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The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (or The Lawyers) is an American legal drama that aired for four season on NBC from December 1968 through February 1972.


The series starred Burl Ives as Walter Nichols, a self respecting attorney who hires two young brothers (Joseph Campanella and James Farentino) who both are lawyers and help him with his cases.

The Lawyers was part of The Bold Ones, a rotating series of dramas that also included The New Doctors (with E.G. Marshall), The Protectors (with Leslie Nielsen) and The Senator (with Hal Holbrook). It was nominated for three Emmy awards and won two of them. Pat Hingle and Walter Brooke both made two guest appearances, before they had also made guest appearances in The New Doctors, Kermit Murdock who also made two guest appearances later made cameos in The Senator.


Main cast

  • Burl Ives as Walter Nichols an attorney that hires the Darrel brothers to help him with his cases. (appeared in 28 episodes)
  • Joseph Campanella as Brian Darrell, one of the two Darrel Brothers who helps Nicholas with his cases. (appeared in 24 episodes)
  • James Farentino as Neil Darrell, the other one of the two Darrel Brothers. (appeared in 22 episodes)

Recurring Characters

  • John Milford as Lieutenant Paul Hewitt (appeared in 6 episodes)
  • Todd Martin as Deputy District Attorney Skinner (appeared in 3 episodes)

Guest Stars

  • Roger Davis made three appearances including "The Long Morning After: Pt. 1 and Pt. 2"
  • Will Geer made three appearances including "The Verdict"
  • David Spielberg made three appearances as Vernon Wahlburg
  • Dana Elcar made two appearances as District Attorney Shannon including "The Crowd Pleasers"
  • John S. Ragin made two appearances
  • John Randolph made two appearances as Dr. Paul Schaefer
  • Charles Aidman made three appearances including "The Rockford Riddle" and "The Search for Leslie Grey"
  • Nina Shipman made two appearances as Louise Miller
  • Richard Van Vleet made two appearances as James Fryman
  • James Wainwright made two appearances as Bill Stillman
  • Charles Lampkin made two appearances
  • George Murdock made two appearances as District Attorney Braddock
  • Leslie Perkins made two appearances
  • Kermit Murdock made two appearances as Judge Chapman including "Justice is a Sometime Thing"
  • Ramon Bieri made two appearances as Judge Hartman
  • Walter Brooke made two appearances as Dr. Howe including "By Reason of Insanity"
  • Clarke Gordon made two appearances
  • Pamela McMyler made two appearances as Linda Sternwood
  • Jared Martin made two appearances including "Trial of a Pfc"
  • Frank Campanella made two appearances
  • Herbert Nelson made two appearances
  • Ford Rainey made two appearances
  • Patricia Barry made two appearances playing different roles
  • Bob Corff made two appearances as Brother Bartholomew
  • Anne Helm made two appearances
  • Pat Hingle made two appearances as General Sternwood
  • Pete Duel made an appearance in "Trial of a Pfc"


The following is a list of titles of the broadcast episodes broken down by seasons:

Pilot Movies (1968-1969)

  1. "The Sound of Anger" (starred Guy Stockwell as Brad Darrell, later replaced by Joseph Campanella) (Dec/10/1968)
  2. "The Whole World Is Watching" (Mar/11/1969)

Season One (1969-1970)

  1. "A Game of Chance" (Sep/21/69)
  2. "The People Against Ortega" (Oct/12/69)
  3. "The Crowd Pleaser" (Nov/2/69)
  4. "Rockford Riddle" (Nov/16/69)
  5. "Shriek of Silence" (Nov/30/69)
  6. "Trial of a Mafioso" (Jan/4/70)
  7. "Point of Honor" (Jan/25/70)
  8. "The Shattered Image" (Feb/15/70)

Season Two (1970-1971)

  1. "The Verdict" (Sep/27/70)
  2. "Panther in a Cage" (Oct/18/70)
  3. "Trial of a Pfc." (Nov/8/70)
  4. "The People Against Dr. Chapman" (Dec/6/70)
  5. "The Loneliness Racket" (Dec/20/70)
  6. "The Search for Leslie Grey" (Jan/10/71)
  7. "The Hyland Confession" (Jan/31/71)
  8. "The Price of Justice" (Feb/28/71)

Season Three (1971-1972)

  1. "The Invasion of Kevin Ireland" (Sep/19/71)
  2. "The Strange Secret of Yermo Hill" (Oct/17/71)
  3. "Hall of Justice" (Oct/31/71)
  4. "In Defense of Ellen McKay" (Nov/14/71)
  5. "By Reason of Insanity" (Nov/28/71)
  6. "Justice Is a Sometime Thing" (Dec/12/71)
  7. "The Letter of the Law" (Dec/26/71)
  8. "The Long Morning After" (Pt. 1) (Jan/9/71)
  9. "The Long Morning After" (Pt. 2) (Jan/16/71)
  10. "In Sudden Darkness" (Jan/30/72)
  11. "Lisa, I Hardly Knew You" (Feb/13/72)

Awards and nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
1972 Emmy Award Nominated Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing for Entertainment Programming - For a Series or a Single Program of a Series Richard Bracken, Gloryette Clark, and Terry Williams
Won Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama - A Single Program of a Series with Continuing Characters and/or Theme Alexander Singer (For episode "The Invasion of Kevin Ireland")
Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition - For a Series or a Single Program of a Series Pete Rugolo (For episode "In Defense of Ellen McKay")
Writers Guild of America Award Nominated Best Written Dramatic Episodic Script (Any Length) Brett Huggins (Story) and Jack B. Sowards (Teleplay) (For episode "The Invasion of Kevin Ireland")

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