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This Is Where I Leave You is a 2014 American comedy-drama film directed by Shawn Levy. It is based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Tropper, who also wrote the film's screenplay. The film was released on September 19, 2014.


Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) comes home and find his wife Quinn (Abigail Spencer) having sex with his boss Wade (Dax Shepard), which she confesses has been going on for a year. After moving out, Judd's sister Wendy (Tina Fey) calls to tell him their father Mort has died. The Altmans gather together for the funeral. Wendy is unhappy her husband Barry (Aaron Lazar) is too busy with work. Judd reunites with his older brother Paul (Corey Stoll) and his wife Annie (Kathryn Hahn). The youngest brother, Phillip (Adam Driver), arrives late and rudely interrupts the funeral.

The Altman's mother, Hillary (Jane Fonda) tells her four children that their father wanted them to sit shiva, meaning they must stay for a whole week with each other, presided over by the Altman's childhood friend, rabbi Charles Grodner (Ben Schwartz). Phillip introduces his therapist and girlfriend Tracy (Connie Britton). Guests come over and the Altmans catch up. Paul and Annie are struggling to conceive a child. Wendy knows about Judd's divorce, which he avoids telling everyone else. At the family's sporting goods store Judd finds Horry Callen (Timothy Olyphant), an ex-boyfriend of Wendy's that suffered a brain injury, forcing him to stay home with his mother Linda (Debra Monk). Judd also reunites with Penny Moore (Rose Byrne), a girl that used to have a crush on him who now behaves sporadically due to anti-depressants. Phillip wants to help run the store with Paul by buying out Judd and Wendy's shares.

The family later shares favorite stories of their father, but Judd cannot think of a memory. Wendy drunkenly badgers Judd to tell the truth about Quinn. Phillip laments being seen as the family screw-up and leaves Judd at the skating rink to hook up with his ex. Judd finds Penny at the rink and they bond. He tells her he regrets not being more in-the-moment, such as randomly driving to Maine. Quinn shows up and reveals she's pregnant with Judd's child. Quinn had previously had a miscarriage, which drove her and Judd apart. Phillip finds out about the pregnancy and remorselessly reveals this to the family. Judd later goes to Penny's house to talk and ends up sleeping with her.

The family goes to temple for a service. The brothers sneak out to smoke joints Judd finds in his father's suit, and they manage to bond before setting off the fire alarm. Annie, upset that she and Paul haven't conceived, reaches out to Judd, who she dated in high school, but he rejects her. Wendy and Barry fight as Barry leaves for business. Wendy sneaks over to Horry's house to have sex, and returns to Judd. She expresses her remorse over causing the accident that caused Horry's brain injury and that she'll never love Barry the way she loved Horry. Judd goes on a date with Penny but gets a call from Quinn in the hospital, and admits to Penny that Quinn is pregnant. Judd gets to the hospital to be with Quinn, only for Wade to show up. The baby is fine, and outside in the waiting room Judd confronts Wade. Wendy and Phillip arrive and Wendy punches Wade in the face. Outside, Judd convinces a group of frat boys to push Wade's car upside down. Wade tells Judd he's not ready to be a step-dad and leaves Quinn.

Judd then tries going to see Penny but she dismisses their relationship as a fling. Annie apologizes to Judd, though Paul sees them and believes they're cheating. Paul attacks Judd as Tracy leaves Phillip for being unfaithful, resulting in the three brothers fighting. Hillary shuts everyone up by informing them she and Linda are in love, something their father was happy with. She admits the Shiva was her idea. Judd get electrocuted fixing a circuit and remembers his father pressing his forehead against Judd's (something he did with all his kids). Hillary finds Judd who tearfully admits he misses his dad. Judd meets Penny at the skating center, apologizing for not being honest, and she tells him to call her. Wendy and her kids say goodbye, and she waves to Horry. The brothers have made amends, and Paul offers Phillip a job. Judd decides to quietly slip out. Phillip catches him, and they press foreheads. Judd and Hillary share a silent goodbye as she watches him from the window. Before leaving, Judd then decides to take Phillip's car and go for a ride to Maine.


  • Jason Bateman as Judd Altman, the middle boy of the four Altman siblings. He is married to Quinn, whom he recently caught cheating on him with his boss.
  • Tina Fey as Wendy Altman, one of the four siblings; a responsible mother who is married to Barry and has 2 kids. She is the ex-girlfriend of her childhood friend Horry.
  • Adam Driver as Phillip Altman, the youngest of the four siblings; the playboy of the family who thinks he is an entrepreneur.
  • Rose Byrne as Penny Moore, Judd's high school crush.
  • Corey Stoll as Paul Altman, the oldest of the four siblings; the no-nonsense brother who is responsible for the family business. He is married to Annie.
  • Kathryn Hahn as Annie Altman, Paul's wife. She and Paul have been trying to conceive.
  • Connie Britton as Tracy, Phillip's girlfriend and therapist.
  • Timothy Olyphant as Horry, Wendy's ex-boyfriend, who lives with his mother across the street from the Altman family home due to a brain injury he suffered when he and Wendy were dating.
  • Abigail Spencer as Quinn, Judd's estranged wife.
  • Dax Shepard as Wade Boulanger, a shock jock radio personality and Judd's former boss.
  • Jane Fonda as Hillary Altman, the oversexed widowed mother of Judd, Phillip, Wendy and Paul. She is a celebrity psychologist and writer.
  • Aaron Lazar as Barry Weissman, Wendy's husband.
  • Ben Schwartz as Charles "Boner" Grodner, the family"?s young rabbi.
  • Cade Lappin as Cole Altman
  • Debra Monk as Linda, the Altmans' neighbor, mother of Horry, and Hillary's best friend.
  • Will Swenson as a young Mort Altman


This is Where I Leave You began principal photography on May 13, 2013 in New York City.


On October 9, 2013, Michael Giacchino was hired to score the film. On August 25, 2014, it was announced that WaterTower Music would release a soundtrack album for the film on September 16, 2014.


On May 15, 2014 Entertainment Weekly revealed a still from the film featuring the whole cast. On May 28, 2014 the first trailer was released.


This Is Where I Leave You has received generally mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a rating of 42%, based on 138 reviews, with an average rating of 5.5/10. The site's consensus reads, "This Is Where I Leave You has its moments, but given the amount of talent assembled onscreen, the rather pedestrian results can't help but feel like a letdown." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 44 out of 100, based on 39 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Salis Afaque of Salis Magazine gave the film 2.5 stars.

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