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The Mind of the Married Man is a television series that ran on the HBO network for two seasons consisting of twenty episodes between September 2001 and November 2002. The story attempts to focus on the challenges of modern-day married life from a male perspective.

The show drew mixed reviews from critics, but was popular with a loyal audience. After creator/star Mike Binder went on to find success with the 2005 theatrical film The Upside of Anger there was talk of bringing back a third season which Binder had already written. The third season never materialized and as yet only the first season has been released on DVD.

The theme song was the title song of the musical I Love My Wife (1977), written by Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart.


  • Mike Binder - Micky Barnes
  • Sonya Walger - Donna Barnes
  • Ivana Milicevic - Missy
  • Jake Weber - Jake Berman
  • M. Emmet Walsh - Randall Evans
  • Taylor Nichols - Doug Nelson
  • Doug Williams - Kevin
  • Bobby Slayton - Slayton
  • Brigitte Bako - Bianca
  • Kate Walsh - Carol Nelson


Season 1: 2001

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
ShortSummary=Micky, Doug, and Jake are three married co-workers who work at a Chicago newspaper. The three discuss Micky's options as to how he should confront his wife, who had browsed his laptop computer and discovered pornographic pictures of college women. Jake suggests that Micky call Monica (a hooker who poses as Jake's computer consultant) and schedule a visit. Meanwhile, Micky needs a personal assistant, and after interviewing the candidates, he hires a woman whom he finds to be irresistibly attractive. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Admonished by Micky for being "cold" to Missy, Donna arrives at his office to ask her out to lunch - a decision that does not sit well with her husband. Single co-worker Kevin boasts about the plethora of "crazy" women around town; Jake gets up-close-and-personal with the paper's new entertainment reporter Ilene; and Doug shares his "secret of the universe" with Micky, offering to loan Micky and Donna some self-help "marriage tapes" that he and his wife Carol watch to keep their relationship strong. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Micky seems peeved when Donna doesn't "get" a joke he heard at the bar about oral sex and The Three Stooges - but is it just a cover for what is really upsetting him? Jake ends his office affair with Ilene, and Doug seeks to curtail his wife Carol's excessive spending. With Micky continuing to fantasize about Missy, Jake decides the best thing for his friend is a visit to the Tokyo massage parlor for a full-body rubdown - complete with an optional "happy ending." LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=While Micky and Donna search for a hobby, the guys enlist Jake to find out whether a man is tired of his beautiful wife. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Donna gives Micky an "electronic tether" in the form of a pager. Meanwhile, Jake's jilted girlfriend Ilene threatens to tell his wife about his extramarital indiscretion. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Could Donna be pregnant? Faced with the possibility, Micky struggles to come to grips with his feelings. Doug's visiting mother-in-law affects his sex life. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Micky and Donna embark on a kitchen/marriage remodel. Jake's call girl retires, and work forces Doug to skip Carol's birthday celebration. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Micky accuses Donna of having an affair with their contractor. Jake suggests an exotic cure for Doug's back problem. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Micky crosses the line with his masseuse. Jake crosses a line with Missy. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

ShortSummary=Micky considers telling Donna about his extramarital excursion. Despite Doug's wishes, Carol returns to her career. LineColor=bbd0e1 }}

Season 2: 2002

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
ShortSummary=Micky, racked with guilt over his extramarital excursion, is dead set on making things right as the "New Micky." Meanwhile, Donna is gung-ho about Bobby attending a posh pre-school, in the process scheduling a play-date for a less-than-enthused Micky. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky has a problem programming his TiVo, and wonders if it's a metaphor for his relationship with his mind. Meanwhile, Donna considers her role as a parent, and Jake leads Micky to a startling discovery about pre-school. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=During a night out at the movies, Donna is inspired to rethink her career, causing her and Micky to discuss her shift from "full-time writer" to "full-time mother." Meanwhile, Jake continues his dogged pursuit of Missy, and Randall teaches the youngsters a thing or two about cards. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Donna decides the family needs to start attending church; Jake is nearly caught with Missy; and Micky reacquaints himself with a face from the past. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=The anniversary party of Doug's parents causes everyone to evaluate their relationships with their own parents; Doug buys Carol a mysterious brand of coffee; and Micky has an eye exam with a beautiful optometrist. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky reluctantly agrees to begin therapy; the Nelsons debate whether to buy a new car or remodel their kitchen; and Jake continues his pursuit of Missy. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky thinks a new baby will remedy their marital problems, but Donna has her own solution; against Carol's wishes, Doug buys a Corvette; and Bianca (Brigitte Bako) suspects something between Jake and Missy. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky plans a surprise party for Randall to get back in his good graces, but finds himself distracted by a new dilemma at home. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky plans a surprise party for Randall to get back in his good graces, but finds himself distracted by a new dilemma at home. LineColor=bedded }}

ShortSummary=Micky suggests couple's therapy in order to draw Donna back into the relationship; after a few nights on Slayton's (Bobby Slayton) couch, Jake tries to talk his way back into Bianca's life. LineColor=bedded }}

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