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SKWOD is an American animated television series that aired on KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS about five crime-fighting teens.


The series focus on five teenage crime fighters that live in New York City. Their main villain is Gorthon, a constant enemy to SKWOD. The Teens mostly like to skateboard, play pranks on their SKWOD members and play video games.


  • Age:15
Jackson or Jax for short is an excellent skater (although it kills guys to admit it). Jax is not so into being a girly girl and tries to hide her pretty face with long hair and really gross clothing. Her father is the 5th richest man in the world according to an inshow magazine in episode 3. Jax and Logan have small mutual crushes on each other.

  • Age:Unknown
Kick can hack into any computer system,and not to mention make them from scratch. Smaller and Younger than the rest of his fellow SKWOD members he is just a smart kid. None of SKWOD know his real age because he won't tell them and doesn't plan to. His deep dark secret is that he's a fan of soap operas.

  • Age:15
Logan will tell you he's an excellent skater if you ask him and even if you don't. He will also tell you he's a movie star, a bio-physicist and that he can bench 350.He can talk his way out of anything which really helps during missions. Jax and Logan have small mutual crushes on each other.

  • Age:15
Seth is big and strong and a natural athlete, but he has zero confidence which really hurts him lots of times during missions. Despite his size and strength he can't seem to carry the giant reputation of his dead father that everyone compares him to. His dad was a military hero who died before Seth was even born, and he's heard hundreds of stories about him.

  • Age:Unknown
Phoenix is the team leader of SKWOD and is a skateboarding legend, yet no one has seen him for years.

  • Age:Unknown
Gorthon is as evil as they come. He controls a world-wide organization known as CRANK, a constant enemy of SKWOD, wherever there is trouble you can be sure that Gorthon and his Thrashers have something to do with it. The really weird thing about Kozman (other than his name) is that he's an awesome skater and why his technique is similar to Phoenix.

Season 1 2006-2007

Number Year Title
1. 2006 Phoenix Rises
2. 2006 Monkey See, Monkey Die
3. 2006 Operation Gravitas
4. 2006 Civic Duty
5. 2006 Are You There Dad? It's Me Seth
6. 2006 Comfy Chair
7. 2006 Try Not to Breathe
8. 2006 Cool
9. 2006 Mime (And Mime Again)
10. 2006 Van SKWOD
11. 2006 Suburban Assault Vehicles
12. 2006 The Day Off
13. 2006 The Birthday Present
14. 2006 Tall,Dark and Ransom
15. 2006 A Waste of Space
16. 2006 SKWOD Goes Live
17. 2006 Square Root of Death
18. 2006 Little Buddy and The 3 Hour Tour
19. 2006 The Iceman Cometh
20. 2007 The Final Countdown
21. 2007 Good Eye for The Evil Guy
22. 2007 Conventional Thriller
23. 2007 Oh Lucky Kick
24. 2007 Cyberiana
25. 2007 Logan's Been Working for The Thug Squad
26. 2007 The Stank
27. 2007 The Prettiest Girl in School
28. 2007 Executive Decision
29. 2007 And The Winner Is...
30. 2007 The Lesser of Two Evildoers

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