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Point Pleasant is a television series that first aired on the Fox Network in January 2005. It was cancelled in March 2005 due to poor ratings.

Point Pleasant boasted many of the same crew behind the scenes as Fox's other shortly withdrawn series, Tru Calling. In fact, Point Pleasant received the greenlight just three days after production ceased on Tru Calling. 13 episodes were filmed, but due to poor ratings, Fox only aired episodes 1"8 in the United States. Episodes 9"11 aired in Sweden, all episodes appeared in New Zealand on back to back weekdays in mid-2007, all episodes aired in The Netherlands in 2008 and the last two episodes are included on the DVD release.

Much of the music featured in the series was replaced for the DVD release due to licensing issues.

The show's executive producer was Marti Noxon, who worked closely with Joss Whedon for several seasons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For this reason, Point Pleasant initially drew in many of that show's fans, but Point Pleasant had a distinct "soapy" flavor, more in the vein of shows like Melrose Place or The O.C. than Buffy. The resulting drop in viewership eventually led to the show's cancellation. However, advocates of the show point to its gothic tone, its tempered, surprisingly subtle use of special effects, and the potential of the overall plotline as solid reasons the show should have stayed on the air. The plots emphasized humanity's self-centeredness and cruelty to one another as primal reasons for evil.

, episodes of the series are being shown on the Chiller network, including the episodes never aired on Fox.


A young girl named Christina washes up on the shore near Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey during a violent storm. After being resuscitated by lifeguard Jesse Parker, the girl is taken in by the family of a local doctor, the Kramers, and quickly befriends their teenage daughter, Judy. The show follows Christina's attempts to discover who she really is, and to learn what happened to her mother, who disappeared shortly after Christina was born.

It soon becomes apparent that Christina's presence has a strange, profound effect on the people around her. Emotions are heightened, repressed feelings and secret desires awakened, and inhibitions weakened, turning what once were friendly competitions into bitter rivalries, romantic rivals into violent enemies, and so on. And if that wasn't enough, freakish 'accidents' have a way of befalling those with whom Christina becomes angry.

Meanwhile, sinister forces have their eye on Christina, believing it is the girl's destiny, as the "child of darkness", to "bring [the world] to its knees." Christina is the antichrist; the child of Satan. The resulting tension between the good and evil aspects of the girl's nature, with the viewer always left in doubt as to which side she will ultimately choose, provides the basis for much of the show's conflict and suspense.

Christina is plagued by terrifying visions of death and destruction, glimpses of the dark future she seems destined to help bring about. Meanwhile, a handsome, charming stranger named Lucas Boyd arrives in town, determined to help guide Christina toward her destiny, and Jesse Parker, who has become romantically involved with Christina, discovers that he may be the only one who can prevent the girl from ushering in Armageddon.

In the final episode, the forces of evil win over the forces of good as Christina embraces her evil self, kills Jesse after a final showdown, and walks out of the ruins of Point Pleasant with the intent to bring on the end of the world, and the rest of humanity as well, while the defeated and demoralized Kramers are left by themselves to debate on what to do next.


Actor Character Role
Elisabeth Harnois Christina Nickson daughter of satan
Grant Show Lucas Boyd half-demon guardian of Christina,
Samuel Page Jesse Parker lifeguard; love interest of Christina and boyfrend of Paula.
Aubrey Dollar Judy Kramer Friend of Christina
Dina Meyer Amber Hargrove Conniving real estate agent and first friend of Lucas Boyd in Point Pleasant.
Cameron Richardson Paula Hargrove Girlfriend of Jesse and love interest of Terry.
Clare Carey Sarah Parker Mother of Jesse
Brent Weber Terry Burke Best friend of Jesse and lover of Paula.
Susan Walters Meg Kramer Mother of Judy and adoptive mother of Christina in Point Pleasant.
Richard Burgi Ben Kramer Father of Judy, doctor in Point Pleasant and adoptive father of Christina.
Alex Carter Sheriff Logan Parker Father of Jesse and Point Pleasant´s Sheriff.
Ned Schmidtke Father Matthew
John Diehl David Burke Father of Terry and friend of Meg
Adam Busch Wesley Feist aka Wes Assistant of Lucas Boyd
Elizabeth Ann Bennett Holly Wife of Lucas Boyd who is both dead and alive.
Marcus Coloma Father Tomas
Audrey Marie Anderson Isabelle Kramer Judy's deceased sister.
James Morrison Kingston Nickson Father of Christina before Point Pleasant.
Aaron Paul Mark Owens Love interest of Judy
Matt Lanter Nick Second love interest of Judy and second guardian of Jesse.
Dana Davis Lucinda Friend of Paula
Steven Brand Graham First guardian of Jesse and enemy of Lucas Boyd
Aaron Norvell Deputy Atkins
Randy Oglesby Father David
Jon Hamm Dr. George Forrester
Wyatt Alvarez Young Jesse Parker
Lisa Zane Anne Gibson Real Mother of Christina.
Robert Knepper Half-demon past dance host
Peter Allas Dr. Evett


Ep. # Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate

ShortSummary=Christina is rescued by local lifeguard Jesse Parker and taken to the home of Dr. Ben Kramer, who offers the girl a place to stay after she quickly befriends his wife and teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Christina searches for clues about her mother, who grew up in Point Pleasant, and Christina's adoptive father struggles with a group of sinister men who've taken an interest in his daughter. }}

ShortSummary=Christina's search for her mother leads to a local church. Meanwhile, Lucas Boyd moves to Point Pleasant, the town's annual boat parade becomes even more competitive than usual (thanks to Christina's presence), and Ben Kramer has an encounter with an old flame. }}

ShortSummary=Christina suffers visions of death and destruction after a confrontation with Lucas Boyd; Boyd has a proposition for Ben Kramer's old flame; Christina confronts her father and Boyd, and learns a thing or two about her true heritage. }}

ShortSummary=Christina confronts a dangerous admirer out to rid Point Pleasant of sin. }}

ShortSummary=Boyd works with Sarah, the wife of the local sheriff, on a church fundraiser; Ben is nervous about his wife's friendship with his former lover; Christina's anger at Paula has devastating consequences. }}

ShortSummary=Christina meets the doctor who delivered her; Boyd is up to no good; Judy and Jesse search for clues to Christina's past. }}

ShortSummary=The hand of fate prevents Christina and Jesse from leaving Point Pleasant; Ben's wife is plagued by hallucinations involving Lucas Boyd. }}

ShortSummary=Christina and Judy investigate Boyd; Jesse learns a secret about his past; Ben's wife continues her descent into madness. }}

ShortSummary=A party in the woods gets out of hand; Jesse learns more about his miraculous heritage; Christina tangles with a demon; Ben Kramer's secrets are revealed. }}

ShortSummary=Boyd learns the truth about Jesse; Ben's wife overhears an incriminating conversation. }}

ShortSummary=A series of unexplained disappearances plague Point Pleasant; Jesse learns that he is destined to destroy Christina; a terrifying vision of the future drives a wedge between the two. }}

(DVD release)
ShortSummary=Christina's mother returns; Ben's wife is committed to a psychiatric ward; Jesse learns the role his mother must play in defeating Christina. }}

(DVD release)
ShortSummary=Christina holds the Kramers prisoner in their home as she prepares for her final confrontation with Jesse. }}

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