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John Doe is an American science fiction drama television series that aired on Fox during the 2002"2003 TV season.


"I woke up in an island off the coast of Seattle. I didn't know how I got there ... or who I was. But I did seem to know everything else. There were things about me I didn't understand ... the brand, being colorblind, extreme claustrophobia. And while my gifts provided answers for others, I still search for my own. My name is John Doe."

In the opening scene of the series' pilot episode, a mysterious man wakes up on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, naked, with absolutely no memory of who he is or how he got there. However, apart from the details of his own past, "John Doe", as he comes to call himself, seems to have access to the sum total of all human knowledge: he knows how many dimples are on a golf ball, the population of Morocco, and other such obscure (and not-so-obscure) facts. He also has expert knowledge on everything from the stock market to computers. Over the course of the series John attempts to find clues about his past by using his unusual ability while also helping to solve crimes with the Seattle police department. In the process it becomes clear that an international conspiracy known as the Phoenix Organization is watching John's every move.

Who is John Doe?

Due to the series' cancellation, the final episode ended with an unresolved cliffhanger, revealing that Digger, John's close friend, was in fact the true leader of the Phoenix Organization. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creators Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson revealed what would have happened and John Doe's true identity.



Main cast

  • Dominic Purcell as John Doe (21 episodes)
  • John Marshall Jones as Frank Hayes (20 episodes)
  • Jayne Brook as Jamie Avery (20 episodes)
  • Sprague Grayden as Karen Kawalski (13 episodes)
  • William Forsythe as Digger (19 episodes)

Recurring cast

  • Rekha Sharma as Stella
  • David Lewis as Stu
  • Michelle Hart as Nance Fenton
  • Grace Zabriskie as Yellow Teeth
  • Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat
  • David Parker as Detective Roosevelt
  • Gabrielle Anwar as Rachel
  • Matt Winston as Samuel Donald Clarkson


# Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
ProdCode=10-02-179 EpisodeNumber=1 ShortSummary=A man with no memory of himself is found in Puget Sound. He knows everything else it is possible to know, and uses this ability to make a fortune, first gambling on horses and then the stock market. He takes the name John Doe. Later, a little girl is kidnapped, and John helps the Seattle Police find her. Last scene of the pilot episode, a lady on a boat calls out to him, "Tommy". }}

ProdCode=10-02-101 EpisodeNumber=2 ShortSummary=John's friend Karen Kawalski (Sprague Grayden) is fired from her job, and John takes her on as his assistant. Also, John helps the Seattle Police save a man and his family. The man has been smuggling illegal aliens, and when a group of them dies, their relative decides to exact revenge. }}

ProdCode=10-02-103 EpisodeNumber=3 ShortSummary=John helps police officers Lt. Jamie Avery (Jayne Brook) and Frank Hayes (John Marshall Jones) solve a series of gruesome murders. A mother who put her twins up for adoption (with bad results for the twins) is exacting revenge on all the people involved in the adoption. Also, a doctor who learns something about John's past is killed by a secret organization. }}

ProdCode=10-02-102 EpisodeNumber=4 ShortSummary=A woman's body is found in a 30-year-old barrel. The police look up the owner of the corresponding vineyard, who bears an uncanny resemblance to John, looking as he does now, but 30 years ago. The body may be his mother, and John helps catch the killer, who may be his father. }}

ProdCode=10-02-104 EpisodeNumber=5 ShortSummary=Another man is found in the Puget Sound. John visits him in the hospital, and the man seems to recognize him before John is thrown out. The man then disappears, and John looks for him. A rogue doctor has illegally harvested the man's organs, and Frank saves John before the same can happen to him. Also, another man who seems to know something of John's past is killed. }}

ProdCode=10-02-105 EpisodeNumber=6 ShortSummary=Doe's trust of Karen is called into question after she is suspected of stealing an art piece. }}

ProdCode=10-02-106 EpisodeNumber=7 ShortSummary=A mother and child show up on Doe's doorstep, claiming he is the father. }}

ProdCode=10-02-107 EpisodeNumber=8 ShortSummary=A series of events lead Doe to Idaho, where he meets apparent family friends. However, all is not what it seems. }}

ProdCode=10-02-108 EpisodeNumber=9 ShortSummary=After John decides to take a holiday, a vicar on his flight is poisoned. John must discover the murderers identity before more people are killed. }}

ProdCode=10-02-109 EpisodeNumber=10 ShortSummary=John is trapped in a battle of wits with "The Mourner," a serial killer who leaves a sympathy card with the bodies of his victims. }}

ProdCode=10-02-110 EpisodeNumber=11 ShortSummary=The concluding episode to The Mourner. }}

ProdCode=10-02-111 EpisodeNumber=12 ShortSummary=John investigates the murder of a DJ. }}

ProdCode=10-02-112 EpisodeNumber=13 ShortSummary=After a string of kidnappings, Doe's unique talents are needed to track down the culprit. }}

ProdCode=10-02-114 EpisodeNumber=14 ShortSummary=When Karen is kidnapped, John finds himself brought back to Horseshoe Island. }}

ProdCode=10-02-115 EpisodeNumber=15 ShortSummary=Skeptical Doe teams up with a psychic to solve a case. }}

ProdCode=10-02-113 EpisodeNumber=16 ShortSummary=After a US astronaut is shot dead in the woods outside Seattle, John investigates the theory that he may have been abducted by aliens. }}

ProdCode=10-02-117 EpisodeNumber=17 ShortSummary=A rogue agent threatens to unleash Smallpox upon the country. }}

ProdCode=10-02-116 EpisodeNumber=18 ShortSummary=Missing artificial intelligence research may have a direct connection to Doe's past. }}

ProdCode=10-02-118 EpisodeNumber=19 ShortSummary=Doe loses his encyclopedic mind after he is struck by lightning. He is also challenged by a serial killer at this time. }}

ProdCode=10-02-119 EpisodeNumber=20 ShortSummary=Doe discovers the Seneca Institute, where "fallen geniuses" are being conditioned with psychic abilities. }}

ProdCode=10-02-120 EpisodeNumber=21 ShortSummary=The series reaches a shocking finale as John utilizes his analytic abilities to find the Phoenix organization. }}

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