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K-Ville (an abbreviation of Katrinaville) is an American television drama created and executive produced by Jonathan Lisco, centering on policing New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Deran Sarafian directed the pilot.

On May 15, 2008, the series was officially canceled.

Production notes

The pilot episode was written by Lisco (who also served as executive producer), directed by Deran Sarafian, and stars Anthony Anderson as Marlin Boulet and Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb, partners who "have conflicting ideas about how to handle the city's problems." The pilot also features John Carroll Lynch, Tawny Cypress and Blake Shields.

The first episode featured a 1970 Pontiac Catalina as the get-away car early in the show.

The show had permission to use the official New Orleans Police Department logos, particularly the unique "star and crescent" badge design, and was filmed on location in the city in March and April 2007. According to the NOPD's public integrity bureau, the production emphasizes the "good work that the men and the women of the Police Department performed [after Katrina], which was not portrayed by much of the media."

Lisco, a former lawyer who has previously written scripts for The District and NYPD Blue, did several ride-alongs with the New Orleans Police Department before writing a script for the pilot. It was during one such ride-along that he spotted some graffiti sporting the shorthand for "Katrinaville" that became the show's title.

In order to promote the series, Fox made the pilot episode available for streaming on a number of television media websites on August 22, 2007.

Due to the Writers Guild of America strike, K-Ville shut down production and only 11 of the 13 episodes were produced. The show did not appear on Fox's midseason schedule.

Anthony Anderson appeared on the April 23, 2008, airing of Law & Order. In the preview for the following episode it has been announced he will star as the new detective in place of Jesse L. Martin's departure from the series as Detective Ed Green.

Broadcast history

Produced by 20th Century Fox Television, the series was officially greenlit and given a thirteen-episode order on May 11, 2007. It premiered on September 17, 2007 on Fox, and will also be broadcast by FOX8 and Channel Ten in Australia, E! in Canada and Five USA in the UK.


# Title Original airdate Production code ProdCode=KV-101 ShortSummary=In the series premiere, Cobb and Boulet are on the hunt for the killer of Marlin's neighbor, who was shot and killed at a local charity fundraiser. }}

ProdCode=KV-103 ShortSummary=Marlin Boulet and Trevor Cobb are on the trail of some escapee convicts from a New Orleans Jail. The manhunt turns out to be more involved than just a simple jail break. Just when they think they get a valid lead, they are thrown a curve ball by someone, or something. }}

ProdCode=KV-105 ShortSummary=When a city councilman is murdered Boulet and Cobb's investigation leads them into the underworld of political corruption and the sex trade. They find that Captain Embry has a dangerous friendship with a prostitute but he proves his integrity in the end. }}

ProdCode=KV-104 ShortSummary=Cobb and Boulet try to solve a woman's murder involving a twist of voodoo magic and a jealous ex-husband. Part of Cobb's past surfaces. }}

ProdCode=KV-107 ShortSummary=Many mysteries of Boulet's past are revealed when a murder occurs at his old family church during Sunday mass. }}

ProdCode=KV-108 ShortSummary=When Cobb, Boulet, Love Tap and Glue Boy arrive at a bloody crime scene, Cobb cannot believe what he sees. As a result of Cobb's reaction, the criminal attempts to escape and severely injures Glue Boy. }}

ProdCode=KV-109 ShortSummary=When a plastic surgeon is found dead in what looks like a transaction gone bad, the unlikely NOPD cop team of Boulet and Cobb begin unfolding the layers of this mysterious crime. }}

ProdCode=KV-110 ShortSummary=Things heat up when Boulet and Cobb uncover details surrounding the murder of an insurance adjuster whose toothless body is found in one of New Orleans' flooded areas. }}

ProdCode=KV-102 ShortSummary=While Boulet and other members of the NOPD are reveling at a karaoke bar in the French Quarter, the night takes an unsuspecting turn when they get a call about a crime at a high-profile merchant. It is discovered that a vicious criminal is racketeering local businesses. Meanwhile, resolve and trust limits are tested between the unlikely cop duo of Boulet and Cobb. }}

ProdCode=KV-111 ShortSummary=When a reporter from New York visits New Orleans to write a story on the city two years after Katrina, Cobb and Boulet begrudgingly take her on a ride-along. While escorting their guest, Boulet and Cobb respond to a call where a victim has been brutally shot. As the investigation unfolds and the journalist reports, challenging and unforeseen circumstances surface. }}

ProdCode=KV-106 ShortSummary=On the eve of the college football National Championship, Boulet and Cobb are assigned to a special protection detail guarding native son and star running back Vin Baer. While this promising prospect should be gearing up for a monumental game at the Superdome, troubling events could bench him. }}

U.S. Nielsen weekly ratings

# Episode Rating Share 18-49 (Rating/Share) Viewers (m)
1 "Pilot" 5.7 9 3.4/8 8.96
2 "Cobb's Webb" 4.1 6 3.1/8 7.28
3 "Bedfellows" 3.7 5 2.3/5 6.13
4 "No Good Deeds" 3.4 5 2.0/5 5.38
5 "Critical Mass" 4.2 6 2.1/5 6.12
6 "AKA" 3.3 5 1.6/4 4.72
7 "Melissa" 3.2 5 1.4/3 4.70
8 "Flood, Wind, and Fire" 3.3 5 1.5/3 4.82
9 "Boulet in a China Shop" 3.5 5 1.5/4 5.13
10 "Ride Along" 3.5 5 1.6/4 5.34

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