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Adventures in HollyHood is a reality TV show based around the rap group Three 6 Mafia and its members Juicy J and DJ Paul. Also living with them in their California home is Hypnotize Minds artist Project Pat, who is also Juicy's brother, and their personal assistants Computer and Big Triece.


The mini-series aired for only 8 episodes (as of May 23, 2007).

# Title Original airdate Code
ProdCode=S01E01 EpisodeNumber=1 ShortSummary=Three 6 Mafia, rap protege Project Pat, and their assistants Computer and Patriece (Big Triece) move to Hollywood, California. They write a song for Jackass Number Two called "Goin' Crazy" which they had to change it's title to "Gettin' Fucked Up" due to the Jackass cast feeling the title "Goin' Crazy" is "too on the nose" and "takes a spud on what they do". Next, they have a listening party for the neighborhood but only one person shows up. They play "Slob On My Knob", "Ridin' Spinners", "Side 2 Side", "Good Googly Moogly" "Squeeze It" and some other songs to their only guest, an older white lady named Fern. }}

ProdCode=S01E02 EpisodeNumber=2 ShortSummary=The guys get kicked out of their house because Big Triece urinated in Jennifer Love Hewitt's yard, and have to find a new place. Lil Wyte comes out to Hollywood to go on a showcase for Warner Bros. Records. Meanwhile, Big Triece and Computer mess with Lil Wyte and try to pitch songs to DJ Paul and Juicy J, so they can become rappers; both DJ Paul and Juicy J hate their songs.}} ProdCode=S01E03 EpisodeNumber=3 ShortSummary=DJ Paul and Juicy J pitch their movie idea, while Computer and Triece are sent to assistant school.}} ProdCode=S01E04 EpisodeNumber=4 ShortSummary=Big Triece begins to get serious with his girlfriend, Sugarfoot, and proposes to her via cellphone, where Sugarfoot agrees. Later, Three 6 Mafia help Triece buy a ring, while at the same time booking Sugarfoot to come to LA to surprise Triece with a big dinner in a Beverly Hills restaurant. After the dinner, and possibly a week in LA, Sugarfoot returns to her hometown, probably postponing their marriage.}} ProdCode=S01E05 EpisodeNumber=5 ShortSummary=Ashton Kutcher helps Juicy search the Hollywood dating scene. He promises to give Juice his sidekick with many celebrities' phone numbers in them if he asks Ashton's assistant Chrissie out on a date. Elsewhere Computer goes to major lengths to try to win a weight loss contest between himself, Triece and Pat. He defeats them and wins five thousand dollars. After going on a date with Chrissie, Juicy J receives the sidekick and decides to take Kristin Cavallari on a date. She agrees, but when he asks her to go back home with him for a party, she tells him "no".}} ProdCode=So1E06 EpisodeNumber=6 ShortSummary=Juicy J figures out that Hollywood is there for him to be an actor in the movies. He goes to a movie casting to try to meet with the director of the movie. First he fails, but the casting lady gives him a second chance. He goes back to talk to the director, who tells him that he will use him as an actor later on. At the end of the show the guys receive a package with dolls of Juicy J,DJ Paul, and heads of Project Pat, Computer and Triece. }}

ProdCode=S01E07 EpisodeNumber=7 ShortSummary=Juicy J's dad calls him and tells him not to get too caught up in the Hollywood life and tells him to do some community service. }}

ProdCode=S01E08 EpisodeNumber=8 ShortSummary=In the season finale, the guys return to Memphis for some inspiration for their album, and struggle to write the single. The writing and recording of "Doe Boy Fresh" can be seen. }}

Guest appearances

Some of the recurring guests throughout the Hollyhood season are: Memphis rapper and H.C.P. artist Lil Wyte; the boys' newfound friend and former pianist for Dorothy Dandridge, Fern; and Three 6 Mafia's manager Rosenberg also referred to as Roses.

Other guests include:
Lil Jon
Naim Ali
Hugh Hefner
Scott Sedita
Kristin Cavallari
Ashton Kutcher
Big Triece's girlfriend Sugarfoot
film director Joel Schumacher
and Juicy J's Dad Father Houston

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