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Order of the Black Eagle (aka Black Eagle) is an American pseudo-parody action B movie released in December 1987. The film is a sequel to Unmasking the Idol, a 1986 film by the same director (Keeter), story-writer (Eaton), and screenplay writer (Behrens). Leonard Worth Keeter III directed it in Shelby, North Carolina, at Earl Owensby Studios, and the surrounding area. Betty J. Stephens, John Alan Stephens, PhD, and Robert P. Eaton co-produced the film. Eaton "? whose only marriage from 1965 to 1969 was the sixth of seven marriages for Lana Turner "? was president of Polo Players, the firm that partnered with Earl Owensby Studios to launch the two-film project.


Duncan Jax, played by Ian Hunter, must stop neo-Nazis from destroying communication satellites and awakening Hitler from a cryogenic sleep. Jax assembles a band of the dirtiest fighters in the world to do it.

Selected review

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film: Ali Baba to Zombies, edited by R. G. Young, classified the film as, "Minor thriller: Spy vs. neo-Nazis."

Cast (actor … character)

Interpol Spy Agency

  • Ian Hunter (born approx 1949) ? ? Duncan Jax, secret agent
  • Charles King "Chuck" Bibby (born 1930) ? Star, head of spy agency
  • Jill Donnellan (born 1956) ? Tiffany Youngblood, undercover agent, and Jax assistant
  • Shangtai Tuan ? Sato, secret agent gadget designer
Duncan Jax's mercenaries

  • Anna Maria Rapagna (born 1959) ? Maxie Ryder
  • Joe Coltrane ? Hammer
  • James Eric ? Jake, aka "Juice"
  • Bill Gribble (né William A. Gribble; born 1941) ? cowboy
  • Dean Whitworth ? Bolt
  • Terry James Loughlin (born 1944) ? S.D.
  • Typhoon ? "Boon," the Baboon, Duncan's pet & loyal sidekick
Special appearance
  • Flo Hyman (1954"1986) ? Spike, knife-wielding mercenary "? Hyman was a Silver Medalist on the 1984 U.S. Women's Olympic Volley Team; ergo the character name. She died before the film was completed.
Neo-Nazi group, "Order of the Black Eagle"

  • William T. Hicks (born 1941) ? millionaire Baron Ernst von Tepisch, leader of a neo-Nazi group
  • Wolfgang Linkman (né Lewis S. Flinkman; born 1957) ? Colonel Wilhelm Stryker, Nazi security chief
Rest of cast

  • Gene Scherer (aka Eugene Genaidy Scherer, Geniady Bieguioff; born 1937) ? Dr. Kurtz
  • Stefan Krayk (1914"1999) ? Dr. George Brinkmann, Jr., laser scientist
  • Tony Ellwood ? Hitler (cameo appearance)

  • Maxann Crotts (née Vickie Maxann Crotts; born 1954; currently known as Maxann Crotts-Harvey) ? woman on bus
  • Bob Durrett (né Robert W. Durrett, Jr.; born 1949) ? Swiss guard
  • Stephen T. Ware (born 1948) ? bodyguard
? Ian Hunter, who had been living in Santa Barbara, is a native of Winston-Salem. He had attended the Governor's School of North Carolina, the North Carolina School of the Arts, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


  • Executive Producer "? Betty J. Stephens (born 1932)
  • Executive Producer "? John Alan Stephens, PhD (1910"1996) ? "? Joi Karen Stephens-Djordjevic (born 1957) (Betty's daughter), copyright holder
  • Producer "? Betty J. Stephens (born 1932)
  • Producer "? Robert P. Eaton (born 1931)
  • Associate Producer "? Matthew Ernest Mallinson (born 1952)
  • Production Manager "? Thom McIntyre
  • Original Story "? Robert P. Eaton (born 1931)
  • Screenplay "? Phil Behrens
? John Alan Stephens is the husband of Betty J. Stephens. In 1987, they lived in Santa Barbara. John A. Stephens founded Excel-Mineral Company in 1949 in California. He had acquired vast deposits of opal sedimentary clay that not only absorbed its weight in liquid, but also absorbed odors. Eventually, in the 1950s, Stephens launched "Jonny Cat" litter.


  • Director "? Leonard Worth Keeter III (born 1956)

Art department

  • Production design "? Blanche Catherine Sindelar (born 1952)
  • Art Direction "? Walter Mack Pittman (1946"1991)
  • Costumes "? Michael Nations


  • Cinematography "? Irl Graham Dixon (born 1950)


  • Sound "? David Henson

Post production

  • Editor "? Matthew Ernest Mallinson (born 1952)
  • Assistant Editor "? Lewis Andrew Schoenbrun (born 1958)
  • Music "? Dee Barton; original score composer and conductor



  • Celebrity Home Entertainment, Inc., Woodland Hills, California (1988), VHS format
  • CBS/Fox Video, a division of The CBS/Fox Company
  • Orion Pictures Corporation
  • MGM Studios (current "? viewable in streaming video via EPIX)

  • Manson International (MCEG's international distribution subsidiary)
  • International Film Marketing Inc
  • IVS (Internacional Vídeo Sistemas, S.L.) Pamplona, Spain (1987) VHS format
  • Vestron Video International, a subsidiary of Vestron, Inc.
DVD availability

  • "? owned & operated by KLWS (Krystalogik Web Solutions), London, England


  • Black Eagle (Danish trailer with English subtitles)
  • Black Eagle trailer

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