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Sex Psycho (also known as The Demon in Miss Jones and Widow Blue) is a 1970 pornographic horror film directed by Walt Davis, and produced by Manuel Conde.


Eva Blue gets high on marijuana in her living room, and falls asleep on the couch. A woman named Elise is then shown in bed with her husband, Nick, who she tries to talk into having sex with her. Nick ignores his wife's advances (not for the first time) and berates her appearance, housekeeping, and cooking before heading to a business appointment, mentioning on his way out that they have been invited to dinner at Eva Blue's house. Elise calls her lover over, and Nick buys a meat cleaver at a hardware store.

At the Blue residence, Eva's husband Jerry is having sex with his brother in-law, Marshall. After Marshall ejaculates, Nick and Eva enter the room, and Nick hacks Jerry in the throat with the cleaver, splattering blood on Eva's face. Eva sends Marshall out to get the coffin they intend to put her husband's body in, and makes a reluctant Nick have sex on the bed containing Jerry's mutilated remains, which Eva at one point fellates while riding Nick. Marshall returns with the casket, and after Jerry's corpse is placed in it, Nick forces Eva and Marshall to have sex with him on top of it.

As the trio moves the coffin, two of Eva and Jerry's swinger friends drop by unexpectedly, and insist on group sex. After the orgy, Marshall and the couple leave, and Elise (who Nick and Eva intend to kill) arrives for dinner. Eva spins a lie about getting a call from her ill mother, and pretends to leave while Nick convinces Elise to have sex in one of the bedrooms. While Elise is in the middle of performing oral sex on Nick, Eva and Marshall sneak into the room, and as they are about kill Elise with the cleaver, Elise spots them, and bites off Nick's penis in shock. As Elise chokes to death on Nick's severed member, Eva and Marshall go into hysterics, and run away screaming.

Eva is then shown waking up on her couch, implying the events of the film were just a drug-fueled dream she had. As Eva goes to prepare dinner, the meat cleaver is shown lying on the floor.


  • Andy Bellamy as Lisa
  • Rick Cassidy as Elise's Lover
  • Walt Davis as Jerry Blue
  • Sandy Dempsey as Elise
  • Alex Elliot as Nick
  • John Holmes as Ron
  • Charles Lish as Marshall
  • Susan Wescott as Eva Blue


Sex Psycho was released theatrically in 1970, and was put out on VHS by Something Weird Video in 1995. A decade later, the company reissued the film on DVD-R, under the name The Demon in Miss Jones.


Sex Psycho was praised by Critical Condition, which wrote "Davis (who appears as Jerry) liked to give his audience some shock value along with the hardcore sex, but theatergoers at the time were not prepared for it. He was way ahead of his time. All of Davis's films should be re-evaluated today. He should have a cult following". The Bloody Pit of Horror labelled the film "So Bad It's Good" and gave it one star out of four, stating "This twisted mix of unappealing hardcore porn and H.G. Lewis-style gore scenes sounds pretty demented, but actually watching it is a whole different story. The acting is terrible, lines are flubbed, people laugh when they're not supposed to and obviously no one is taking this thing seriously. In fact, there's enough wink-wink nudge-nudge going around to indicate that the 'actors' are just goofing off and having some fun. That in and of itself makes this easier to take than it otherwise would have been".

A one out of five was awarded by 1000 Misspent Hours, which found the film's plot and sex scenes weak, and concluded that it did not go far enough with its black humor and taboo breaking, and that it needed "a lot more psycho and a little less sex".

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