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She-Ra: Princess of Power is an American animated series produced in 1985 by Filmation. A spin-off of Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, She-Ra was aimed primarily at a young female audience to complement He-Man's popularity with young males. Unlike the He-Man cartoon, which was based on the Masters of the Universe toy line by Mattel, the creation of She-Ra was a collaboration between Filmation and Mattel. The initial group of characters and premise were created by uncredited writers Larry DiTillio and J. Michael Straczynski for Filmation, while the characters introduced later were designed by Mattel. Mattel provided financial backing for the series, as well as an accompanying toy line. The series premiered in 1985 and was cancelled in 1986, after 2 seasons and 93 episodes.

On March 22, 1985, Filmation released an animated film based on the series titled He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword. The film is composed of five episodes from the She-Ra television series: "Into Etheria", "Beast Island", "She-Ra Unchained", "Reunions" and "Battle For Bright Moon".

A rebooted series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, premiered on Netflix on November 13, 2018.


The show follows the adventures of Princess Adora, Prince Adam/He-Man's twin sister, who leads a group of freedom fighters known as the Great Rebellion in the fight to free Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and the Evil Horde. With her Sword of Protection Adora can become She-Ra, just as Prince Adam can become He-Man.

Born on planet Eternia to Queen Marlena and King Randor, Princess Adora is kidnapped at birth by Hordak and taken to Etheria. There she serves as a mind-controlled Horde Force Captain before He-Man rescues her. After reuniting with her parents on Eternia, She-Ra decides to return to Etheria and lead the Great Rebellion.

Main characters

The Great Rebellion

Character Voice Actor Notes
She-Ra / Princess Adora Melendy Britt The Princess of Power and Prince Adam's twin sister. Formerly Force Captain of the Horde, she is now one of the leaders of the Great Rebellion that became the leader of the Great Rebellion.
Swift Wind / Spirit Lou Scheimer She-Ra's talking steed who transforms into a winged unicorn.
Light Hope Lou Scheimer The guardian of Crystal Castle.
Madame Razz Linda Gary A witch who serves as an adviser, and provides comic relief in the series. She is one of the few people on Etheria who know that Adora is She-Ra.
Broom Lou Scheimer Madame Razz's companion and mode of transportation.
Kowl Lou Scheimer A flying creature who appears to be a cross between a koala and an owl. He is one of the few inhabitants of Etheria who knows that Adora is She-Ra.
Bow George DiCenzo An archer and friend to She-Ra. He is one of the longest-serving members of the Great Rebellion.
Glimmer Linda Gary Princess of Bright Moon, leader of the Great Rebellion before stepping down in favor of Adora. She possesses light-based magical powers.
Queen Angella Erika Scheimer The magical winged Queen of Bright Moon, Glimmer's mother, and one of the most powerful magic wielders on Etheria, along with Shadow Weaver and Castaspella.
Castaspella Melendy Britt Queen of Mystacor as well as a powerful sorceress.
Frosta Erika Scheimer A member of the Great Rebellion with vast cold-related powers. She is also the Ice Empress of Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snows.
Netossa Diane Pershing A member of the Great Rebellion who wears a cape that doubles as a net for capturing her foes.
Perfuma Erika Scheimer A powerful ecomancer.
Peekablue Erika Scheimer A reluctant member of the Great Rebellion whose peacock-like tail feathers give her the power of "multi-vision".
Flutterina Erika Scheimer A member of the Great Rebellion with butterfly wings.
Spinnerella Diane Pershing Netossa's best friend. She has the ability to spin rapidly while dancing, creating a whirlwind.
Sweet Bee Linda Gary A humanoid scout with insect wings, and member of an alien race seeking a new planet to inhabit.
Mermista Melendy Britt A mermaid princess who joins the Great Rebellion.
Sea Hawk George DiCenzo A pirate who joins the Rebellion. He has a crush on Adora, but enjoys fighting alongside She-Ra.
Spritina Erika Scheimer A Twigget similar to Madame Razz, Sprocker and Sprag.
Sprag Lou Scheimer A Twigget similar to Madame Razz, Spritina and Sprocker.
Sprocker Lou Scheimer A Twigget similar to Madame Razz, Spritina and Sprag.
Sprint Lou Scheimer A Twigget.
Loo-Kee Erika Scheimer A a small Etherian creature called a Kon-Seal, who hides in the background somewhere in every episode for the viewers to spot, and shows himself in the end of the episode and relates the moral of the story. He does however get involved directly in the plot in a couple of episodes, though. A somewhat neutral character, he does seem to sympathize with the Rebellion.
The Evil Horde

Character Voice Actor Notes
Hordak George DiCenzo The tyrannical ruler of Etheria.
Shadow Weaver Linda Gary The Horde's powerful sorceress whose face is obscured in the shadow of her hooded cloak.
Catra Melendy Britt The Force Captain of the Evil Horde who can transform into a panther.
Mantenna Lou Scheimer An insectoid member of the Horde, whose bulging eyes can extend from their sockets and fire energy beams. He functions mainly as comic relief.
Leech Lou Scheimer An energy-draining creature with suction cup hands.
Grizzlor Lou Scheimer A beast-like member of the Horde.
Modulok Lou Scheimer A red-skinned insectoid who can reassemble his body parts to take on different shapes. He was originally a scientist from Eternia.
Multi-Bot Lou Scheimer A two-headed, four-armed robot created by Modulok.
Horde Troopers Lou Scheimer Mechanical soldiers that serve the Horde Empire.
Horde Prime Lou Scheimer The tyrannical ruler of the galaxy. His face is perpetually concealed by smoke.
Scorpia Linda Gary A humanoid with the tail and claws of a scorpion.
Entrapta Linda Gary An aloof scientist and master of traps, she has long magical hair she can use to ensnare her enemies.
Imp Erika Scheimer A shape-shifting spy who can disguise himself as everyday objects.
Octavia Melendy Britt An octopus-like humanoid with four tentacles.
Rattlor Erik Gunden Excitable reptilian villain with extending neck and a long tail.
Tung Lashor George DiCenzo Excitable reptilian villain with extending tongue.
Dylamug George DiCenzo Strange robotic leader of horde troopers.
Colonel Blast Lou Scheimer Horde trooper commander with numerous built-in laser blasters.
Vultak George DiCenzo Flying master of the Horde Zoo.


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Series run

The first season of the series ran five days a week, like He-Man. The second season aired Saturday mornings. She-Ra ended in 1986, and the character was not mentioned in the two subsequent He-Man cartoon series.


Voice Actor Characters
Melendy Britt Princess Adora/She-Ra, Catra, Castaspella, Mermista, Jewelstar, Octavia
George DiCenzo Hordak, Bow, General Sunder, Sea Hawk, Red Knight, Duke Dreer, Dylamug, Snout Spout, Vultak, Tung Lashor
Alan Oppenheimer Skeletor, Cringer/Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms
Lou Scheimer Kowl, Mantenna, Leech, Horde Troopers, Horde Prime, Spirit/Swift Wind, Light Hope, Broom, Grizzlor, Modulok, Multi-Bot, Orko, Inspector Darkney
Erika Scheimer Queen Angella, Flutterina, Frosta, Imp, Starla, Peekablue, Perfuma, Loo-Kee
Linda Gary Glimmer, Shadow Weaver, Madame Razz, Scorpia, Entrapta, Sweet Bee, Tallstar, Teela, the Sorceress
Diane Pershing Netossa, Spinnerella
John Erwin Prince Adam/He-Man, Beast Man, Granamyr


Reruns aired on USA Network from September 1988 to September 1989, and on Qubo Night Owl from September 27, 2010 to August 25, 2013. In 2010, Retro TV began airing reruns. Reruns have also aired on Me-TV, as well as Teletoon Retro in Canada.


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The female She-Ra characters were released in the 1980s as part of the Princess of Power toy line, while The Evil Horde were incorporated into Masters of the Universe. In the 2000s, an exclusive She-Ra toy was released for the MOTU 200X line. The later Masters of the Universe Classics toy line features characters from the entire franchise, including new action figures from the She-Ra cartoon series.

Other media

In the DC Comics series Masters of the Universe, the title "Masters of the Universe #8" is a one-shot about She-Ra.

See also

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

DVD releases

BCI Eclipse LLC (under its Ink & Paint classic animation entertainment brand) (under license from Entertainment Rights) released all 93 episodes of She-Ra: Princess of Power in 3 volumes on DVD (Region 1) in 2006-2007. Each episode on BCI Ink & Paint"?s DVD releases of She-Ra, Princess of Power was uncut, un-edited, digitally remastered and fully restored for optimum audio and video quality and presented in story continuity order. Each volume contains special features including documentaries, character profiles, commentaries, DVD-ROM features, trivia, and photo galleries. In 2009, the releases were discontinued when BCI Eclipse ceased operations.

On May 31, 2010, Classic Media announced plans to re-release the series on DVD (Region 1). On September 28, 2010, they released Season 1, Volume 1 as a 2-disc set featuring 20 episodes. On January 24, 2011, Classic Media released She-Ra: The Princess of Power - The Complete Series.

On October 19, 2009, Universal Pictures UK (under license from Classic Media) released Season 1, Volume 1 in the UK, exclusively through retailer HMV. In early 2010, other retailers, such as, also began selling the series as a box set.

Madman Entertainment released the entire series on DVD (Region 4) in Australia, both in 3 volumes (similar to BCI Eclipse releases) and as a complete series set.

DVD name Ep# Release dates
Region 1 Region 4
Season 1, Volume 1 33 November 7, 2006 (BCI) March 15, 2007
Season 1, Volume 2 32 April 3, 2007 (BCI) August 16, 2007
Season 2 28 September 4, 2007 (BCI) December 5, 2007
The Complete Series 93 January 24, 2011 June 24, 2009


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On December 12, 2017, DreamWorks Animation SKG and Netflix announced a new reboot series based on She-Ra was announced within DreamWorks Animation Television. The series will be executive produced by award-winning author, Noelle Stevenson (creator of Nimona and Lumberjanes). On May 18, 2018, new voice actors and the official title were revealed, with Aimee Carrero voicing the title character. It was released on November 13th, 2018.

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