4th 6th 5th 5th 4th 3rd 3rd 1st Josh 7, Brent 7
Jaymes & James Chippendales 10th 3rd 3rd 6th 6th 5th 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd Jaymes 7, James 7
Trey & Lexi Dating 9th 2nd 2nd 7th 5th 1st 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd Trey 7, Lexi 7
Natalie & Nadiya Twins 4th 1st 6th 3rd 3rd 4th 3rd 3rd 1st Natalie 6, Nadiya 5
Abbie & Ryan Dating Divorcees 1st 4th 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 4th Abbie 4, Ryan 6
James & Abba 6th 6th 4th 1st 1st 3rd James 3, Abba 5
Rob & Kelley 5th 8th 7th 5th 4th Rob 4, Kelley 3
Gary & Will Substitute Teachers 8th 9th }} Gary 3, Will 2
Caitlin & Brittany Best Friends 3rd 7th Caitlin 2, Brittany 2
Amy & Daniel 2nd Amy 2, Daniel 1
Rob & Sheila Rob 1, Sheila 1
  • A team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A indicates that the team won a Fast Forward.
  • A indicates that the team decided to use the Express Pass on that leg.
  • An team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump during the next leg of the race.
  • A or a indicates that the team chose to use one of the two U-Turns in a Double U-Turn; or indicates the team who received it; |}} indicates that the team was U-Turned, but they used the second U-Turn on another team.

  1. ^Template:Note labelTemplate:Note label Legs 1 and 12 both had two Roadblocks and no Detour. The team member who sat out the first Roadblock was required to perform the second one.
  2. ^ Gary & Will Blind U-Turned Rob & Kelley, who had already passed the U-Turn point and were therefore unaffected by it.
  3. ^ Caitlin & Brittany initially arrived 6th, but had missed the clue at the U-Turn, having been taken to the Pit Stop by mistake. They had to backtrack to the U-turn to retrieve their clue. During this time, Natalie & Nadiya, Rob & Kelley, and Gary & Will checked in, resulting in the elimination of Caitlin & Brittany.
  4. ^ Rob & Kelley initially arrived 4th, but took a boat directly to the Pit Stop instead of to Swarighat, as instructed in their clue. They had to backtrack to their boat and take the proper route. Josh & Brent checked in during this time, dropping Rob & Kelley to 5th.
  5. ^ James & Abba initially arrived 4th, but were not allowed to check in because Abba's passport was amongst the items stolen by their cabbie during the Roadblock. As they tried to retrieve the passport, Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent checked in during this time, dropping James & Abba to last place. However, Leg 7 was a non-elimination leg and they were allowed to keep racing until they came to a point where they would need to produce their passports for international travel.
  6. ^ In Leg 7, Josh & Brent were unable to complete either Detour before the sites for both Detour options closed for the day. They were issued a 4-hour penalty, which was assessed at the start of Leg 8.
  7. ^Template:Note labelTemplate:Note label Natalie & Nadiya used the Express Pass to bypass the Roadblock in Leg 8. The official website states that Natalie elected to perform the Roadblock; this is reflected in the total Roadblock count.
  8. ^ As they spent much of the Leg trying to retrieve Abba's passport or acquire a new one, James & Abba were only shown retrieving the Speed Bump clue and traveling to the task before arriving at the Pit Stop in last place and being eliminated. On the official website, Abba disclosed that he was able to complete the Roadblock, but it is unknown whether they attempted or completed the Detour.
  9. ^ Trey & Lexi U-Turned Jaymes & James, who had already passed the U-Turn point and were therefore unaffected by it.

Episode title quotes

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

  1. "Double Your Money (Shanghai, China)" – Phil Keoghan
  2. "Long Hair, Don't Care (Surabaya, Indonesia)" – Jaymes
  3. "There's No Crying in Baseball (Bangil, Indonesia)" – Brittany
  4. "Funky Monkey (Dhaka, Bangladesh)" – Abbie
  5. "Chill Out, Freak (Dhaka, Bangladesh)" – Natalie
  6. "Get Your Sexy On (Istanbul, Turkey)" – Nadiya
  7. "Off to See the Wizard (Moscow, Russia)" – James
  8. "We Was Robbed (Moscow, Russia)" – James
  9. "Fishy Kiss (Amsterdam, Netherlands)" – Nadiya
  10. "Not a Well-Rounded Athlete (Mallorca, Spain)" – James
  11. "Take Down That Million (Loire Valley, France & New York City, New York)" – Trey


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg. Trips are sponsored by Travelocity.

  • Leg 1 " The Double Your Money prize – if the team that wins the first leg of the race also wins the final leg, the prize for winning the race will be doubled from its standard amount to .
  • Leg 2 " The Express Pass – an item that can be used on the race to skip any one task of the team's choosing.
  • Leg 3 " A trip for two to Fiji
  • Leg 4 " A trip for two to Antigua
  • Leg 5 " A trip for two to Malaysia
  • Leg 6 " A trip for two to Australia
  • Leg 7 " A trip for two to Maui
  • Leg 8 " A trip for two to Costa Rica
  • Leg 9 " each
  • Leg 10 " A trip for two to the Riviera Maya
  • Leg 11 " A 2013 Ford Escape for each racer
  • Leg 12 "

Race summary

Leg 1 (United States "?"? China)

Airdate: September 30, 2012

  • Pasadena, California, United States (Colorado Street Bridge) (Starting Line)
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport) to Shanghai, China (Shanghai Pudong International Airport)
  • Shanghai (Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium)
  • Shanghai (Cui Ping Jiu Jia Restaurant)
  • Shanghai (The Bund)
  • Shanghai (The Bund Signal Tower )
In the first Roadblock of the race, one team member had to score one point in a game of table tennis against a 10-year-old Chinese national junior table tennis champion in order to receive their next clue. For each attempt after their first, the table tennis champion would play with an ordinary household object such as a clipboard, frying pan, or tambourine instead of a paddle. In the second Roadblock, the team member who sat out the first Roadblock had to eat two hollowed-out papayas full of a Chinese delicacy dessert known as hasma " the fatty tissue found near frog fallopian tubes " using only the provided chopsticks and without lifting the papaya off the table.

Additional tasks
  • At the start of the race, teams had to rappel down the Colorado Street Bridge to receive their first clue, which was on top of their backpacks. Once at the bottom, they had to drive Ford Escapes to Los Angeles International Airport. The first seven teams to arrive at the airport would take a China Airlines flight to Shanghai, the last four teams would take an EVA Air flight to the same city that would arrive 75 minutes behind the first flight.
  • At The Bund, teams had to find a woman and a young boy with abacuses who would give them their final clue for the leg.

Leg 2 (China "?"? Indonesia)

Airdate: October 7, 2012

  • Shanghai (Shanghai Pudong International Airport) to Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia (Juanda International Airport)
  • Bangkalan, Madura (Alun-alun Stadium)
  • Surabaya (Genteng Kali Bridge)
  • Surabaya (Taman Ekspresi)
  • Surabaya (Wijaya Motor Shop)
  • Surabaya (Tirta Maya Ice Factory and Pabean Fish Market or Pabean Fish Market)
  • Surabaya (Pabean Market)
In the leg's Roadblock, one team member had to select four children and operate a pedal-powered ride (known to locals as Odong-odong) while making eight different pieces of balloon art for the children (four hats and four animals). This leg's Detour was a choice between Ice-by-the-Pound and Fish-by-the-Barrel. In Ice-by-the-Pound, teams loaded ten blocks of ice from an industrial machine at Tirta Maya Ice Factory onto a waiting truck, rode the truck to a local market, then transported the ice by cart to an unloading zone at the Pabean Market to get their next clue. In Fish-by-the-Barrel, teams carried two barrels full of fish to a vacant fishmonger's stall inside the Pabean Fish Market. They then had to set up the stall in the same manner as an example stall, including breaking a block of ice into chips to keep the fish cold. Once the stall's layout was approved, teams got their next clue.

Additional task
  • Upon arriving at Alun-Alun Stadium, teams picked a number in a form of a bullwhip, and then in order, rode on motorcycles alongside a pair of racing bulls in a traditional Karapan Sapi .

Leg 3 (Indonesia)

Airdate: October 14, 2012

  • Surabaya (Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant)
  • Surabaya (Gubeng Station) to Bangil , Pasuruan (Bangil Railway Station )
  • Bangil (Alun-alun)
  • Bangil (Perliman Pos I)
  • Bangil (SMA Negeri 1 Bangil High School " Green House)
In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to carry twenty dishes of food in their hands and serve them to waiting diners; if they dropped any of the dishes, they had to start over. The Detour was a choice between Lion's Head and Egg Head. In Lion's Head, teams participated in a reog dance by following dance instructions along a procession route while wearing a lion's head mask over their heads and shoulders. Teams received their next clue after successfully completing the procession. In Egg Head, teams had to purchase four eggs from a local market, then participate in a custom called debus , a show of strength where one of the many variations involves frying an egg on one's own head. Local magicians lit a coconut half on fire atop each team member's head and used the fire to fry up the eggs the teams had bought to the task. Racers then had to eat the cooked eggs with a serving of hot sauce before they would receive their next clue.

Additional task
  • On the train from Surabaya to Bangil, teams had to watch for their next clue during the trip which was being carried by a food vendor.
  • While in Bangil, teams had to use cycle rickshaw taxis, known locally as becak , for transportation.

Leg 4 (Indonesia "?"? Bangladesh)

Airdate: October 21, 2012

  • Surabaya (Juanda International Airport) to Dhaka, Bangladesh (Shahjalal International Airport)
  • Dhaka (Rubel Model Auto Mobiles)
    • Dhaka
  • Dhaka (Kawran Bazaar Shootkir Market)
  • Dhaka (Keranigonj Kholamora) to Old Dhaka (Swarighat)
  • Old Dhaka (Shyambazar Chan Mia Ghat)
In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to repair one of the public transit buses used in Dhaka. First, teams had to use body putty to fill in the damage, then sand it ready for painting. Once approved by a supervisor, both team members then had to carry three pairs of seats and deliver them to the refurbishing area to receive the next clue. The Detour was a choice between Pound the Metal and Pound the Cotton. In Pound the Metal, teams worked with a local blacksmith to hammer and beat an iron rod into a sharp spiked tool using 10-pound sledgehammers. They had to hand-pump the bellows of the smokey, charcoal fire so they could strike while the iron was hot, and get the blacksmith's approval to get their next clue. In Pound the Cotton, teams made a cotton mattress via a traditional Bengali method. Teams had to use bamboo rods to beat clumps of cotton into a fine, feather-like consistency. Then they had to stuff the mattress, and sew it together. Once the craftsman was satisfied with their work, he would hand them their next clue. This leg's Fast Forward required teams to become rat catching assistants to a pest control agent. Both team members had to fill a bag with dead rats " collecting them from three different locations " to complete the Fast Forward task.

Additional tasks
  • At Shootkir Market, teams had to search baskets of dried fish to find one marked with the Race colors (red and yellow) to receive their clue.
  • After completing the Detour, teams were required to travel by boat to a dock in Swarighat, then proceed from there on foot to the Pit Stop.

Leg 5 (Bangladesh)

Airdate: October 28, 2012

  • Dhaka (Jatrabari Boro Bazaar)
  • Demra (Ferry Ghat Road)
  • Demra (Latif Bawani Jute Mills or Tarabo Bazaar)
  • Sonargaon (Lok Shilpa Jadughar)
In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to construct a balance scale from the provided bamboo, lashing ropes, and other equipment. Once the construction of the scale was approved, they then had to weigh out the proper amount of wood to balance with 4 large stones. Once the weights of stones and logs were even, they would receive their next clue. The Detour choices for this leg were Straw Dogs and Bamboo Jungle. In Straw Dogs, teams first had to prepare twenty bundles of jute straw by heckling " throwing them against a nailed board, the heckling comb " to straighten and separate the fibers. They then had to deliver twenty bundles of the completed straw to the looms, and at the end of the production line they would receive their next clue. In Bamboo Jungle, teams had to collect three sets of bamboo trunks of different length and diameter from a storage area. They then used a platformed freight bicycle to transport the bamboo to a construction site. Once their delivery was confirmed by the site's foreman, they would get the next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At Jatrabari Boro Bazaar, teams were told to look for the "b"guna" vendor who would give them their next clue, and left them to figure out that "b"guna" is Bengali for "eggplant".
  • After either Detour, teams were given an item (a jute mat or a small length of bamboo) that had a painting of their next location on it; they were left to figure out that the building depicted in the picture was Lok Shilpa Jadughar.

Leg 6 (Bangladesh "?"? Turkey)

Airdate: November 4, 2012

  • Dhaka (Shahjalal International Airport) to Istanbul, Turkey (Istanbul Atatürk Airport)
  • Beyo?lu, Istanbul (Kabata? Ferry Terminal) to Üsküdar (Üsküdar Ferry Terminal)
  • Istanbul (M?s?r "?ar??s? " Stall No. 14)
    • Istanbul (New Mosque)
  • Istanbul (Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam? or Simit Bakery)
  • Istanbul (Kapal?çar??)
  • Istanbul (MV Savarona next to Kuruçe?me Cemil Topuzlu Park?)
For this Leg's Speed Bump, Josh and Brent each had to ask for and eat one cone of Mara? ice cream from a nearby marked stall, which included a teasing performance common with the dessert by the vendor. This Leg's Detour options were Simit or Scrub It. In Simit, teams had to deliver three orders of simits " a traditional Turkish bagel " to three different vendors, stacked carefully on a delivery board that one team member had to wear on his or her head; if any simit dropped, they would have to restart that delivery. Once they had proof of delivery from the three vendors, the baker would give them their next clue. In Scrub It, teams partook in a traditional Turkish bath, receiving their next clue from the bath attendants when the bath was complete. In the Leg's Roadblock, one team member dressed in vendor garb and had to serve 40 glasses of Turkish sherbet to passersby in the bazaar, selling each for 1 from a long-spouted brass teapot called an ibrik to earn 40 (approx. US$20). Once they returned with the money to the attendant, they would receive their next clue.

Leg 7 (Turkey "?"? Russia)

Airdate: November 11, 2012

  • Istanbul (Istanbul Atatürk Airport) to Moscow, Russia (Sheremetyevo International Airport)
  • Moscow (Zurab Tsereteli Sculpture Park)
  • Moscow (Moskvoretsky Most)
  • Moscow (Russian State Library or Trud sports complex)
  • Moscow (Luzhkov Most " Trees of Love)
  • Moscow (Bolshoi Theatre)
The Leg's Detour options were Alphabetized and Synchronized. In Alphabetized, teams went to the Russian State Library and were given a list of books by author, title, and year. They had to use the paper card catalog system, in Russian, to locate four of the books on the list. Once they thought they had the correct location in the stacks, a librarian would direct them to the proper room to allow the team to get the books. Teams then checked their retrieved books with the head librarian to get their next clue. In Synchronized, teams participated in a synchronized swimming routine with six other swimmers of the Russian national developmental team. After practicing the routine, they performed it for a judge " who would either pass them and give them their next clue, or would require the teams to practice more. In both detours, there was a time limit depending on the operating hours of each facility; if they were unable to complete either task before the facilities closed, they would incur a 4 hour penalty (with the Synchronize detour operating longer than the Alphabetize Detour). In the Roadblock, one team member had to select one of the marked Trees of Love " trees covered in padlocks " and unlock 10 of the locks with the provided set of keys to free a banner held to the tree. Once they freed the banner and unfolded it, they would find the next clue concealed inside.

Additional tasks
  • The clue from the Zurab Tsereteli Sculpture Park directed teams to obtain their next clue from Ivan the Terrible's two guards at the Moskvoretsky Most, neighboring the Kremlin.
  • The clue given to teams at the end of the Roadblock was a 100 ruble banknote; teams were left to figure out that their next destination was the building depicted on the reverse of the note: the Bolshoi Theatre.

Leg 8 (Russia)

Airdate: November 18, 2012

  • Moscow (Timiryazev Agricultural Academy " Study Building #6)
  • Moscow (National Hotel )
  • Moscow (Sokolniki Park " Veranda Tantsev)
For this leg's Speed Bump, James & Abba had to help a Russian Orthodox priest to get to his church via limousine, however this task was not described by Phil on-air. In the Leg's Roadblock, one team member was shown a brief slideshow, showing a sample time in Moscow, a map of Russia's nine different time zones with their UTC offsets and Moscow's location highlighted, then multiple instances of the same time zone map without the UTC offsets but with several other Russian cities highlighted. After the show, they had to fill in the corresponding local time for any five cities within an allotted time period. If they completed in time and were correct, teams would receive their next clue. If they were wrong or ran out of time, they had to watch the presentation and do the quiz again. The Detour for this Leg was a choice between Movers and Shakers. In Movers, teams had to dress up as Russian soldiers and learn the steps of the Trepak dance. Teams then performed the dance in front of a judge who would give them their next clue if they performed the dance correctly. In Shakers, teams went to a party where several impersonators of Russian historical figures were attending. They had to identify seven specific figures " Catherine the Great, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Leonid Brezhnev, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Peter the Great, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nicholas II of Russia, and Vladimir Lenin " and fill out a form identifying how many impersonators of each person were present. If they identified the correct number of impersonators, they would get their next clue from an Alexander Pushkin impersonator.

Leg 9 (Russia "?"? The Netherlands)

Airdate: November 25, 2012

  • Moscow (Sheremetyevo International Airport) to Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)
  • Amsterdam (Schiphol railway station) to (Amsterdam Centraal railway station)
    • Amsterdam (Van Gogh Café at Prins Hendrikkade )
  • Amsterdam (Magere Brug " Poffertjesboot)
  • Amsterdam (Museum Geelvinck)
  • Ransdorp (Rural Village Field)
  • Ransdorp (House of Rembrandt's Mistress)
In this Leg's Fast Forward, teams had to travel to the Van Gogh Café and board a marked amphibious bus called The Floating Dutchman. Once the bus entered the water, teams learned that each team member had to eat five soused herring before the bus returned to land, a trip that took seven minutes. If they ran out of time, the bus would return to the Van Gogh Café and the team would have to wait 10 minutes for the next trip. This Leg's Detour was a choice between Back in Time and Organ to Grind. In Back in Time, teams had to re-create the Rembrandt painting The Night Watch with a group of costumed actors and props, including themselves. If the Rembrandt impersonator was satisfied with the re-creation, he would award the teams their next clue. In Organ to Grind, after finding one of three street organs, one team member had to run the machine while the other asked for tips. Once they earned , the organ grinder would give them their next clue. In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member participated in a Switchback of Season 12's Amsterdam Roadblock: fierljeppen, pole vaulting across a ditch full of water. They had to vault across the ditch, retrieve their clue in the form of wooden clogs, and then vault back across. If they fell into the water, they would have to start over from the last side of the ditch they were on.

Additional tasks
  • At the start of the Leg, teams were given a flag and told that their next destination was the capital city of the country the flag represented, leaving them to figure out that it was Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
  • After arriving at Amsterdam Centraal, teams had to take a boat onto the Amstel river and seek out a pofertjesboot, a floating poffertjes stand, near the Magere Brug to receive their next clue.
  • Following the Detour (and U-Turn), teams were required to travel by bus to Ransdorp. However, this restriction was lifted after 6:00 p.m. and teams that were still racing were allowed to take a taxi instead.

Leg 10 (The Netherlands "?"? Spain)

Airdate: December 2, 2012

  • Amsterdam (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) to Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona"El Prat Airport)
  • Barcelona (Port of Barcelona) to Palma, Mallorca (Port de Palma /Puerto de Palma de Mallorca )
  • Dalt Murada, Palma (Palma Cathedral)
  • Manacor (Centro de Alto Rendimiento)
  • Campanet (Coves de Campanet /Cuevas de Campanet )
  • Sa Pobla (Windmill) or Muro (Plaza de Toros la Monumental)
  • Palma (Castell de Bellver)
In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to return 20 tennis balls fired by an automatic server within the bounds of a clay court in order to receive their next clue. If the machine ran out of tennis balls, they would have to start the task over, their prior count reset. The Detour on this Leg was a choice between Spin It and Bull It. In Spin It, teams donned safety gear and then replaced two blades on a 400-year-old Mallorcan windmill. Once a mechanic checked their work, they received their next clue from a pair of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza impersonators. In Bull It, the team would wear a special two-person bull outfit, with the person in front unable to see where they were going. The team member in back would verbally guide their partner in the front to circle eight matadors and then strike a target of a ninth to launch a final dummy matador. The entire course had to be completed within two minutes for the team to get their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Palma Cathedral, teams had to search amongst a small troupe of actors dressed up as devils and demons participating in a performance for la Nit del Foc, a traditional Mallorcan festival, for one who was holding their next clue.
  • At the Coves de Campanet, teams were instructed to follow the music in the caves to their next clue, leading them to a pair of guitarists.

Leg 11 (Spain "?"? France)

Airdate: December 9, 2012

  • Palma (Palma de Mallorca Airport) to Barcelona (Barcelona"El Prat Airport)
  • Barcelona (Barcelona Estació de França railway station) to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, Loire Valley, France (Gare de Saint-Pierre-des-Corps)
  • Villandry (Château de Villandry)
  • Amboise (Château d'Amboise " Chapel of Saint-Hubert)
  • Cheverny (Château de Cheverny)
  • Bourré (La Cave des Roches )
  • Chenonceaux (Château de Chenonceau)
For the Speed Bump, Natalie & Nadiya had to make their way to the Chambre du Prince and properly lace and tie up a lady's corset before they could continue on with the Race. The Leg's Detour was a choice between Chow and Plow. In Chow, teams prepared a meal of meat and other food for a large number of hunting dogs by removing debris and bones from the meat, cutting the meat into appropriate sizes, weighing out a designated amount of food, and then laying it out appropriately, before the judge would give them their next clue. In Plow, teams used a plow attached to a work horse to mill four lines in a designated field to the farmer's satisfaction in order to get their next clue . Each Detour selection only had two workstations, which were first come-first serve. For this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to find a store display containing three different types of mushrooms (grey oysters, wood blewits, and shiitake). Using one of the baskets collected earlier in the Leg (see "Additional tasks" below), they then had to enter an underground mushroom farm, find the same three types of mushrooms, and collect 10 of each variety. If they found the correct three mushroom types, the shopkeeper would give them their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • Prior to leaving from Gare de Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, teams had to load 8 empty baskets from the nearby Brasserie de la Tour restaurant into their Ford Escape using its hands-free liftgate opening/closing feature.
  • Upon arriving at the Château de Villandry, teams had to search the gardens for a stone dog statue that had their next clue.
  • The clue at Château de Villandry instructed teams to find Leonardo da Vinci's final resting place, leaving them to figure out it was located at the Château d'Amboise.
  • The clue at the end of the Roadblock directed teams to go to the Pit Stop at the "Castle of the Ladies", leaving them to figure out that this was a reference to the Château de Chenonceau.

Leg 12 (France "?"? United States)

Airdate: December 9, 2012

  • Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) to New York City, New York, United States (John F. Kennedy International Airport)
  • Brooklyn (Coney Island Boardwalk)
  • Brooklyn (Brooklyn Navy Yard)
  • Manhattan (Lombardi's Pizza)
  • Manhattan (United Nations Headquarters)
  • Manhattan (Gotham Hall)
The first Roadblock in the Leg required one team member to be put into a straitjacket and bungee harness, and be hoisted upside down from a tower. They then had to escape the bonds of the straitjacket " a feat made famous by Harry Houdini " upon which they would be dropped from the tower in a surprise bungee drop. After being lowered to the ground, the team would be given its next clue. The second Roadblock presented the team member who sat out the first Roadblock with banners with words in foreign languages printed on them, and the flags of the eight foreign countries visited during the Race. The team member was required to attach the words for "hello" and "goodbye" " as said to them by the Pit Stop greeter in each country " and raise them up the flagpole flying that country's flag ( China: "N? H?o ()" & "Zài Jiàn ()", Indonesia: "'" & "'", Bangladesh: "Shagotom ()" & "Aabar Dekha Hobe ()", Turkey: "'" & "'", Russia: "Zdrávstvujtye ()" & "Do Svidániya ()", Netherlands: "'" & "'", Spain: "'" & "'", France: "'" & "'"). Once all flag sets were correct, they could then hoist the flag of the United Nations , which would also lower their final clue.

Additional tasks
  • The clue given to teams upon leaving the Pit Stop included a postcard depicting Coney Island. Teams were left to figure out that they had to find the spot that gave them the same view as the drawing on the postcard, and that their next clue was located on an advertising banner in public view.
  • After the Houdini Roadblock, the clue teams received told them to head to the first pizzeria in New York, leaving them to figure out that it was Lombardi's Pizza.
  • At Lombardi's, teams had to deliver ten pizzas with various toppings to three different Little Italy locations listed on boards, without being allowed to take any notes. Once they had successfully delivered all three orders, they returned to Lombardi's to receive their next clue.
  • Upon completing the pizza deliveries at Lombardi's, teams were given a blue badge emblazoned with the logo of the United Nations. They were left to figure out that their next destination was the United Nations Headquarters.


U.S. Nielsen ratings

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1 September 30, 2012 "Double Your Money" 6.0 9 2.5/6 9.40 #3 #3 #30 <#25
2 October 7, 2012 "Long Hair, Don't Care" 5.8 8 2.6/6 9.66 #2 #3 #21 <#25
3 October 14, 2012 "There's No Crying in Baseball" 5.7 9 2.6/7 9.11 #3 #3 #28 <#25
4 October 21, 2012 "Funky Monkey" 6.0 9 2.6/5 9.54 #2 #3 #22 #22
5 October 28, 2012 "Chill Out, Freak" 5.6 9 2.5/6 9.41 #4 #4 <#25 <#25
6 November 4, 2012 "Get Your Sexy On" 6.3 9 2.6/6 10.20 #2 #3 #23 #22
7 November 11, 2012 "Off to See the Wizard" 5.7 8 2.5/6 9.18 #2 #4 #21 #25
8 November 18, 2012 "We Was Robbed" 6.1 9 2.4/6 9.59 #2 #4 #22 #25
9 November 25, 2012 "Fishy Kiss" 6.0 9 2.5/6 9.58 #2 #4 #18 #19
10 December 2, 2012 "Not a Well-Rounded Athlete" 6.2 9 2.7/6 10.02 #2 #3 #23 #25
11 December 9, 2012 "Take Down That Million" 5.7 9 2.6/6 9.35 #2 #3 #20 #22

Canadian ratings

Canadian broadcaster CTV also airs The Amazing Race on Sundays. Episodes air at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, Central, and Atlantic (9:00 p.m. Pacific and Mountain) with one exception: Episode eight aired two hours earlier than its normal start time due to CTV's broadcast of the 2012 American Music Awards.

# Airdate Episode Viewers
1 September 30, 2012 "Double Your Money" 2.633 #4
2 October 7, 2012 "Long Hair, Don't Care" 1.783 #9
3 October 14, 2012 "There's No Crying in Baseball" 2.672 #2
4 October 21, 2012 "Funky Monkey" 2.647 #3
5 October 28, 2012 "Chill Out, Freak" 2.726 #3
6 November 4, 2012 "Get Your Sexy On" 2.650 #3
7 November 11, 2012 "Off to See the Wizard" 2.541 #3
8 November 18, 2012 "We Was Robbed" 2.259 #3
9 November 25, 2012 "Fishy Kiss" 2.055 #9
10 December 2, 2012 "Not a Well-Rounded Athlete" 2.561 #2
11 December 9, 2012 "Take Down That Million" 2.527 #3
  • Episode 2, "Long Hair, Don't Care", aired on the Sunday before Canadian Thanksgiving Day.
  • Episode 9, "Fishy Kiss", aired on the day of the 100th Grey Cup.

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