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Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood (2000) is the eleventh movie in the Witchcraft film franchise. Produced by Vista Street Entertainment. The film is followed by Witchcraft XII: In the Lair of the Serpent


As an exercise in their acting class , Catholic college students Colleen (Miranda Odell), Keri (Kathleen St. Lawrence) and Maria (Lauren Ian Richard) agree to complete a ritual they think fake to conjure up a demon. The idea is to "get into character"? as a method acting exercise for the school production of Macbeth. Unknown to Colleen and Maria, the director, Professor Ramsden (Don Donason) and Keri are actually Satanist determined to resurrect the spirits of three dead witches, the Sinobia sisters, through this ritual and place the spirits into the young coed's bodies. Maria is the first to be possessed, and then begins a murder spree. She is lookng for the stone key which the sisters had, 300 years ago, built as portal for the demon Abadon to enter the world. Abadon is Satan's general.

Once possessed by one of the 300 year dead witches, Maria lures a frat boy is the cemetery where the ritual was performed and kills him . The murder attracts the attention of LAPD Detectives Lutz and Garner, who handle odd murders for their department. After managing to through the detectives off the case, Maria causes Keri to be possessed, and together they kill a priest, who refuses to help in the search for the stone key.

Good warlock Will Spanner gets involved, as he is now engaged to long time girl friend Kelly (spelled Keli in the previous movies), the sister of Colleen. Using his powers to detect the rising evil on the campus, Spanner does some detective work and manages to discover that the Sinobia sisters have possessed the three actresses. As the sister's have no further use for the director, they sacrifice him to speed Abadon's arrival

One of the nuns of the school, holds the literal key to hell, the stone key the possessed Maria was looking for. Spanner receives help from Sister Seraphina (Anita Page), but the witches kill Sister Seraphina to obtain the key. Due to the rising death toll, the campus is evacuated. Colleen is then possess, giving the witches the additional body they need to open the hellish portal.

Lutz, Garner, Keli and Spanner follow the three witches back into the cemetery, where the four are separated and attacked. Abadon attempts to seduce Will to the dark side, but with the help of Garner and Lutz he is able to save the Earth and just barely prevent Satan's return.


Colleen ......... Miranda Odell

Professor Ramsden/Abadon ...... Don Donason

Will Spanner ..... James Servais

Kelly ....... Wendy Blair

Detective Lucy Lutz .... Stephanie Beaton

Detective Garner .... Mikul Robins

Sister Seraphina ..... Anita Page

Keri ..... Kathleen St. Lawrence

Maria ....... Lauren Ian Richard


Detectives Lutz and Garner return from movies Witchcraft nine and ten. Spanner returns for his tenth appearance in this series of movies. The AV Club commended the film for incorporating elements from the earlier films into the plot, which indicated a certain earnestness. Keli (spelled Kelly in the credits) has gotten engaged to William Spanner, who explains his origin and powers to her.


Directed and written by Ron Ford


Joe Bob Briggs gave the movie 2 and a half stars. Entertainment weekly gave the movie a D-.. The AV Club found the movie so amateurish in acting and production value it barely warrant mention, but commended the film for incorporating elements from the earlier films into the plot, which indicated a certain earnestness. The series project found this to be one of the top movies in the series.

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