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Underemployed is an American comedy-drama television series on MTV. The series premiered on October 16, 2012.


The series evolves around a group of 5 fresh graduates who met and became close friends during college. Initially, everyone had their big dreams and were very determined to make them happen: Lou wanted to pursue graduate school and eventually become an environmental lawyer, Raviva broke up with Lou to move to Los Angeles in the hope of making it in the music industry, Miles wanted to be the face of Calvin Klein, Sophia wanted to become a writer and Daphne just wanted to be successful. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work out.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 12

Season 1 (2012"2013)

No. Title Original air date U.S. viewers
Viewers = 0.65 ShortSummary = LineColor = 63D1F4 }}

Viewers = 0.65 ShortSummary = Sophia gets into trouble and is arrested. Miles' girlfriend Tatiana tells everyone that she's going to move out. Daphne enjoys life with her new romance with Todd. Lou is surprising Raviva by making the house baby-friendly. LineColor = 63D1F4 }}

Viewers = 0.40 ShortSummary = Todd feels evil and steals Daphne's idea. Miles comes to terms and realizes he can't handle living with a baby. Sophia thinks about Raviva's advice and agrees to follow it. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Raviva and Lou's relationship is at stake when a disagreement about money ends badly. Miles ends up being hired onto Daphne's campaign team. Sophia is joyful when her parents come to visit. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Raviva and Lou are happy to receive news that they can have post-baby intercourse. The group gathers for a fun trivia night. Daphne and Miles try to ignore each others drunken advances. Sophia attempts to get a promotion. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Daphne and Miles throw a party for their client. Sophia feels regretful after letting Laura purchase a new phone for her. Jamel and Bekah put Lou and Raviva in an uncomfortable situation. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Sophia is unsure what to do when she comes up short on rent. Raviva is worried that Lou is separating from the group. Miles goes to get medical help for his problem. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Raviva prepares for her first performace. Lou discovers that Jamel was involved. Daphne is worried about Todd being so controlling. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Bekah ends up sending some explict text messages. Sophia is worried about using her friends within her upcoming novel. Daphne wants Todd to be impressed by her classy party. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Raviva is angry after Lou breaks a promise. Miles gets some saddening news from Daphne. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Sophia completes and publishes her book. A record label approaches Ravia about producing her song. Lou starts apply for school. Daphne chooses between Miles and Todd. LineColor = 63D1F4 }} </ref>

ShortSummary = Miles plans to pursue modeling abroad and invites Daphne along. Sophia attempts to be accepted by her parents. Lou tries to get Raviva back. LineColor = 63D1F4 }}

Critical reception

The Chicago Tribune said the show needs to offer a lot more than what was served in the first few episodes to compete on the level of Girls on HBO and Workaholics on Comedy Central. The New York Times said the show is a botched attempt at a dirty-sexy-funny show.

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