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Weekend at Bernie's II is a comedy film released in 1993 by TriStar Pictures and was the sequel to the 1989 comedy Weekend at Bernie's with Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman and Terry Kiser reprising their roles.


The film begins with Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman), at the N.Y. City Morgue where they see their deceased boss, Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser). Larry lies and says that Bernie was his uncle so he could get some of Bernie's possessions including Bernie's credit card (which Larry uses a lot in the film). After leaving the morgue, Larry and Richard visit their boss, who with Arthur Hummel (Barry Bostwick), asks the two if they have the $2 million dollars that Bernie embezzled. They deny knowing where the money is, so their boss, who believes they're lying, gives them a 2 week suspension. Meanwhile, in the U.S. Virgin Islands Mobu (Novella Nelson), a Voodoo queen is hired by mobsters to find the money Bernie stole. She sends two flunkies, Henry (Steve James) and Charles (Tom Wright), to go to New York, get Bernie's body, use a voodoo ceremony to reanimate him and bring him back to her so he can lead her to the money. Later, at a restaurant Larry tells Richard he found a key to a safety deposit box in St. Thomas and asks Richard if he will use the computer at work to see if the $2 million dollars is in Bernie's account. At first Richard refuses but ultimately he gives in. Henry and Charles attempt to sneak Bernie's body out of the morgue but it accidentally crashes through a window. Then in a bathroom they prepare for the voodoo ceremony. But when they lose the chicken they were going to use for the ceremony, they use a pigeon instead, which limits Bernie's ability to walk toward the hidden money, only to when he hears music. Later that night, Larry and Richard sneak into their office building to check Bernie's account, only to find that Bernie is the only one that can open it. They are soon arrested by the police for breaking and entering. While they are in jail, Bernie is discovered on a train after Henry and Charles abandoned him to chase a man who stole their boom box. After they're released, Larry and Richard find Bernie, stuff him into a suitcase and bring him with them to the Virgin Islands. When they arrive, they stuff Bernie into a small refrigerator in their hotel room, believing Bernie is still dead. Unbeknownst to them, they're being followed by Hummel who has been sent to recover the embezzled $2 million. The guys successfully use Bernie to open his safety deposit box but all it contains is a map. Larry befriends a lovely native girl named Claudia (Troy Beyer) and he and Richard give her the map. Larry and Richard are captured by Henry and Charles who take them to Mobu. She poisons Richard and tells them they must find the money by sundown to get the antidote. When Larry, Richard, and Claudia are reunited, they're all shocked that Bernie is moving and realize Bernie is walking towards the money. So they put headphones on Bernie and follow him to the cash which is underwater. As Bernie finds a large submerged chest, Larry accidentally shoots an underwater spear through his head, which destroys the headphones. So they attempt to bring Bernie back to the surface but Bernie won't let go of the chest, which is too heavy to hoist out of the water. They decide to hook Bernie to a horse and carriage with music playing so Bernie can move. It seems to work at first, but when they reach a hill they crash through many things, knocking out Mobu and the mobsters and the crash causes Bernie to throw the chest on the ground which breaks open. Larry tries to steal some of the money but is caught by Hummel (who is going crazy after seeing Bernie moving even though he is supposed to be dead) and he reluctantly hands over the money. Claudia's dad, who's a medical doctor, says he can cure Richard if he can get the blood of a virgin (which Larry confesses he can provide). The mobsters and mobu are arrested, and Bernie is last seen leading Henry and Charles, who have been transformed into goats by voodoo, in a carnival parade. Larry confesses to Richard that he returned the $2 million to the insurance company, only after learning Bernie actually stole $3 million. Larry and Richard use the remaining million to purchase a yacht with a crew of attractive women. On board the yacht, Larry reveals he had to use a grand to pay off Bernie's credit card. After the credits roll, one last shot is seen of Bernie wearing numerous gold chains and riding a shark into the sunset.


  • Andrew McCarthy as Larry Wilson
  • Jonathan Silverman as Richard Parker
  • Terry Kiser as Bernie Lomax
  • Troy Beyer as Claudia
  • Barry Bostwick as Arthur Hummel
  • Tom Wright as Charles
  • Steve James as Henry
  • Novella Nelson as Mobu
  • Lyle Howry as New York Cop #1
  • Ben Lemon as New York Cop #2
  • David Nadboralski as New York Cop #3
  • Win De Lugo as Mr. Jennings
  • J.C. Scott-Klane as Secretary
  • Cedric Bones as Bank Executive
  • Graeme MacDonald as Store Clerk
  • Lance Durham as Hotel Beach Employee
  • Hillel E. Silverman as Maitre'd


The movie was filmed in 1992 in the Territory of the Virgin Islands of the United States and in New York City. The talent and staff, who were mainly from the Los Angeles area were on location when the Los Angeles riots of April 1992 broke out and they stated in a St. Thomas interview that they were worried for their loved ones.


Weekend at Bernie's II earned mostly negative reviews from critics, earning an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 28 reviews.

Box office

The movie was modest box office success.

In popular culture

Weekend at Bernie's II appears as a comedy choice within the "Employee Favorites" section of a video store in the Seinfeld episode "The Comeback" in the segment "Gene's picks" when Kramer convinces Elaine to rent this movie instead of another arthouse "pick" by Vincent, her romantic interest.

The movie is referenced in the How I Met Your Mother episode "How Lily Stole Christmas" when Ted attempts to insult Lily for having a poor sense of humor. "Remember that time we heard her laughing, and we thought she was watching Weekend at Bernie's but it turned out she was watching Weekend at Bernie's II!" Similarly in an episode of NCIS a character who needs to establish an alibi is too embarrassed to say which film he had been watching. The team assume he was watching a porn film, be he eventually admits it was Weekend at Bernie's II, to which movie buff Agent DiNozzo says, "Even worse."

Movin' Like Bernie

Inspired by the movement of the movie's namesake, a style of dance was created called "Movin' Like Bernie". Homemade movies went viral on the internet, from children to soldiers serving overseas. Even professional athletes began performing the dance, including Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, after scoring a touchdown during a nationally-televised January 2011 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 2012 Oakland Athletics have adapted "Movin' Like Bernie" into their celebration routines after Coco Crisp played the song for third baseman Brandon Inge in the team's clubhouse before a game. Players, such as Josh Reddick, will perform the dance after a homerun, big hit or walk off victory.

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